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Best cordless vacuum for tile floors

Last Updated: 29.06.22


Top cordless vacuums for tile floors in 2022


Do you need a good vacuum to clean the hard floors at home but you do not have the time or the urge to read all the reviews that might help you decide? We have done this for you so we can help you choose wisely. We have selected two of the best cordless vacuum for tile floors for sale and the first one is the Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A. This cleaning device can capture debris along the tight edges, it manages to easily clean around the furniture and features an easy to empty dirt cup. If by any chance this vacuum cleaner is not available or you would prefer another cordless device, our second-best alternative is the Bissell 2001.



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A short buying guide

There are different features required for you to analyze when considering a vacuum machine that might help you clean the tiles or any hard flooring. As part of our buying guide, we will discuss some of the more important features you should pay attention to so as to make an informed decision. Below we have listed some of the important characteristics that we believe a vacuum cleaner for tile floors should feature.

The vacuum base

The problem with hard floors is that the debris is able to move around, unlike in the case of a carpeted surface. Therefore, having a vacuum base that will effectively collect the debris is essential. At the same time, the base must be light enough for the vacuum to be used easily around and below your furniture.

The best cordless stick vacuum for tile floors features a head that is designed not to leave any dirt behind, being it large or small. This way, when you are sweeping the tile floor, all the debris will be sucked up by the air driven motor.



The weight of the device is the one factor that will either make it great or ordinary. When you are cleaning your home, there are so many tight spots and different furniture pieces that need cleaning. Therefore, having a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and easy to maneuver makes this task extremely easy.

Having a large bulky vacuum cleaner which you have to lug upstairs or from room to room is not pleasant. However, it is not the weight alone that makes a good cleaning machine. Such an instrument must also be durable and its base should swivel so that it might be a breeze to move it around the kitchen or the lounge.


Battery life

Having a cordless tile floor vacuum is very useful because there is no need to worry about a cord but with so many models available on the market, a person never seems to immediately decide which one to buy. The most important part of any vacuum is the power of the motor, the ability to suck up the dirt and with cordless models, this feature is driven by the battery.

Therefore, the battery life is important so as to make sure that it operates at full power until it requires recharging. Depending on the size of your home, you might want to complete the whole cleaning task with one battery charge but if that is not possible you need a battery that can recharge quickly so that you can get back to the task at hand without wasting too much valuable time.


3 Best Cordless Vacuums for Tile Floors (Updated Reviews) in 2022


Keeping these features in mind, we have gone through some of the best tile vacuum reviews and listed the most reliable products for you to consider below.



1. Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A


The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A features a base designed that does not require any tools or broom to be used with its V shape. Moreover, it guides the larger debris to the center of the suction pad while the finer dirt is swept away by the ends of the base. The swivel heads allow you to clean and move around the furniture and the beds easily.

The wipers it features are made of hair attracting rubber materials which make sure that all the dirt is collected so you do not have to rely on the suction function alone.

This lightweight and convenient vacuum machine has ranked very well in the best tile floor vacuum reviews because it comes with added features such as its bagless state, the cyclonic technology and the fact that it is very easy to clean based on its easy to empty dirt cup.

Its swivel head allows you to clean around the furniture with ease and its incredible suction power makes sure that there will be no pet hair or debris left behind on your tile floor.


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2. Bissell 2001


With this nifty model, you can glide from one room to another, from floor to floor, without plugging and unplugging every time you want to take a step or change your location. It has absolutely no power cord, which is something that busy people will appreciate especially if they are doing last minute cleaning before guests arrive.

The product can even be used by children, as they won’t get in contact with any socket. Thus, you can take advantage of this item to teach them valuable lessons at a young age. This is the great thing about battery powered devices like this – they offer a lot of versatility.

This model is designed to protect your floors, even if you use it daily. It is especially handy if you have just installed new carpeting, or if you care about conserving that beautiful hardwood floor shine. It doesn’t scratch, and it is built for heavy-duty tasks so you can get its money’s worth quickly.

The vacuum delivers a strong performance against dirt and any other types of fine particles that you want to be removed instantly. It will suck everything even from tight junctions. These nifty and helpful features make this product a universal solution to daily house maintenance so you won’t have to buy any other cleaning devices.

The manufacturer created something which will please many. The secret behind the power of this design is the air driven tool, which relies on air suction to get the job done comfortably and without having to clean the same spot twice in a row.

Moreover, the ergonomics of the product are enhanced since it is very easy to use and to hold in one hand. This portability will be of great help when you have to vacuum and lift something at the same time. You can also change the settings according to your specific needs and the type of surface you have to clean at that moment.




This model is dedicated to those who want the freedom to move around from one room to another without being restricted by chords. Moreover, its excellent battery life will allow you to clean for one hour straight without having to charge the device again. That is more than enough for at least three rooms. A 36V lithium-ion battery powers it, so you know your back is covered at all times. Additionally, it features fast charging capabilities to save you a lot of time.



When it comes to downsides, this model doesn’t have that many. Some people did notice that if you have a big house with many rooms, the battery might not last you long enough to clean all of them in one session. However, that small issue can be solved by getting organized. After the battery is drained completely, just do something else while it charges. Or take a well-deserved break until it fills up.

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3. Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik SD20007


The fact that this model is perfect for rugs and hardwood floors is arguably its main selling point. Most types of houses have these two as flooring options, which makes the product ideal for many people. Additionally, its slender body and the fact that it is constructed from two detachable pieces, makes it appreciated for how easy it is to store.

However, it doesn’t mean it won’t work on other kinds of surfaces. On the contrary, it can wipe clean marble and tiles, and even suck the dirt from the tightest corners of your sofa. All you have to do is transform the piece by detaching the hand vac so you can use it with more ease.

If you have a home that is always attacked by more than one kind of dirt, this model might be worth your while. It can remove pet hair from all sorts of fabrics, it can clean your entrance hallway from dust and shoe dirt, and it can also pick up spices from your floor after you’ve cooked a heavy dinner.

The manufacturer designed it with a domestic user in mind, that’s why it is so easy to maneuver. The model also features smooth-rolling wheels for easy operation, as well as a convenient cord which extends up to 16 feet so you don’t have trouble powering it.

This bagless premium vacuum is a delight to use, even when you are tired. It is convenient from many points of view. The first one is that you won’t have to change its bag when it fills up – just remove the contents of the built-in cup in the bin.

Secondly, its lightweight body will make it comfortable to lift and to access remote parts of a room, like the space under your coffee table. Also, it doesn’t require any effort to take it upstairs or downstairs with you as necessary.



This powerful beast is a vacuum that shouldn’t miss from any homeowner’s collection of cleaning tools. The device itself is lightweight, and it doesn’t feature a bag that you would have to replace. This means you will save a lot of money on those, as they can get pretty pricey. This convenient product is a much more efficient solution to a traditional one, as you can just empty its contents in the bin directly.



One downside is that the machine is not meant for heavy-duty tasks. If you are planning to buy this for a cleaning company or for a house where many people live, you may want a bigger vacuum. This one is meant for daily use, and for occasional cleaning so it is best to put it to work when you need something light and simple to use, especially during those moments when you can’t be bothered with a huge vacuum cleaner.

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