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Best battery powered vacuum

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top battery powered vacuums in 2022


If you plan on making a valuable purchase for your household and don’t know what the best battery powered vacuum is then look no more because we’ve done all the work for you. Here you have some piece of information that offers you useful product suggestions. The one that won every expert feedback, customer review and online available tests is the Dyson V6 model. What makes this product stand out from the crowd is the cordless feature and its ability to work independently for up to 20 minutes. Besides, the carbon fiber filaments design ensures that even the finest dust is removed from your hardwood floors. If the Dyson V6 is out of stock, you can consider the SharkNinja SV1106, which appears to be another great option for households with pets and not only.



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A short buying guide

In case you don’t know exactly which the best battery powered vacuum on the market is and what features should an ideal product possess, don’t worry. All you have to do is go through this comprehensive buyer’s guide that has been showcased below. Consider the following tips as they can help you in making the right decision for your specific needs.

Functionality and ease of use

Owning and using a cordless vacuum cleaner is a wonderful idea because you get rid of the cord hassle and because they are more useful and definitely more convenient to carry around the house. Besides, the entire cleaning process is different when using the best battery operated vacuum as such an alternative is not designed to clean all of the floors in your home in a single session. In fact, it’s mostly designed for quick cleanups.

According to the best battery powered vacuum reviews, a good cleaning appliance ensures more versatility, such as 2 in 1 products that can be used both as stick and handheld vacuums.

Something other that can be mentioned in this respect is that most cordless vacuums available for sale these days offer a multitude of features and come with a uniquely designed technology that makes it possible for the air to remain dust-free even after you’ve used the product. Also, the noise levels of these alternatives are bearable even if you live in a home with small children.


Battery life is quite important

One thing you must keep in mind is that battery life can be correlated to portability; therefore, the amount of time you get to use the vacuum independently is a key feature when choosing the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner.

The most important aspect pointed out by the best cordless vacuum reviews is that a mediocre device will last for a shorter amount of time compared to a more powerful cleaning tool. Most runtimes range from 20 to 40 minutes, so pick the one that’s right for your expectations.


Keep an eye on the design

Another notable feature that a battery powered cleaning appliance of this kind must come with, and one that’s mentioned in many reviews of cordless vacuum cleaners, is the appearance of the product. Do the looks of the unit matter for you or are they of minor importance?

While some vacuums offer crevice tools that are long, narrow, and fit more easily underneath the furniture or in-between your car seats, other devices are equipped with intelligent swivel heads that allow for a better sweeping off the dust and dirt.

Plus, the brush tool needs to be wide enough in order to capture all the debris from the surface, no matter their size.

The main advantage of cordless vacuums is that they are lightweight and can be used by people with back problems. Besides, the ones that offer a handheld option are even more practical and can be used for cleaning beds, sofas, and tables.


3 Best Battery Powered Vacuums (Updated Reviews) in 2022


Now that you have at least a basic idea of the essential features that a battery-powered vacuum should be outfitted with, you might want to take a look at our selection. It’s composed of some of the popular choices out there, all of which have been praised for being easy to utilize, convenient, and versatile.



1. Dyson V6


This battery powered vacuum model from Dyson is a great purchase for anyone looking to benefit from fast and efficient cleaning.

The sleek, eye-catching design in red, silver and blue sets this device apart from other similar models, so if you are in the market for a beautiful vacuum, perhaps this one is for you.

In addition to that, the cordless vacuum is equipped with two separate heads, a softer roller that ensures the suction of fine dust and larger debris and a second one, a direct-drive cleaner head that cleans carpets and rugs.

For tight spaces such as stairs or car’s interiors, the device can be easily converted into a useful handheld vacuum that allows you to clean walls, ceilings, and upholstery. Considering that this unit is remarkably lightweight, you won’t encounter any difficulties when carrying it around the house.

Besides the vacuum itself, the model comes with important accessories such as a docking station for fast charging, a mini motorized tool for cleaning carpets, a crevice tool, and a soft brush that removes any debris from sensitive surfaces. Plus, the dirt bin can be easily emptied with the push of a single button.

What’s more, the battery cycle allows you to use the vacuum for up to 20 minutes, which should be plenty of time for a full house cleaning.

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2. SharkNinja SV1106


Most customers feel that this battery powered vacuum is indeed a great tool for removing pet hair from floors and carpets. Specially designed with a motorized brush that can be removed when cleaning delicate areas, the device has two settings to choose from; one is destined for bare floors and the other intended for carpets.

If you choose the carpet setting, you’ll activate the motorized brush that spins faster and allows for a better suction of any debris. The other setting, the one for bare floors, works great for minimal cleaning but ensures that the machine works independently for up to just 17 minutes.

Something that needs to be added with respect to this product is that the footswitch allows you to turn it on without having to bend down.

Because there’s no need to use dirt bags, you can empty the cup with a simple push of a button and get back to your cleaning routine right after.

Given that it takes only 4 hours to charge, the device is ready to be used anytime you want and can be stored in a small place around the house because it is so lightweight and easy to carry.

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3. Hoover Commercial CH20110


Featuring a strong Lithium-Ion battery, this cordless vacuum is extremely lightweight and provides powerful brush rolls that ensure that all of the dirt is collected without too much effort.

One important thing that ought to be mentioned when talking about this cleaning device is the innovative technology design which provides an interchangeable battery option. Basically, all you have to do is to simply swap the battery in and out.

Besides, the Wind Tunnel feature improves the process of cleaning hardwood floors, area rugs, and carpeting because it removes any debris without having to swipe the surface over and over.

Clever and practical, this vacuum has all the important control buttons exactly at your fingertips and the fact that it has a fuel gauge that shows you the remaining battery level means that you’ll know for sure when it’s time for a new charge. Besides, the product comes with a 2 layer microfiltration system and an extra 2 layer filter that can be easily washed with water after each usage.

No matter how tight the space is, the handle of this battery powered vacuum can help you reach more easily. Once the job is done, simply release the dirt cup into the trash bin and the machine is ready for another use.

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