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Best Bissell carpet cleaning solution

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top Bissell carpet cleaning solutions in 2022


If you’ve recently started to look for the best Bissell carpet cleaning solution for sale, you are probably impressed with the thousands of possibilities on the market. The 21st-century customer doesn’t have the time to spend the entire day either cleaning or looking for a good Bissell solution for cleaning carpets. In case you lack the time to go through thousands of Bissell carpet cleaning solution reviews, the favorite consumer choice is the Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro 2X because it contains at least twice the cleaning agents as most of the formulas, it has a formula that both cleans and protects and it is a safe product that has gone through thorough research. However, if this product is out of stock when you place the order, a feasible Bissell carpet cleaner solution for pets is OxiClean Large Area Carpet Cleaner.



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A short buying guide

While the market for cleaning solutions has clearly expanded during the past few decades, reaching a point of abundance, it hasn’t become any easier to find the best product when you’re looking for one. Because our researchers are devoted to giving you the best hands-on solutions, we’ve extracted, through our thorough market research, the most relevant features to look for when buying a new carpet cleaning solution.

Although people’s needs are very different, if you are on this page it means that you’re looking just for what we’re showcasing below.

Cleaning formula

We don’t all need to go through an advanced chemistry course to get this one right. It’s enough to look for a combination of guaranteed results that allow any possible consumer to make the right choice in terms of output. The formula of your carpet cleaner will have to be efficient enough to allow you to get rid of a various type of stains. You want to make sure that this covers not just the general dust that may get stuck on your carpet, but also anything that can be spilled by accident, from wine to coffee or fatty liquids.

In addition to that, the cleaning formula is also responsible for the aspect of your carpet, even well after the cleaning was done. From the fluff factor to the way the fabric should resist in time (textile, color, etc.), keeping your carpets’ condition throughout time is something you have to think about every time you clean them.



When it comes to chemicals, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We recommend paying close attention to the types of substances used in the formula, as well as their safety and recommendations.

Whether different institutions have approved the use of that formula or it has been subjected to research, the safest way to approach cleaning solutions is through an authority that has conducted any type of tests.


Stain protection

While many cleaners will manage to do an efficient job, protecting your carpets from future stains is also important. Some of the formulas have an active ingredient that keeps your carpets from getting soiled.


7 Best Bissell Carpet Cleaning Solutions (Reviews) 2022


Each of these three different factors should have a word in your final decision. However, because the theory is sometimes not explicit enough, our specialists have put together the most popular products in this category, as showcased below.



1. Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro 2X


This cleaning item was subjected to research before being available on the market, and it comes with proven features in terms of cleaning carpets efficiently.

Moreover, it contains twice the number of cleaning agents of a regular carpet cleaning solution, which ensures both an efficient cleaning process and a good maintenance after the cleaning is done. The product is a safe choice, as evaluated by the EPA through a scientific testing process, which recommends it for families, pets, workplaces and the environment.

In addition, the product eliminates unpleasant odors, due to the triple-action formula. The product is created for full-size cleaning machines. If you believe that vacuuming alone is not a good enough option for your home, the Scotchgard protection of this product can come in handy.

The feature places a barrier between the future stains on the carpet and its fibers, thus ensuring a good maintenance. The product is recommended even if it’s the first time you’ve decided to treat your carpets with a special cleaning solution.



Since it contains a greater number of cleaning agents than other carpet cleaning solutions, this product provides efficient cleaning and good maintenance. 

The formula was tested by the EPA and it was recognized as a safe choice for families, workplaces, pets, as well as the environment. 

Besides cleaning your carpets efficiently, this product also eliminates unpleasant smells, thanks to the triple-action formula.

This cleaning solution works by creating a protective barrier between the carpet and any future stains that might appear. 

If you have never treated your carpets with commercial cleaning formulas, this solution is safe to be used as a first option.



Some stains cannot be removed from the first use, or you will need a few extra passes to get the job done.

This formula has a strong scent, and if you do not like the smell, you should try a different option.

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2. OxiClean Large Area Carpet Cleaner


Cleaning the carpet can be quite a daunting task because you have to be careful what solution you are using. You don’t want to damage it while, at the same time, you need a product that can actually clean it well. This means you are often stuck between two choices that either damage your carpet or don’t do the job as well as they ought to.

But among these products that are somewhere in the middle, meaning, those that are able to clean your carpet without damaging it, is this OxiClean Large Area Carpet Cleaner, that we’ve added on this list exactly for this particular reason. Of course, there are other features that make it stand out in the crowd and we’ve looked at all of them.

Removing dirt and stains is a must and it must be done well – fortunately, it seems that this item is one that is able to live up to your standards.



