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Best electric broom for laminate floors

Last Updated: 08.08.22


Top electric brooms for laminate floors in 2022


Are you looking for the best electric broom for laminate floors? We have searched for the best of the best and we have come to the conclusion that the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A is the first model you should write down on your list. Its V shape head simply guides all the dirt towards the central path, so it gets sucked in fast and easy. This model is very efficient for cleaning pet hair and dander and it does a fine job on laminate floors. Cleaning around edges and around furniture can be a real hassle, but not if you are using this great unit from BISSELL. In case the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A is not available, you can go for the BISSELL Perfect Sweep 2880A, as a second great choice.



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A short buying guide

Hard floors can be more difficult to clean than carpets, and not many vacuum cleaners are perfectly capable of cleaning laminate floors, for instance, without damaging them. Also, many models just end up spreading dirt and debris all over the place, so it is not advisable to get just any vacuum cleaner for this type of job. A sweeper is a much better choice, especially if it is specially designed to clean hard floors. Pet hair and dander can be a particular problem for homes with laminate flooring, because they are very light and they tend to gather in corners. We will tell you right away what features to look for in a sweeper made for laminate floors and cleaning pet hair.

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Ability to clean corners and crevices

Pet hair, pet dander, small particle debris, are generally difficult to catch with a broom and even with a vacuum cleaner. An electric broom or a sweeper is a much better choice, because it is more efficient when you need to reach difficult corners and crevices. We all know that there are plenty of these in any home, and a household with multiple pets can end up being quite dirty because of all the pet hair and debris that ends up floating around and gathering in corners. A good sweeper for laminate floors should be able to clean around edges, in corners and in any tight crevices with great success.


A swivel head

What can help you a great deal when you are using a sweeper for cleaning hard floors is a swivel head. The swivel head will help you address more difficult to reach areas, and it will also take after the edges of the walls and the furniture you have, without any problems. Look for a good design, too; a swivel head should be able to gather all the dirt and direct it to the suction path, for the best results.


Lightweight and compact design

It doesn’t hurt to have a lightweight and compact sweeper for in-between cleaning. People with back pains and even seniors will have a better time manipulating a lightweight sweeper than dealing with a full size vacuum cleaner.


3 Best Electric Brooms for Laminate Floors (Updated Reviews) in 2022


Now that you have more information on this type of sweeper, get ready to meet the best models for laminate floors, as they are showcased below.



1. BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Pet Floor Bagless Cleaner electric broom for laminate floors 1000One of the highest rated models on the market for cleaning laminate floors is the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A. Appreciated by buyers and known to do a great job when collecting pet hair and debris, this model from BISSELL does everything you need it to. Named the best electric broom for hard floors by expert reviewers and regular consumers alike, this model comes with an array of features that will convince you this is a must have.

First of all, the base head has a V-shape that is more than just a design choice. The special form of the swivel head allows it to capture large debris, as well as fine dust, and that, without having to come equipped with a brush roll. The suction path will take it from there and send it at high speed inside the dirt cup. When you need to clean more difficult places and deal with corners and crevices, this model will do a great job. The 20 feet power cord allows you to move around your home and clean it thoroughly without the need to plug and unplug all the time.



A great deal of importance in regards to this vacuum model is the V-shaped head of the broom that allows you to collect any debris with the use of a powerful suction capacity.

Given the fact that the device was built to clean up dirt or dust even from hardwood surfaces, it also ensures that no hidden place or tight spot around the house remains uncleaned.

The fact that it is made entirely from lightweight materials adds up the practicality of use and allows you to store it anywhere you like around the household.

Plus, there’s no need to add attachments because this model’s unique technology ensures that even pet hair or fine dust are picked up with a simple sweep.



This cordless cleaning product is ideal for houses with pets because it has an extremely useful swivel head that can collect any kind of debris. Although some customers believed the device lacks power, it still does a great cleaning job compared to similar products on the market.

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2. BISSELL Perfect Sweep 2880A Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper


2.BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable SweeperAnother model often mentioned by the best electric broom reviews is the BISSELL Perfect Sweep 2880A. Made by a company with a solid reputation in making cleaning appliances, this particular unit doesn’t disappoint at all. It comes equipped with powerful brushes that will dig up even the best hidden bread crumbs, dust and pet hair from your hard floors. The great thing about this model is that it works just as fine on carpets, too, so you will not have to purchase a different model separately.

