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Best Electric Brooms

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Best Electric Broom – Ratings, Reviews & Comparison


If you are in a rush to get the best electric broom and can’t afford to go through all the tips and reviews put together by our research team, all you need to know is summed up in this paragraph. In order to determine some of the best products, we took into consideration user feedback, expert reviews, reliability surveys, and we discovered that the Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A is the model you ought to keep in mind. Its V-shaped cleaning head allows you to vacuum around the feet of your tables and couches with as little effort as possible. On top of that, the model is equipped with a convenient dirt cup, so it is bagless, and it can be emptied with ease. Finally, the fact that it is convenient and versatile, and that it features a 20-ft power cord are all advantages that you ought to mull over. If the Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A is no longer available, you should go for the Hikeren 12000 PA.



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Best rated stick vacuums – Expert buying advice


Similar to an upright vacuum, the products highlighted in the best electric broom reviews do not come with any additional attachments or accessories. The electric broom comes with a streamlined design that makes it quite easy to put away in a spare corner of the broom closet. The sleek profile of this cleaning appliance also gives it a lighter weight compared to a full-sized machine. Typically, an electric broom operates on batteries, enabling use in areas where a corded vacuum cleaner can’t go.

Less powerful than its upright counterpart, an electric broom can still capably transition from carpets to hardwood. It proves to be the perfect choice when you only need to handle cleanups of light debris. Its light weight is just what people with limited strength in their arms can use. By being aware of a stick vacuum’s limitations, you are more able to optimize its features and not be continuously disappointed by comparing it with a full-sized vacuum cleaner. If you are interested in electric broom ratings, our guide should be able to provide you with sufficient information to allow you to get the best model for your home.


The product above -> Hoover Linx BH50010



What does an electric broom do and how/when does it help you?


The electric broom can become your main cleaning tool if you understand its limitations and are able to optimize its capabilities. As a main cleaning tool, a corded stick vacuum is best. This type lets you clean the whole home while being assured of sustained power for the motor. If a cordless model comes with a replaceable battery or if one can be purchased at option, you should be able to keep on cleaning even when the first battery has used up its power.

There are electric brooms that handle small, quick-to eradicate messes. These types are pretty much basic models of either corded or cordless configuration. A fold-down handle on an electric broom also proves to be convenient when storage space is a concern for the user.

It can be easy to bag the best electric broom for hardwood floors, since stick vacuums have generally been engineered for handling hardwood floors. A few models offer excellent performance on carpets because they feature a roller brush.





10 Best Electric Brooms (Updated Reviews) in 2022


The market is not short on brands and models of electric brooms. You just have to be patient in your search, familiarizing yourself with the various features of this type of cleaning tool. Going through the choices can be daunting, however. We consider the following products to be great investments.



What is the best electric broom from Hoover in 2022?


1. Hoover Linx BH50010


1.Hoover LinxTransforming everyday cleaning to a simple everyday task, the Hoover Linx BH50010 Stick Vacuum Cleaner offers edge-to-edge cleaning so you can get effortless access to corners and walls. The sides are designed to allow you to clean right next to corners and walls easily.

The wide cleaning path assures you of coverage of more surface area while cleaning at a short time. Clean-up after use won’t get your hands dirty, thanks to the bottom release dirt cup.

The Hoover Linx has a low profile base that fits under counter edges and furniture, enabling you to achieve thorough cleaning. You can reach far under the furniture thanks to the machine’s extreme recline handle.

Usable both on hard floors and on carpets, the Hoover Linx is a sleek and versatile cleaning tool that can provide upright performance for reliable cleaning results.

It boasts the Hoover WindTunnel technology plus cyclonic filtration for superb cleaning capability.



This cordless broom works on a regular Lithium-Ion Battery System to provide freedom to clean everywhere, without having to worry about short cords or inaccessible power plugs.

It features a WindTunnel 3 Technology that creates three different suction channels to remove surface dust and debris while deeply cleaning all dirt.