This product can be used in any carpet cleaning machine which should be a sign of relief for many as it means you don’t have to worry about any kind of extra effort.

The item is one that can be used not only for deep cleaning action, but also to remove dirt and stains from your carpet so it is a complete product that can offer all that you would need.

In order to remove the loose dirt, you would need to vacuum a bit more thoroughly than you usually do with a simple piece of dirt, but as long as the job can be done well, we count this as a pro.

You can use this carpet cleaner to pre-treat tougher stains so that you will always have your home clean and ready for guests since it can fix these problems in the blink of an eye.



Depending on your taste, the citrus aroma can be a pro or a con, although some people have complained that it is a bit too strong for their liking.

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3. Bissell Deep Clean + Refresh with Febreze


Something that all buyers pointed out is that its aroma is excellent. If you own pets, especially furry friends who sometimes pee on your carpet, this improved formula can take care of those stains even if they are older than one week.

Moreover, stains made by coffee or tobacco will be removed with ease and without requiring any effort from you, and the whole house will be refreshed by a scent that is exotic and easy on the nose, and not chemical-like.

You can use the item on stains directly, or you can add it to a washing machine, which makes it versatile. Another thing that vouches for that versatility is the fact that you can use it on all types of fabrics and materials like cotton, polystyrene, spandex and many others.

Also, the size of the container is great, and even if you are not planning on using the product too often, at least you will have your back covered in the event of receiving unexpected guests. Everyone will be impressed by how spotless your house looks, even if you have pets and small children.

Most reviewers emphasized the fact that its formula does not affect pets in any way. Just be careful that they don’t lick the substance off of your carpets, as it could upset their small stomachs if ingested. The same thing applies to children. If any side effects appear, do not hesitate to call your G.P.

The ingredients respect the American health standards, and the solution can be used daily on any surface and with any type of machine. Make sure, all buyers recommend, that you are not allergic to any of the chemicals inside it by reading the ingredient list or by applying a small amount of product on the back of your hand.



A safe-to-use product is hard to come by in a market that seems to be more focused on heavy chemicals that are corrosive and dangerous if used daily. However, this product is certified to be safe for the environment so you know you can use it without worrying you might get sick or that you are poisoning local waters. This feature is definitely a highlight, and it is not achieved by sacrificing efficiency. On the contrary, it can remove any stain, old or new, in a matter of minutes or even seconds. And as a bonus, Bissell’s product will make your house smell lovely.



This product has something that might be considered a shortcoming. But we think that it is not, especially if you are a consumer who knows what cleaning is all about. And this downside is the size of the container. At 32 ounces, the volume is standard, but for a person who doesn’t clean a lot, it might be too big. Or at the other end of the spectrum, for someone who washes the floors daily, it might be too small. The thing is, if you are a weekly cleaner like most people are, this size is ideal.

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4. Bissell Pet Urine Eliminator


Our beloved pets bring us a lot of joy, but they also sometimes entail particular cleaning solutions, especially when we’re talking about puppies. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, and you need to find an effective cleaning formula, then this Bissell product might be the answer to your quest. 

The Eliminator is a specially formulated solution that handles pet stains, as well as odors. The product should be used in the brand’s leading upright machines and it works for both carpeted surfaces as well as for upholstery. If you will try it out for yourself, you will see that the formula makes things a lot easier when you want to permanently remove odors and stains at the source. 

Moreover, you will also protect the items in your home from future stains since, if you manage to permanently remove an odor, chances are your pet will be less tempted to use the same spot a second time. 

The formula is lightly scented in order to replace former odors with a fresh smell, while the detergent itself is biodegradable, making it a good choice for the environment as well. Some say that the product can even tackle skunk odor, which has quite a reputation. 



Even though our pets have a lot of love to offer, and they bring up a lot of joy, you sometimes have to clean the mess they make. This product can help you a lot in this sense. 

Not only is this solution very efficient in removing deep pet stains, but it will also eliminate those unpleasant odors. 

The formula was designed to be used in the manufacturer’s upright machines. What is more, it can be used not only for carpets but also for upholstery. 

Since this product can permanently remove stains and odors, there is a greater chance that your pet will not feel the smell anymore, and will not use the same spot again.

This formula is only lightly scented. It is enough to remove unwanted odors, but not strong enough to bother you.



Some customers would like the container to be larger and to get more formula in one purchase.

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5. BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor


The 2X Pet Stain & Odor formula was specially created to loosen and then remove the stains and soils that pets can sometimes leave behind. After all, our furry friends are known for not always being careful when it comes to maintaining a home clean. For this reason, the manufacturer also included an odor control technology in the formula. 

