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Best Dyson upright vacuum

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top Dyson upright vacuums in 2022


Although cleaning may not be your favorite house activity, you still need to perform this demanding house chore at least every other week to maintain a clean and healthy environment. And, while we cannot make cleaning more enjoyable, we can still help you choose a high-performance product that will make this action easier and faster. So, after going through plenty of online product reviews, we have reached the conclusion that one of the best Dyson upright vacuums is the Dyson DC65 because it features a reconfigured brush bar with 25% more cleaning power, it comes with a self-adjusting cleaning head to clean both carpets and hard floors, and will help you get rid of all the nasty animal hair. If the Dyson DC65 is not available for purchase right away, you can also pick the Small Ball Multi Floor as a great alternative in terms of power and efficiency.



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A short buying guide

Finding the best Dyson upright vacuum is not always an easy task, especially since there are so many great products available on the market. However, with the help of our buying guide, you’ll learn all the important features you need to pay attention to when searching for the best upright vacuum from Dyson.


One of the most important aspects to keep an eye on is the portability of the product. A good Dyson upright vacuum for sale should be lightweight and portable enough to be easily carried around the entire house. This means no more back pains and arm aches from carrying heavy products that are too big to reach all the corners of your house.

A portable item also means you can finish up cleaning faster if the vacuum is light enough to be carried around from one room to another.


HEPA filters and pet hair brush

In terms of accessories, we reckon that the best Dyson upright vacuum for sale should definitely have a special pet hair brush. For dog and cat owners it is almost impossible to live through the day without a thorough cleaning of the carpets and furniture. However, if your Dyson vacuum would come with a special pet hair brush, things would be easier.

Such an accessory would help you perfectly clean all surfaces from annoying pet hair which would reduce allergies and the risk of developing breathing problems. In addition, HEPA filters will catch even the smallest particles of dust and dirt, providing you with a cleaner and fresher air every time you vacuum. As a result, dog owners wouldn’t have to vacuum their entire houses on a daily basis and would gain more time.


Multi-surface vacuum cleaners

To make sure you chose the right item we strongly suggest you go through some Dyson upright vacuum reviews. This way you find more information about the most useful vacuums according to your own needs.

If you need a vacuum that will do everything, we encourage you to opt for one that is powerful enough to clean all types of surfaces. From tiles to rugs, carpets, hardwood floors, and even marble, a good vacuum should provide the same suction power on all these surfaces to ensure an easy and fast cleaning. Again, you should see some reviews of Dyson upright vacuums to ensure the product you are ordering is suitable for the surfaces in your own house.


3 Best Dyson Upright Vacuums (Updated Reviews) 2022


Although there are plenty of good vacuums available on the market, we have decided to come up with a list of the most popular Dyson upright vacuums available right now. These products along with their main characteristics are showcased below.



1. Dyson DC65 Animal


This powerful product comes with a futuristic and innovative design that will definitely catch the eye of every user. It comes with the Radial Root Cyclone technology that provides up to 25% more power to move the bristles deeper into the carpets.

As a result, you will benefit from a more thorough cleaning and more dust collected.

The vacuum also features a self-adjusting cleaning head to automatically adjust the sucking power according to the types of surfaces it cleans.

Thus, whether you’re cleaning rugs or hardwood tiles, this vacuum will help you remove all dirt and debris faster and easier.

It is also equipped with a HEPA filter which captures even the smallest particles of dust, pet hair, and dirt from the air to deliver you a fresh and clean air everytime you clean.

This will help you prevent developing allergies or breathing problems mainly caused by allergens in the air.

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2. Dyson Small Ball


Small and portable, this Dyson vacuum only weighs 12 pounds but it benefits from a suction power of 150 AW, more than enough to provide a thorough cleaning all around the house.

The product is recommended for a wide variety of surfaces, from carpets to hardwood, multi-surface or hard floors.

Thus, with only one product you will be able to easily clean the entire house.

Thanks to the retractable handle the product is easy to deposit even in smaller spaces and more easy to handle in order to reach even the tallest and narrowest corners of your house.

The ball technology allows easier handling while the cord, wand, and hose extend up to 42 feet. This means you can clean all surfaces and rooms, especially if you have a two-floor house.

The product can also be used to vacuum under the furniture for a complete and thorough cleaning.

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3. Dyson Ball Multi Floor


The item is extremely easy to handle thanks to its lightweight design. It was voted the most powerful Dyson products and will help you clean the entire house in the fastest possible time.

The self-adjusting cleaner head will adjust its suction power according to the types of surfaces it will clean so that you can enjoy a powerful and thorough cleaning no matter if you clean carpets, wood, tile floors or vinyl.

Thanks to the Radial Root Cyclone technology the product will capture more dust and small dirt particles to provide a fresher and cleaner air each time.

The product also features an instant-release wand that can help you adjust the cleaning routine according to the height of the objects.

It is high enough to reach narrow corners and also flexible enough to perfectly clean under the furniture.

Also, the large cleaning bin can be hygienically emptied through a push of a button.

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