The product is suitable to be used on a wide variety of floors, from carpet to hard floors, tiles, and more. The broom won’t diminish its suction power while transitioning from one floor to another.

Thanks to the powerful edge cleaning bristles you will be able to get rid of pet hair, dust, and debris on all hard-to-reach corners of the house.



The battery life of this cordless cleaning broom won’t last for too long. It makes take you the entire afternoon just to clean a tiny apartment because you will have to charge the batteries very often.

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Best rated electric broom from Bissell


2. Hikeren 12000 PA 


For a cordless vacuum cleaner, the Hikeren 12000 PA is powerful, and that reflects in what it can do. First of all, you can use it in low power mode so that you can pick up debris easily from hardwood floors. When you need to deal with dirty carpets and other areas that more difficult to clean, you can switch to the high power mode.

You will like that the stick vacuum cleaner has a 180-degree rotating head, which allows it to pick up dirt along the walls and navigate around furniture for flawless cleaning. Another thing that many people like about it is that its LED headlights will let you see in dark corners when you clean.

The model comes with a rechargeable battery that is powerful enough to allow you to use the vacuum cleaner on its high power mode for half an hour. When you must recharge the battery, that will take up to 4 hours, and you will love how the battery shows how much it has recharged.



This stick vacuum cleaner has powerful suction and, because it has two operating modes, one low and one high, that cover all your cleaning needs in a home.

Many users appreciate the easy to recharge battery that will let you clean for 40 minutes on low and 30 minutes on high.

You will like the ease of turning this stick vacuum cleaner into a handheld cleaning device when you have to reach areas that are not comfortable to clean with a standard vacuum cleaner.

As it is lightweight, it won’t strain your hands when you clean, and it will be easier for you to keep a spotless house this way.

There are no dead angles to worry about since its head can swivel with ease and clean along the walls and corners.



The cup for holding dust is considered on the small side by some reviewers who talk about this disadvantage as being among the few aspects they don’t particularly enjoy about this model.

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3. BISSELL Lightweight 3-in-1


As one of the most convenient and easy-to-use models in this line, this Bissell unit makes it possible for you to clean your floors and upholstery in as little time as possible. As its name suggests, the stick vacuum is lightweight, which means that it can be handled comfortably even by people who hate lifting weights.

While the product is corded, this aspect is not an inconvenience in the least, and that’s because the Bissell choice has been outfitted with a 16’ power cord that will allow you to clean a whole room without having to switch power outlets.

The dirt cup that the unit is outfitted with can be removed with ease, thus allowing you to continue cleaning your carpets or bare floors so as to wrap up your chores as quickly as possible. There’s not that much to say about this product other than the fact that it is highly usable and definitely designed for people who hate vacuuming.

On top of all that, this particular model does not cost a fortune, unlike some of the others we have checked out while doing our research. Some reviewers emphasize that a weight of 4 lbs is downright impressive and that the vacuum feels like it weighs nothing.



The neat thing about this electric broom is that it is remarkably lightweight, which means that you will be able to maneuver it efficiently and comfortably.

The model comes with a dust cup that can be removed conveniently and easily, thus enabling you to get right back to your cleaning chores.

Since this product is a corded stick vacuum, you won’t have a limited runtime of about twenty to forty minutes such as that of cordless alternatives.

The power cord is 16’ long, so you won’t even have to use any extension cables.  

As a final pro, this vac is considerably more budget-friendly than others, in spite of its many user-friendly features.



You can’t use this model to deep-clean your carpets because it doesn’t come with a beater brush.

Some users note that the handle is secured rather poorly.

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4. BISSELL Featherweight


If what you are in the market for is a highly usable stick vacuum, then the Featherweight might be the right answer to all of your questions. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and its design is what makes it compact enough to fit in any storage spaces in your home.

