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Best broom and dustpan

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top broom and dustpans in 2022


If you don’t have the time to spare and read the buying guide and sift through the reviews compiled by our researchers, but you still want to find what the best broom and dustpan is, this short paragraph can help you. After a close examination of all products, we have come to the conclusion that the OXO Good Grips Sweep 12125800 is the best due to its ease of use and features. Perfect for a quick clean-up, without having to worry about difficult to reach places, this convenient product can easily extend to the size of a full-broom in order to face with ease any sweeping task. The feathered texture of the broom makes it efficient in grabbing dust and dirt. If the OXO Good Grips Sweep 12125800 is unavailable, we recommend the Casabella Quick ‘N Easy 20703 as a good alternative.



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A short buying guide

A good broom and dustpan is a requirement for any home, but even for a basic household item like this one, finding the perfect choice can be difficult. The more useful a product is, the more options the market has available for sale. To make it easier for you to choose the best option, we put together a list of things to consider when shopping for your next purchase.


Since this is a product you are going to use at least once a day, we believe you should carefully consider the handle of the broom. Yes, the head is important but let’s not forget that the only contact with the broom that you will have will take place through its handle.

If you want to quickly do your sweeping, going for an alternative that has a comfortable handle is the way to go. Comfort is important not only because it can make you finish your task faster, but also because it can help you view the task less as a chore, and more as a relaxing activity.


Consider the dustpan

While brooms nowadays all work the same way and use pretty much the same materials, the dustpan is quite another matter. Depending on the manufacturer it can be larger, allowing you for more sweeping before having to empty it. It can also come with nifty features such as teeth that can remove dirt and dust from broom bristles.



You don’t have to break the bank in order to find the best product. In fact, most broom and dustpan kits come at an affordable price. While we don’t recommend going for the cheapest alternative available, you can still find a balance between affordability and quality.

The reason we don’t advise you to go for the cheaper products is that even if they can look like an attractive option due to their low price, they can end up costing you more in the long run. A cheap broom will be more likely to break after just a few months of use.


3 Best Broom and Dustpans (Updated Reviews) in 2022


To make it easier for you to find the best broom and dustpan kit, we have showcased the best-rated products below. When compiling this list, we’ve taken into account broom and dustpan reviews, consumer ratings, and features.



1. OXO Good Grips Sweep 12125800


Finding a broom and dustpan kit that can deliver in terms of quality, usability and features may seem hard, but the OXO Good Grips Sweep 12125800 delivers on all fronts.

The product uses flagged bristles that can make it easier for you to clean a larger surface area. They are also extremely soft and due to their feathered texture, they can grab both dust and dirt effectively.

To make this product even more convenient and easy to use, it comes with an extendable handle that is designed to make the use and storage of this alternative quite easy. The extendable broom is purposely built to add versatility to this option.

It can not only make it easier to clean difficult corner and spaces, but it can also adapt to your height.

The dustpan is equipped with a pivot that will make you say goodbye to those frustrating moments when you accidentally spill the dust you have just collected. Just move the dustpan in an upwards position and you are set to go.



This product was designed to deliver usability, quality, as well as useful features. It contains a broom and an upright dustpan. 

The broom is outfitted with flagged bristles that allow you to effectively clean larger surface areas. The bristles are also soft because of their feathered texture.

The extendable handle was designed that way for convenient usage, and to be easy to store as well. This way, both short and tall people can use it comfortably.

The dustpan is designed with a pivot that will not allow any of the dust to spill out. You simply need to move the dustpan in an upward position and everything will remain inside.

This cleaning set offers convenience and ease-of-use which is a great advantage.



Even though this product is highly appreciated by users, some of them mentioned that they would have liked both the broom and dustpan to be a bit larger.

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2. Casabella Quick ‘N Easy 20703 


Coming at the height of 50 inches, the Casabella Quick ‘N Easy 20703 is one product that will easily mold itself to any task that you put before it.

No matter the place you have to clean, with the long handle you are guaranteed a pleasant experience with no bending required.

For those times when you have to clean a space that is quite hard to reach with a long handle, the broom head of the Casabella Quick ‘N Easy 20703 can easily disconnect from the pole.

What you are left with is a whisk broom. Once you are done, you can just reattach it to the pole.

The multi purpose of this product makes for an attractive purchase as it can essentially negate the need of buying another product.

The dustpan is also designed in such a way as to allow hands-free usage. The feet hold dustpan will stay steadily on the floor.



Since it comes with a long handle of 50 inches, this product can work on any task you need it for.

You will not have to bend no matter what area you need to clean due to the length of this broom. This is an important benefit, especially for those who suffer from back pain. 

Moreover, the broom head can also easily disconnect from the pole, for those spaces that cannot be accessed with a long handle. Reattaching it is just as simple. 

Due to its intelligent design, the dustpan can be used without hands because the feet ensure that it will remain steadily on the floor while you sweep the dirt inside.

Just as the name of the product suggests, using it is quick and easy; convenient, as well, based on what customers wrote about it.



Not all buyers like the bristles of the broom which seem not to be angled.

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3. TreeLen Dust Pan and Broom


This product includes an upright dustpan made from high-quality and durable plastic which can be used on both soft and hard surfaces. This item is outfitted with a clip-attached panhandle for the broom which is also included. The two cleaning tools snap together for convenient stand-up storage. 

Furthermore, the TreeLen Dust Pan is designed with a rubber lip which fits the ground perfectly so that you can swipe in even tiny dust particles or small pieces of paper with ease. The broom is equipped with soft bristles, but you should know that it does not upwarp. These two items are perfect for indoor use, for a quick touch whenever it is required. 

Moreover, the 52-inch handle of the broom is just right for you to be able to comfortably use it without straining your back. For the same purpose, the 38.5-inch long dustpan is easy to use, as it allows you to stand upright. 



Possibly the biggest advantage of using this cleaning set is the fact that you can stand upright while sweeping your floors, which means no back pains. 

With the upright dustpan, you will not have to bend your back to gather the mess inside. Moreover, both the broom and dustpan have long-enough handles for you to comfortably do your cleaning.

The dustpan is made from solid plastic and features a rubber lip that allows all particles, including the very small and light ones to get inside, due to the fact that it fits the ground perfectly.

The clip-attached panhandle allows it and the broom to snap together which is very convenient for stand-up storage. 

The sift bristles of the broom are designed to be used on both hard and soft surfaces with ease.



Some customers mentioned that the broom handle is not long enough, and they would have liked it to extend to a higher length.

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Unavaible Products:


ZBY Broom & Dustpan 


The ZBY Broom & Dustpan makes for an eco-friendly product that does not compromise on quality for affordability.

The large angled head will make it easier for you to reach into corners or other difficult to sweep areas. It can also shorten the time you spend sweeping as the large head will guarantee that you cover more surface area.

The spacious dustpan of this product will allow you to store more dirt and dust without you having to empty regularly on a single sweep. As a plus, the broom and dustpan easily snap together which can make storing them a lot easier.

With this product, you won’t have to worry about sweat making the aluminum handle slippery to the touch.

The handle is equipped with foam grips that will make it easier for you to grip the pole of the broom without slipping. As a plus, it will also make it more comfortable to the touch which can add to your productivity.



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