This helps remove odors while also preventing pets from being tempted to use the same spot again. Moreover, the product also neutralizes general pet odors so that your home will feel and smell fresh while your pets can enjoy their time within the shared spaces. 

Sometimes you may need to deal with tough odors and stains, but you don’t need to worry since this Bissell product features a Deep Cleaning action technology that helps you get the results you want. The formula is a concentrated one and includes Scotchgard protector as well, so you will benefit from a dual action that both cleans and protects surfaces and materials. 

Those of you who are also interested in protecting the environment will be relieved to know that the cleaning product doesn’t contain heavy metals, dyes, or phosphates and that it is, in fact, a biodegradable detergent. 



Having a pet is fun but there’s also a lot of work and cleaning afterward involved. If you are in this situation, you should definitely try this formula that effectively removes pet stains.

Moreover, the formula also contains an odor control technology. This means that you will not only be able to remove stains but unwanted smells as well.

As a direct consequence, your pet will no longer be tempted to use the same spot again, which is another advantage using this formula brings. 

Thanks to the Deep Cleaning action technology and Scotchgard protector, your carpets will not only be spotless but also well-protected. 

If you care about this aspect, you will be pleased to know that the product is biodegradable and it does not contain any phosphates, dyes, or heavy metals.



Not all customers like the scent of this formula, although they mentioned that it is not too stringent.

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6. BISSELL 62E5A 2X Concentrated


The 2X Concentrated formula was created for those who want to keep the carpets looking newer for longer periods, and it provides superior cleaning power thanks to the Deep Cleaning technology featured. Moreover, the product protects surfaces from future stains, given that it includes the Scotchgard formula as well. 

In fact, this is one of the main benefits offered by Bissell products, given that they are the only ones that contain Scotchgard to prevent carpet and other surfaces from getting stained again. Packaged in a 60oz. container, the detergent is biodegradable and free from any heavy metals, phosphates, and dyes, so the environment is protected as well in the process. 

Along the same lines, the product was selected among the Safer Choice ones. This means that it has been evaluated by the EPA through what is known as being a rigorous scientific process to establish what products are safer for families, workplaces, neighborhoods, pets, and the environment. 

Therefore, Bissell managed to achieve something rather difficult, namely creating a product that is both safe and highly effective, thanks to its cleaning power. Keep in mind that the 62E5A was designed to enhance the performance of full-size deep cleaning machines. 



You should give this concentrated formula a try if you want to keep your carpets looking like new, and that for a longer period.

Thanks to the Deep Cleaning technology it features, the product enables you to remove deep stains, while the Scotchgard formula protects the surface from future spots.

Users are generally very pleased with the large quantity as well. The product comes in a 60 oz container which is more than enough to last you for quite some time.

Moreover, it is a biodegradable detergent and it does not contain heavy metals, dyes, or phosphates. Therefore, it is an environmentally-friendly product as well.

For your peace of mind, you should know that the EPA established that this formula is safe for neighborhoods, families, workplaces, pets, and the environment.



You might need to use the formula a second and even a third time in order to completely remove a difficult stain.

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7. Bissell Antibacterial 2-in-1


This Bissell product is actually the first formula that controls odor-causing bacteria while cleaning at the same time. This means that odors are eliminated at the source, thus ensuring superior results, while your carpets are left clean and smelling fresh. This may be great news for those who have pets in their homes or workspaces. 

The Easy Fill System allows the user to add the right amount of formula to the machine, without spilling a drop, which means efficient use of the product, as well as more comfort knowing that the carpets get the right amount of cleaning power.

While this formula doesn’t include Scotchgard protector, the fact that it eliminates odors at the source is a great benefit, since pets, for example, are less tempted to stain the same spot twice. Moreover, the antibacterial properties ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, which means a safer environment for your family or co-workers. 

According to some reviews, using this product only shows how dirty a carpet really is, even though we might not notice it, so this says a lot about its effectiveness. If you want to keep your home clean and smelling fresh, don’t hesitate to give this Bissell formula a try.



Some unpleasant odors can sometimes be caused by various types of bacteria. This formula was particularly developed to kill odor-causing bacteria.

Unlike other products that simply cover the smell, this one removes the source directly. Moreover, it leaves your carpeting looking like new and smelling fresh.

This formula is an excellent choice for people who have pets. They are known to make quite a mess, especially when they are babies.

Thanks to the Easy Fill System, you will be able to add the right quantity of formula in the machine, without unwanted spills. 

What is more, since the formula has antibacterial properties, your carpets will not only be thoroughly cleaned but also sanitized, which is a great advantage.



Some customers do not like the fact that this formula has quite a strong smell that can be bothersome.

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