The product is quite versatile as it can be used either as a hand vac or as a stick vacuum. Therefore, it can assist you in cleaning both the floors in your home, but also the interior of your car. The model has been outfitted with a floor nozzle that can be removed as easily as possible, and this is what makes it handheld.

One of the advantages that this unit is capable of offering is that, much like the Lightweight 3-in-1 model we have also mentioned in this selection, it’s corded. While some might argue that the 15-ft power cord might not be enough, the fact is that this electric broom can get the job done far more conveniently than any of its cordless counterparts.

Since it is capable of cleaning virtually any surface in your home ranging from thin carpets to stairs, upholstery, as well as bare floors, this option should be given some thought to.



The task of cleaning the floors in your home won’t be a chore anymore, at least not with this corded stick vacuum. It’s so lightweight that you’ll barely notice you have something in your hand.

The product does a great job of cleaning any surfaces from upholstery to bare floors and even carpets.

One of the main pros ensured by the design of this choice is that it can be converted to a handheld vacuum, which means you’ll be able to use it in the car, too.

The 15-ft power cord should be long enough to allow you to avoid switching outlets all of the time.



Some customers have reported that the edger of this alternative might not be as great as you might think.

For carpets filled up with hair, this model might not be the right choice as its suction power isn’t similar to that of full-size vacuums.

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What is the best electric broom from Shark?


5. Shark Navigator SV1106


3.Shark Bagless NavigatorThe Shark Navigator Freestyle Stick Vacuum offers exceptional performance in a cordless package. It delivers excellent cleaning results on both carpets and bare floors.

The stick vacuum provides strong suction power plus extended run times so you can make the most out of every cleaning task.

The cleaning tool comes equipped with two optimized speed power settings so you can handle bare floors and carpets. The motorized brush is a powerful element that makes this model the best electric broom for pet hair as it enables the unit to coax out pet hair and dirt embedded in the carpet fibers.

The Shark Navigator Freestyle stick vacuum enables effortless cleaning around and under furniture and all over the home with its convenient swivel steering.

The precision charges juices up the battery in as little as four hours so you can go right ahead and clean. The vacuum cleaner has an easy-to-empty dust cup that offers a generous capacity to hold more dirt so you’ll do less frequent emptying and more cleaning.



The product offers a rechargeable cord, making cleaning easy and convenient everywhere around the house.

Pet owners will find this product extremely useful as it is specifically designed to provide premium pet hair pickup even in the narrowest corners of the house.

It comes with a two-speed brush roll, optimized for both carpets and bare floors. The rough construction will help you pick up dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair on almost all house surfaces, from fine rugs to low pile rugs, thick rugs, tiles, marble, and more.

It is equipped with a 10.8V rechargeable battery.

The dust cup has a large capacity to help you pick up more dirt, and it is easy to empty.



The battery doesn’t last more than 15-20 minutes of hard cleaning, meaning you will have to recharge it constantly. If you plan on cleaning the entire house using this lightweight design, you might have to reserve the whole afternoon.

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6. Shark IONFlex IF251


If you’ve ever seen a cordless Dyson model before, this Shark one will inevitably make you recall it. The unit is extremely light and convenient, but it does have a series of limitations, many of which the past buyers have noted in their reviews.

The neat thing about this product is that it comes with most of the features and accessories you might want from an electric broom. The box comes with as many as two removable Lithium Ion batteries, as well as the charging dock. What this means is that you can practically extend the runtime of the vac by replacing its battery when the one you’ve been using runs low.

So, despite having a limited runtime as all of the other cord-free alternatives out there, it is far more convenient compared to those units that don’t include a second battery. The product is equipped with a bristle brush that makes it capable of cleaning carpets in a more efficient way compared to many of its competitors.

On top of that, it’s worth noting that the weight of this Shark unit will enable you to clean your carpets, upholstery, as well as any other area located even above your head.



Due to its low weight, this light vacuum can be used efficiently, comfortably, and conveniently for cleaning most surfaces in your home.

