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Best electric broom for dog hair

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top electric brooms for dog hair in 2022


If you haven’t managed to find an excellent product that can make your dog’s hair disappear from your carpet and floors, this paragraph will point out all the key aspects that you need to consider when you want to buy a satisfying electric broom. It took a lot of time and resources, but, finally, we have decided that the best electric broom for dog hair in 2022 is the BISSELL PowerEdge Pet because its V-shape enables it to gather even the smallest debris, the wipers are made out of a rubberized material to attract pet hair and the head has 360 degree mobility. In case this product is unavailable, you can fully trust the BISSELL Lift-Off to provide you with the same quality, though at an increased price.



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A short buying guide

Electric brooms are quite handy to keep around the house: they are more easily maneuvered than vacuum cleaners, while they are so much more efficient than classical brooms. You can say they are the middle way between these two cleaning utensils. However, these products can offer more or less suction power depending on their capacity. If you have a pet, you most certainly need a really capable broom, as that hair will get in literally anything: from your carpet to your pajamas. To avoid the unpleasant circumstance when your house acquires more or less the reddish nuance of your pet, you should acquire one as quickly as possible after skimming through this helpful buying guide.


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Established industry brands

If many brands are oriented towards creating products for the general use, there are only a few that attempt creating purpose built products. That is why, you cannot buy the usual electric broom to get rid of your pet’s hair, but you need to research for brands that have managed to provide with top quality products that are largely designed with one goal in mind, in this case, getting rid of pet hair efficiently.


Especially designed technology

A product focused on collecting pet hair from your carpet and floors needs to be rigged out with equipment that enables it to perform that job. Thus, you will require more than just an item capable of delivering excellent suction power, but one that is fitted with extra features that render your product capable of collecting the finest hair strands and dust particles (because pets also bring that in your house). The shape is also important, because animal hair gets basically anywhere and your broom needs to be able to get there and get it. To enhance the ability of gathering all the hair in your house, some manufacturers have included in the broom’s head materials that have gluing qualities.


Mobility and adjustability

Any worth buying electric broom will most definitely include adjustment features. To be able to maneuver your broom in any corner or in the tiniest of spaces, the broom has to be fitted with a swivel handle, as well as with the ability of detaching the cleaning head from the handle. Height level adjustability and an easy to hold grip should also rank high in your buying principles hierarchy. Do not forget about the cleaning head, a slim design, even if it will provide less storage space for garbage, is preferable, because it will allow you to fit it in impossible to reach places.


3 Best Electric Brooms for Dog Hair (Updated Reviews) in 2022


However, for the final touch, we have chosen three of the best products available for sale that were omnipresent in the best electric broom for pet hair tops of 2022. These products are especially designed to sweep pet hair and keep your place sanitized and clean even if you have more than one animal.



1. BISSELL PowerEdge


1.BISSELL PowerEdgeIt is not difficult to see why this product ranked first in our preferences, as it perfectly combines all the main features that we highlighted in the buying guide.

Its foot is designed in a V-shape that assures you won’t be missing any hair or messes gathered around the edges, but that you’ll also be able to clean next to kitchen items like the garbage bin easily, without moving them from their place.

Fitted with a central suction point and with rubberized material on the bottom of the cleaning head, this product won’t only be able to suck in all the mess, but it will also attract pet hair (Check out our take on the best Hoover vacuums for pet hair) due to the gluing properties of that material, especially included in the product’s structure for this task. At the back of the V-shaped foot there are two plastic wheels that are intended to ease your task.

Furthermore, the storage container is placed along the lower part of the handle, making it much more spacious than others usually attached to electric brooms.



Something worth mentioning in regards to this corded vacuum is the fact that is it specially designed to remove debris even from tight spots around the house and from places underneath the furniture.

Asides from this detail, the fact that the broom has a V shape cleaning head increases the suction power which means that no matter how crowded a room is, the machine is capable of cleaning its floors effortlessly.

The unit has a storage container placed at the bottom of the handle that enables you to sweep the surface without having to empty the dustbin multiple times during your cleaning session.

You should pay attention to the benefits this vacuum broom has to offer in terms of innovative technology. The unit ensures that the dirt is collected in the center while the small pieces of debris are picked up on the edges.

Because it is suitable for pet hair (Take a look at the best Bissell vacuums for pet hair) and it is specially designed for hard floor, this item is a fantastic appliance for any home.



Even though this electric broom is an excellent acquisition for pet owners because it picks up even small hairs, some reviewers pointed out the power cable is a little bit too short. This, however, is not an issue that interferes with the quality of the product.

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2. BISSELL Lift-Off Floors & More Pet


2.BISSELL Lift-Off Floors & More PetIf you want an all-included pet hair removal product, this a great pick. This broom cleans hardwood floors, carpets, and upholsteries of any kind without damaging them.

So, if your pet tends to occupy all the sofas and armchairs in your living room, you definitely need one of these. It is a cordless product, thus you can sweep around the house undisturbed and, due to its long-lasting battery, you won’t have to hurry.

For difficult to reach spaces, such as between the arm and the cushions of the couch, the removable handheld vacuum comes with an integrated crevice tool. Moreover, the bottom of the cleaning head is fitted with a lint strip to lift off hair stuck to the floor.

For advanced maneuverability and compact storage, the item’s handle can be folded in 2 and it has a swivel head to push under the furniture. The brush roll is best used on carpets and rugs, to increase the pickup power, but you can easily switch it off by pressing one button when you are dealing with hard floors.



This cordless device is designed as a 2 in 1 product that can be a fantastic option for cleaning your house. It can be used as a stick option for cleaning floors or as a hand vacuum in order to sweep the debris from beds, sofas, and tables.

One important thing to mention in regards to this item is the swivel head and the two- way handle that ensure a proper cleaning even underneath the furniture or in tight areas.

Because the vacuum is cordless, you can move around the house without having to worry about finding a power source.

Plus, all the important control buttons are ergonomically placed at the top of the handle in order to facilitate the cleaning process.



Although the product is ideal for cleaning any kind of surfaces and for picking up pet hair, a small percentage of the reviewers felt that the device needed too much time to charge. Just keep in mind though that once the battery is full the machine works great for a long period of time.

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3.BISSELL BOLT XRT PETAnother great product from Bissell, the last one on this list, comes with a slightly increased price.

As the previous one, this is a 2 section handle item, a feature that will not only allow you to push the broom easily under tables and chairs, without being necessary for you to bend, but it makes this product convenient to store in any little corner of your house.

The head can be steered at 180 degrees, giving you good mobility when you want to sweep around objects that you don’t want to reposition for cleaning purposes. The product comes with a handheld integrated vacuum that can be detached and used for sofas and cushions.

The brush roll can be switched on and off depending on the surface that you need to clean. The item is fitted with a battery that lasts up to 20 minutes and fully recharges in about 8 hours.



Given the fact that the device is extremely lightweight and easy to handle, it can be stored anywhere around the house and used when needed.

In addition to that, this electric cordless vacuum ensures a perfect cleaning due to the 2- way folding handle which allows you to swipe the debris from underneath the furniture without having to bend or to any effort.

Plus, the fact that it is equipped with a 180- degree swivel steering and a removable hand vacuum makes the process of emptying the dirt bin extremely fast and convenient.

Once the battery is fully charged, the machine can be used for up to 20 minutes without having to look for a power source.



This cordless vacuum is a great purchase for any animal owner because of its unique pet-hair brush roll. Even if some complaints referred to the fact that the product lacks power, it compensates with the fact that is doesn’t need a power cord and the battery lasts so much makes.

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