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Best cordless vacuum for wood floors

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top cordless vacuums for wood floors in 2022


Who has the time to go through tons of texts just to determine the best cordless vacuum for wood floors? We have intensively done our part so you can have an easy time choosing your vacuum cleaner right now. Speaking of intensive effort, we landed on the Makita Compact XLC02ZW as the best cordless device you can use to cover your hard floor cleaning needs. This instrument employs a heavy-duty motor to give it enough suction power to clean all types of dirt and debris off your floor. Additionally, its 18V Lithium Ion battery recharges within a short period of time which greatly reduces the overall cleaning downtime. The battery also lasts longer, about 15 minutes while running.  Its ergonomic design and the lightweight features allow anyone to operate it with ease. And if this great device from the category of best hardwood floor cordless vacuums is not in stock, you can opt for an equally great cordless vacuum: the Bissell Lift-Off 53Y8.




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A short buying guide

Are you feeling inspired by the best cordless vacuum for hard floors already? Why not dig a little deeper to find out what you should consider before checking what is available for sale? Check out the following features!


Battery power

The battery type plus the settings while in use directly affect how long you can use your cordless vacuum before going for a refill. The running time for most cordless vacuums varies, from as little as 10 minutes to up to 40 minutes. So, you might not expect to use a cordless vacuum for your entire household vacuuming needs. There is always an indicator light that lets you know when a recharge is needed.


Charging time

Once the battery is depleted, how long can you wait until you can use your device again? Often, the charging time varies from one item to another. Some can take as little as 15 minutes while others can last an eternity, so watch out for this. Our best cordless vacuum pick needs only 15 minutes for a full charge and to be ready for you to use it again.


Vacuum cleaner capacity

The canister capacity determines how much debris a cordless vacuum can hold. In most cases, these devices hold a small amount of debris, between 0.3 to about 1 liter. Therefore, when shopping, take note of the capacity of the canister. We rated the Makita XLC02ZW as the best as it can hold up to 0.8 liters of debris. A large capacity will let you clean for longer periods of time before emptying it.


Weight of the device

Finally, the weight also matters a lot. Generally, such instruments are light. Our number one choice of product weighs only 1.8kg. This simply means that you have lots of flexibility and maneuverability while cleaning your floors. A lighter instrument will simply give you more convenience and make you able to effortlessly move the equipment while cleaning.


Bagged or bagless?

Generally, such devices do not feature a bag. The bagless state of these vacuums saves you valuable time, hassles and the expense of using replacements. However, emptying the canisters of these cleaning machines can be somehow messier as compared to the removal of a bag.


3 Best Cordless Vacuums for Wood Floors (Updated Reviews) in 2022


Next, you can discover the best options from which to choose. Our selection was based on the aforementioned important features to consider as well as the most reliable customer reviews.



1. Makita Compact XLC02ZW


The Makita XLC02ZW is a reliable vacuum that features an amazingly lighter weight. Charging it is quite fast, requiring only 15 minutes of your time before it is once again ready for use. This particular feature stands out as compared to other models that can take up to 5 hours for a full recharge.

This cleaning device is a great choice if you have kids and pets at home and you want to spot and clean the mess they have made during the day.  Ensuring proper comfort and flexibility during use is another amazing feature of this best hardwood cordless vacuum.

This is made possible by its ergonomic, lightweight and compact design, so you do not have to put in a lot of effort while using it. This is actually a great replacement for a typical broom in the house. It does not take lots of space for storage.

The Makita XLC02ZW offers you extra 15 minutes of use after a full recharge. It features a stronger suction capacity to ensure a more efficient and a faster cleaning process. Finally, this device works well on various types of hard surfaces.

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2. Bissell Lift-Off 53Y8


The Bissell 53Y8 is an ideal vacuum cleaner if you have to deal with the mess that your children and pets manage to make every minute.  

Normally, the hair from pets is troublesome to vacuum. This is because it can easily clog the cleaners. Therefore, you need this professional device that has been specially designed to clean pet hair and get rid of allergens.

This cordless vacuum cleaner is notably strong.  Its suction power is sufficient to make it easier for you to clean your hard floors. In what concerns its weight, this cleaning device weighs only 7 pounds, meaning that you can maneuver it around the house with ease.

What is even more amazing about it is that it is both a handheld and a stick vacuum bundled in one. Its handheld feature is actually a great thing as it allows you to cover hard to reach surfaces.

Since the Bissell 53Y8 does not come with various power settings, the handheld option will be better for you to consider than the stick one.

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3. SharkNinja Rotator Freestyle Pro SV1112


If you love freedom and convenience while cleaning various types of surfaces, then you will love the Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro.

Its strong suction power allows it to pull out debris from hard surfaces as well as carpets, though it will not do the same great job on the latter.  This cleaning device comes equipped with a sophisticated swivel steering to give you excellent control while maneuvering it around your furniture. Its powerful motorized brush takes out any embedded hair from your carpets.

Its floor nozzle has led lights that illuminate the surface you are working on thus making it easier for you to find hidden dirt and debris. With its sizeable dust cup, more debris is held while cleaning so you need to empty the container less frequently. The top-bottom emptying design ensures less interaction with the dirt.

Finally, the cordless and the rotating nature of this cleaning instrument ensures more freedom when using it. It features 2 speed options for you to consider: one for hard floors and another one for your carpets. Finally, its swivel steering facilitates the easy maneuverability of this machine.

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