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Best Dirt Devil vacuum

Last Updated: 08.08.22


Top Dirt Devil vacuums in 2022


If you’re looking to find the best Dirt Devil vacuum, but you don’t have the time to go through the entire Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner reviews showcased in this article, our specialists have already picked the consumer choice for your needs. After a thorough market research of the Dirt Devil vacuum reviews, the best option for sale is Dirt Devil Razor Pet, because it is powerful, lightweight and easy to use. However, should this product be out of stock at the time of your purchase, a good Dirt Devil vacuum is Dirt Devil Endura Max UD70174B, a solid second option recommended by our specialists. 



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A short buying guide

As people’s financial capacity to invest in their comfort has grown, the market responded with an overflow of similar products. Given this situation, it is perfectly understandable if you find yourself in the impossibility to make the right decision that you won’t come to regret immediately.


For a device that you’ll be using at least once a week, a Dirt Devil vacuum should first be lightweight. Carrying something around your house will stop being fun after you’ve used it a few times. A light vacuum is proof of its producers investing in users experience. Besides being a very relevant feature in itself, it is also an indicator of how much the company cares about its clients.

In an industry that’s flooded with tons of products, companies that make light vacuums are undoubtedly interested in improving their customers’ experience and dedicated to continually upgrading their products.

Plus, given the average lifespan of electronics, a lighter product could live longer because of its compounds being less exposed to everyday pressure. However, if you know that the product has chances of being treated with brutality by its end user, you should consider investing in a more heavy model, that could support the pressure.


Suction and power

Depending on the type of surface that you’re going to be cleaning, you could consider different capacities and suction powers. The numbers of watts are an indicator of the power that goes into the vacuum the second you start using it. However, the watts alone cannot speak of the suction power, and you may need to look mainly for this.



Aside from the suction power, you should also take a look at the storing capacity of your vacuum. If you have to clean an apartment or an entire villa, for instance, you may be looking for different types of models.

It’s important to make sure that you get the best for your needs. Having a bigger vacuum than you need would make it too bulky to be stored in your home. At the same time, getting one that doesn’t have a sufficient storing capacity would result in having to empty it numerous times during one cleaning session, which can become frustrating.


3 Best Dirt Devil Vacuums (Updated Reviews) in 2022


Because our specialists understand the struggle of having to buy a new house cleaning product, we’ve prepared a short showcase that walks you through the most popular models of Dirt Devil vacuums. If you’re a fanatic for flooring, this short list should offer you the basis for an informed decision.



1. Dirt Devil Razor Pet


This product is certainly an option to take into consideration if you’re looking for a new vacuum. It has no loss of suction, and it also comes with the necessary power to make it efficient in most of the day-to-day cleaning situations that you may come across. The product has a removable cleaning wand that allows you to personalize your cleaning process according to your needs.

Also, the product comes with a premium brush roll that makes your carpet and hard floor cleaning more efficient, which recommends it for a various array of surfaces, while guaranteeing a good overall functionality, regardless of the type of surface that you’re trying to clean. The bonus tool pack of this product includes a crevice and dusting tool, to help you even further in doing your chores.

The vacuum has a low profile design, which allows easy access under your furniture, as well as in other places that are usually harder to reach.



This vacuum cleaner was designed to provide you with the necessary suction power you may need for the everyday cleaning sessions.

The removable cleaning wand is extremely helpful as it allows you to customize the cleaning process based on the area, surface type, and situation.

The brush roll is very efficient in removing dirt from hard floors and carpets. 

You will also get a dusting and a crevice tool in order for you to be able to clean your entire home without having to purchase a bunch of cleaning products separately. 

What is more, the unit has a low profile design that enables you to reach under the furniture or other areas that are harder to access.



According to some customers, the vacuum can get clogged quite easily. 

Other users mentioned that the unit does not handle larger particles of debris or fur very well.

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2. Dirt Devil Endura Max UD70174B


With this vacuum cleaner, no suction will be lost thanks to the Endura filter offering the unit high performance. Moreover, it is easy to access for quick maintenance when the need arises. Since it comes with a large dirt cup, you will have fewer trips to make to the trash, which means you will also be saving some time. 

