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Best Dirt Devil electric broom

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top electric brooms from Dirt Devil in 2022


If you are in rush to get the best Dirt Devil electric broom and can’t afford to go through all the excellent tips and reviews put together by our research team, all you need to know is summed up in this paragraph. We read through numerous consumer reviews, advice from experts, sales figures and comparison tables and we found that the Dirt Devil SD20505 Power Air is the absolute best you can find right now. This one is ideal for people who care about having fresh air, free of allergens in their homes. Even the smallest particles responsible for asthma bouts and triggering allergies are captured by the special filter installed on this model. Users appreciate the low profile nozzle you can maneuver under your furniture, so you can collect all the dirt and dust that usually accumulates in such places. The dirt cup comes with a simple release mechanism that prevents any mess from happening. If the Dirt Devil SD20505 Power Air is temporarily unavailable, you should go for the Dirt Devil BD20040RED Extreme Power as it is almost just as good.



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A short buying guide

Thanks to the brand’s solid reputation on the market, everybody wants to get a hold of the best Dirt Devil electric broom. It is not that easy to select a suitable model from the Dirt Devil product range for electric brooms. Knowing which aspects to consider in the machine makes it easier to determine what can work best for you.

A.1 Best Dirt Devil electric broom

Power Type

Consumers have a genuine choice on the source of power they want for their choice of the best Dirt Devil electric broom. Some models are corded, meaning they run on electricity while being plugged into an AC socket during cleaning. With a corded machine, power supply is steady and, depending on the motor capacity, consistently strong and the suction sustained. There won’t be issues on batteries going dry midway through the task.

Cordless models, however, offer mobility minus the clutter of a cord trailing behind you as you go. A cordless machine lets you go around and under furniture without worrying about a cord getting tangled on the furniture legs.



The best electric broom offers real value for money, and the Dirt Devil brand has been known to provide nothing less. Most models are multiple use machines, built with a detachable handheld vac section that allows cleaning of a car’s interior or for quick mess cleanups without the need for a wide nozzle. Some models are usable not only as a handheld vac and a stick vac but also as a utility vac that handles plant dirt and other dry messes that have to be cleaned up in a pinch.


Ease of Use

Dirt Devil has outfitted its electric brooms to be lightweight, making them quite easy to carry from room to room and up and down stairs. Some models are equipped with a folding handle that simplifies storage. Dirt Devil electric brooms are built with ergonomic handles to facilitate use. The corded models have onboard cord storage as well, keeping clutter to a minimum.


3 Best Electric Brooms from Dirt Devil (Updated Reviews) in 2022


The Dirt Devil brand has been known for producing high-quality cleaning equipment including electric brooms. Knowing what you need and taking that with what the different models offer helps you make an easier decision. To make your shopping experience much more effortless, take a look at these award winning Dirt Devil machines.



1. Dirt Devil SD20505 Power Air


1.Dirt Devil Power AirOutfitted with a robust 10-amp motor, the Dirt Devil SD20505 Power Air delivers amazing suction ability as a result of cyclonic filtration technology. Dirt is sucked in while ensuring that small, allergy- and asthma-causing elements do not escape back into the air. Ideal for bare floors, the machine is great for quick mess pickups. Made lightweight at just 6.67 pounds, the unit is easy to carry from floor to floor and room to room. It doesn’t come with a bag that has to be replaced periodically and can produce more trash material when disposed of. The dust is collected in the clear dirt collection tank with large capacity for less frequent emptying. The 20-foot cord allows you to clean a large area without having to transfer AC outlets.

The low profile nozzle makes the machine easy to maneuver under furniture while the handle reclines, enabling thorough cleaning. The 11-inch cleaning path takes fewer passes to handle an entire area in less time. Dumping the collected dirt is easy thanks to the one-touch, bottom-release dirt cup.

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2. Dirt Devil BD20040RED Extreme Power


2.Dirt Devil Extreme PowerEquipped with 14.4 volts of reliable cleaning power, the Dirt Devil BD20040RED makes quick cleanups of messes in the home easy. It offers cordless convenience for easy mobility without the tangle and mess of a power cord. This versatile machine is great for cleaning of low pile carpets and rugs as well as bare floors thanks to the revolving brush that can be turned on and off at option, so you won’t have to unplug the machine.

The rotating brush makes it easy to transition from the carpet to the hardwood floor thanks to the on/off switch. The low-profile design makes it easy to clean under furniture, for thorough cleaning.

Truly lightweight at less than 6 pounds, the stick vacuum is easy to pick up and carry from one area or floor of the house to another. The dirt cup enables easy viewing of the collected dirt so you will know when it’s time to empty it. The cup releases through the bottom to make emptying hassle-free. Storage is easy with the fold down handle.

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3. Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik


3.Dirt Devil SD20000REDOutfitted with a capable 1.25-amp motor, the Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik makes cleanups of quick messes around the house easy and hassle-free. It is a three-in-one machine that works as a stick vac, handheld vac and utility vac. Use it on hardwood or bare floors, car interiors and for picking up dry messes.

The handheld unit separates easily from the primary unit, so you can quickly clean sudden messes. The onboard crevice tool provides access to tight spaces and corners, as well as drapes, upholstery, cushions and many more for optimal cleaning results. The smooth-rolling wheels offer easy mobility from one location to another and also while cleaning. The simple on/off switch facilitates unit use by eliminating the need to unplug the machine when needed.

The cord conveniently wraps around the cord hooks to make storage easy and clutter-free in a spare space in the closet. At just 3.8 pounds, the Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik is super lightweight for stress-free carrying. The removable dust cup makes it easy to empty collected dirt straight into the garbage bin, with no bags that only pile up trash in landfills.

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