One feature of this unit that must be mentioned is that it is cordless, and its runtime of 60 minutes allows anyone to clean an entire house without the need to recharge. Often, people use this sweeper throughout an entire month with just one charge, as they only use it for short cleaning tasks. Its low profile allows it to lie flat when you need to reach under furniture for pet hair and dander. Because it easily converts to a handheld cleaning device, it is highly versatile and a true aid in cleaning your house.



After the battery is charged to the fullest, you can use this cordless sweeper for an entire hour in order to clean the whole house without having to worry about finding a power source.

Due to the powerful rotating brush, this device is easy to handle and can be used safely on a variety of surfaces, including carpets, beds, sofas but also hardwood or laminated floors.

Because this electric broom can sweep up large and small pieces of debris you can rest assured that it will be a fantastic purchase for your entire household.

No matter the size of the debris, this item comes handy for sweeping the floor and even cleaning hidden places underneath the furniture.



Apparently, the machine can get a tad too loud when powered on. Just keep in mind that this is a common issue for most cordless battery sweepers and it depends mostly on the type of surface you are using it on.

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3. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop Powerful Floor Steamer Cleaner Mopper


Featuring a unique square design and excellent swivel steering capability, this steam mop is extremely easy to maneuver in corners and edges for a thorough clean. The unit comes with a large bottom tank for an efficient steam penetration as well as higher steaming temperature. This model is perfect for any hard floor surface. 

The Smart 2.0 sensor automatically shuts down the upright mode and moves to the mop mode releasing the correct amount of steam. The water reaches the right temperature in just 30 seconds so that you can enjoy the benefits of superheated steam. Moreover, the cleaned surface dries almost immediately. 

The 20-foot quick-release power cord is long enough for you to be able to clean a large area before switching to a different power source. What is more, the fluid handle of this unit offers an excellent grip that is very comfortable, and it also enables easy wrapping of the cord.



Just like the name suggests, cleaning is quick and easy with this steam mop. Its particular square head reaches all areas smoothly, leaving your floors spotless.

The large bottom tank allows improved steam penetration as well as a higher temperature for the steam. The device is ready to use in just 30 seconds.

Furthermore, the mop can be used on any type of hard floors, and the cleaned surfaces take very little time to completely dry.

This model comes with a cord that is 20 feet long which means there’s a lot for you to do while connected to a power source. You will not have to constantly switch outlets.

Since the handle is very comfortable to hold, cleaning for a prolonged period should not create fatigue in your hand.



Based on customer reviews, if you do not change pads frequently, they will leave streaks on your floor, so you should have a lot of spare pads at hand.

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Unavaible Products:


Dirt Devil SD21000 Electric Broom


3.Dirt Devil SD21000There can be many situations when you have to clean fast and for short durations of time. Small spills, minor mishaps or routine cleanings that do not require the use of a full fledge vacuum cleaner, require you to act fast and smart. This all becomes doable when you have the Dirt Devil SD21000 by your side.  The Direct Path technology it comes equipped with helps remove debris and dirt from corners and direct them to the suction path, for efficient cleaning. Suction power is accompanied by smart technologies that allow for easy pickup of all kinds of debris and dirt.

The pad is made of microfiber and can be washed in a washing machine. Very effective at gathering and capturing dust and pet hair from edges, it is a really helpful companion when it comes to keeping your house clean at all times. The flexible edges help with navigating even the most complicated household layouts and there will no corner left unclean when you are done with it.



What strikes first about this bagless vacuum is the fantastic suction power provided by the direct path technology. This way, all of the dirt is collected from one edge to another ensuring the cleaning process is done evenly on the entire surface.

The fact that it is built to be lightweight and it has an extended reach cord means that you can clean every room without the need to stop often and look for a power outlet.

As well, the flexible edges come handy especially for cleaning baseboards and floors at the same time.

Plus, the washable microfiber pad removes all of the dirt and debris and makes the cleaning chore easier and a lot more efficient.



Even though the product is suitable for collecting large pieces of debris and pet hair, you might find the unit difficult to use due to the small dirt cup. Otherwise, the product is sturdy and reliable and can be used on multiple surfaces.