The Dirt Devil Endura Max vacuum cleaner features a powerful Spin4Pro Multi-Floor Brush Roll, as well as a three-level floor height-adjust option. The wand extends to 10 feet so that no area remains unreachable. Dirt and pet hair have no chance in front of this powerful cleaning tool. 

With the vacuum, you will receive a turbo tool, a two-in-one dusting brush, as well as a crevice tool. With this vacuum cleaner, you will be able to experience the confidence of powerful cleaning without investing too much effort.



It’s high time for you to benefit from powerful cleaning with less effort and time to invest. This model is not just sturdy but it also requires less maintenance than other vacuums on the market.

It comes with a patented three-stage filtration system which helps you remove deeply embedded dirt due to its powerful suction capability.

Furthermore, the unit features a pleated filter as well as a foam sleeve which are designed to capture even the finest dirt and debris.

The quick-release wand allows you to clean higher spaces with ease and flexibility. It can expand to 10 feet, so no mess will be out of your reach.

Thanks to the turbo tool which is also included, you can remove even the most difficult dirt on your upholstery or stairs. You will also get a few useful accessories with this vacuum.



This model is quite loud compared to other vacuum cleaners on the market.

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3. Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik


A good vacuum does not necessarily have to be massive in order to provide the suction power you require for your cleaning needs. This stick vacuum stands testimony to this while it is also easy to use, carry, and store. Since the handle and foot can simply be detached, the unit offers more versatility. 

For every day quick cleanup, the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik features a lift-off hand vacuum. All you have to do is detach the hand vac from the rest of the unit, and you can conveniently remove dust, crumbs, and other debris from upholstery, furniture, shelves, counters, and even drapes. 

Every home has hard-to-reach areas, and the manufacturer knows this. For these situations, the product is equipped with an on-board crevice tool. In order for you to enjoy the efficiency of this unit for a long time, you will have to rinse the dirt cup from time to time. 



There is a great deal of suction power hidden in this compact and lightweight stick vacuum cleaner. It is ideal for everyday use to remove dust and messy accidents that may occur.

Moreover, if you detach the hand vac, you will be able to clean furniture, upholstery, drapes, shelves, or counters with much more convenience. 

For hard-to-reach spaces, you will also get a handy crevice tool, that is extremely easy to use. 

What is more, this model is equipped with everything a vacuum may need in order to perform well on both hard floors and carpets.

Besides having all these options and features, the unit is lightweight and remarkably easy to maneuver, offering you the possibility to clean your entire home with less effort.



Taller people find the short handle rather uncomfortable to use, as some comments have been made in this sense.

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Unavaible Products:


Dirt Devil Tattoo Crimson


This canister vacuum is a good alternative for any household where design matters. Aside from its practical purpose, this product is designed with a fine taste for decorations in mind, and it comes with different patterns that remind of tattoos.

In terms of practicality, it has an extension wand that aims to make cleaning easier in different spots that are harder to reach.

Its power is ten amps, and it has a cord rewind. In addition, the product has a pack of included accessories that it comes with, among which a dusting brush and a crevice tool.

While the product has the necessary power to make sure that the cleaning work is done efficiently, it is also lightweight, and it makes a very good choice for small households such as apartments.

The vacuum’s suction power is constant, therefore the tool’s capacity is constant throughout the entire use.



Dirt Devil Dynamite


This product’s most important feature is that it is lightweight, weighing no more than 10 lbs. Because it is created to be small and stored as efficiently as possible, it has a click-lock handle that makes it 31 inches short.

In addition to being a model created for small households, the Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Dynamite Plus Corded Bagless Upright Vacuum with Tools is also dedicated to doing the job right.

The vacuum comes with an extension wand, as well as automatic height adjustment. This means that whenever you switch from a hard floor to a carpet or vice versa, the product will know and change its behavior for a more efficient suction.

The power cord of this product has 25 feet, which makes it long enough to cover an entire room easily, regardless of the places that you need to reach. Another strong feature of this product is its revolving brush attack that picks up dirt easily.