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Best broom for pet hair

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top brooms for pet hair in 2022


If you don’t have the time to read the reviews and buying guide compiled by our experts, this paragraph should be able to help you find the best broom for pet hair in no time. After reading the most popular pet hair broom reviews and customer reports, we have come to the conclusion that the Dyson Ball Animal 2 is the best due to how easy to use and effective it is. This product may not be a broom, but if you want to clean your pet hair properly, this is the best option available. With this device, you will not only clean hair but also any allergens and bacteria it might contain. To make cleaning even easier, you get a wand and a long-reach hose so that no place is left uncleaned. If the Dyson Ball Animal 2 is unavailable or if you just want to go for a broom instead of a vacuum, we recommend the Evriholder FURemover SW-250i-FR-AMZ.



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A short buying guide

Buying a good broom for pet hair can be a difficult task to approach. Just finding out what you need to look for in a product can demand a lot of time from you. Add to that the fact that the market offers a wide selection of pet hair broom for sale and you might find yourself overwhelmed. Thankfully, we are here to help. In the buyer’s guide below we seek to inform you about the features you should look for in your product.


Ease of use

The first thing to consider when buying a product is how you’re going to use it, and what you’re going to use it for. You want to choose the option that would save you the most time. So if you have a big house to clean, you might have to consider the size of the bristles. You want the head of the broom to be wide so that you can clean more space in less time.

If you truly want to save time and be more efficient when cleaning, you can also consider buying a pet vacuum. The reason we recommend this is because, despite the fact that they can be more expensive, they can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Due to their efficient cleaning, they can also make your home more hygienic. A perfect choice if you want to avoid health problems and allergies.


Know your pets

It is important to think about your pets when buying a broom to clean their hair. Consider how much they shed and how big or small their hair is. Because if they have fine hair, you might need to go for a broom with soft and small bristles. You don’t want to go for a broom that will leave the finer particles behind.


How much are you willing to spend?

The price of your product can indicate just how effective it is, but you don’t necessarily have to go for the expensive alternatives unless you want to. Yes, going for a vacuum that can clean your house thoroughly is great, but a good broom for pet hair can make for a great choice too.

You must be aware of just how much you are willing to pay. You also have to consider your future plans: do you want to get more pets? If so, maybe making an investment in a good product might be better. The decision is fully yours.


3 Best Brooms for Pet Hair (Updated Reviews) in 2022


Below you can find the best-rated brooms for pet hair. In order to help you find the best pet hair broom, we have taken into account customer feedback, product ratings, and expert opinions. Take a quick look if you have the time.



1. Dyson Ball Animal 2


If you want the best cleaning experience, purchasing the Dyson Ball Animal 2 will make cleaning after your pets easier than ever.

You get a vacuum with one of the strongest suction on the market so that no piece of debris is left to spoil the look of your home.

It’s not just about the fur, with this product it will be easier than ever to clean after a pet. If they tend to play outside and come with dirty paws that can mess up your carpet, with the Dyson alternative you won’t have to worry. It can clean your carpet, wood floor, vinyl or tiles even of mud.

To help you clean even the hard to get places such as under your furniture or maybe your ceiling, this device comes equipped with a wand and a long-reach hose.

To make things even better, the HEPA filtration will help trap allergens and bacteria to keep you healthy and your home hygienic.

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2. Evriholder FURemover SW-250i-FR-AMZ


Cleaning after your dog or cat will become easier than ever with the help of the Evriholder FURemover SW-250i-FR-AMZ.

With this alternative, you get an affordable product that can really clean. The thing that makes this option stand out is the fact that you get more functions and features for the price of one product.

It can remove hair, lint, fur, dirt, and dust from your clothing, the carpet, and even upholstery.

The bristles are made of natural rubber and they are soft so that there is no risk of them damaging the fabrics when cleaning. The handle is retractable so that you can sweep even the ceiling or just under your furniture.

To make things better, you also get a built-in squeegee to use in order to clean your windows.

This feature is helped by the telescopic handle. To clean the broom, you can just use water and soap.

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3. Pet Buddies FurStatic PB5579


The Pet Buddies FurStatic PB5579 is an ideal tool for removing pet hair from all surfaces.

From hardwood and carpet to vinyl, cement, and tile, with this product, you won’t have to worry about your pets leaving a mess behind them.

The head is made of a special rubber called TPR. What makes it extremely effective is the fact that when sweeping, the rubber creates an electrostatic charge that will attract fur and fine particles.

Once you are done sweeping, you can easily clean the broom head by washing it with soap and water, or you can just run it through the dishwasher.

To make cleaning easier and to help you reach those difficult cleaning spots such as corners and behind your furniture, the Pet Buddies FurStatic PB5579 includes a telescopic handle.

The handle comes at a length of 29 inches, but it can be extended to up to 51 inches.

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