The unit comes with a unique DuoClean Technology that enables it to be able to clean carpets in an effective manner.

The compact design boasted by the option will enable you to store it wherever you feel like.

On top of everything, it’s worth noting that the unit comes with a series of accessories that will make you get your money’s worth.

The box includes two batteries, a charging dock, a charger, as well as a pet multi-tool, an anti-allergen brush, and a crevice tool.



As is the case with virtually all of the other cord-free alternatives you might ever come across, this particular model has its limitations in terms of feasibility as its runtime is just 10 minutes on high.

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7. Shark Rocket DeluxePro


Compared to some of the other electric brooms that we have mentioned in this selection, the Rocket DeluxePro might seem a bit bulkier and heavier. It weighs in at seven pounds, unlike some other units out there, which usually weigh up to 4 or 5 lbs.

However, the Rocket DeluxePro does offer a set of advantages that are more or less hard to say no to. For instance, this product is corded, so you won’t have to worry about its feasibility or about the amount of time you are going to be able to use it.

Even though it weighs seven pounds, it is typically lightweight enough for a healthy person to lift it in the air so as to clean every nook and cranny from around the doors, for instance. Furthermore, it’s worth adding that this product comes with a variety of extras which range from a pet hair brush and a dusting brush to a 12” crevice tool and an accessory bag.

You’ll even get the wall mount for maximum convenience, as this will help you save some much-needed space, especially if you live in a crowded apartment. Two washable filters are part of the deal with this model.



While some might argue that the Rocket DeluxePro isn’t the lightest stick vacuum ever to have seen the light of day, some people might find that the 7 lbs weight isn’t restrictive in the least.

The box contains a variety of extras that will help you save money as you won’t have to purchase them separately. It even comes with a microfiber pad, a wall mount, as well as two washable filters.

One of the most important features of this product is its versatility. You’ll be able to use it on virtually any surface of your home.

The suction power of this alternative is more than enough as it will allow you to collect dust and debris from anything from bare floors to carpets.



The price might be a drawback for people who are on a budget as many other electric brooms are significantly more budget-friendly than this product.

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Best rated electric broom from Electrolux


8. Electrolux EL2095A


If you’ve been searching for the most convenient cordless stick vacuum ever to have been invented, look no further than the EL2095A.

Also a part of the Ergorapido series, this 2-in-1 alternative will offer you all of the versatility you might have been craving. It can be turned into a handheld unit in as little time as possible, thus enabling you to utilize it for cleaning the upholstery of your car, the curtains in your home, or anything else.

Additionally, the model is fitted with a Lithium Ion battery that will have it up and running for as many as thirty-five minutes. Believe it or not, this runtime is rather impressive, especially when compared to that of other cord-free choices, which might be capable of working for just twenty minutes on medium power.

Another feature you might be interested in with regard to this model is its 180-degree maneuverability. The cleaning head will allow you to vacuum conveniently around the feet of your couch or under the coffee table, and all of that without really making an effort. Let’s not forget the user-friendly design boasted by this choice as its controls are located at your fingertips.  



You can use this product both as a traditional stick vacuum and as a handheld alternative for cleaning your car’s upholstery or your curtains.

This particular model comes fitted with a Lithium Ion battery that will allow it to do its job for up to thirty-five minutes. The runtime exceeds that of similar models on the market.

The 180-degree maneuverability enabled by the unique design of this option will give you the freedom to use its suction under the couch, under the table, or anywhere you might feel like.

The controls that you’ll have to utilize to activate the vacuum are located within reach of your fingertips.



Most of the complaints that we have stumbled upon regarding this product note that its battery life could have been better. The runtime is too low to allow owners to clean their entire home.

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9. Electrolux Petcare EL3230A


Few electric brooms are actually capable of sucking the life out of pet hair, and that’s because pet parents will know that an animal’s shedding sticks to almost anything in a home. This 2-in-1 alternative will do its best at removing any traces of your dog or cat’s hair.

Why should you consider the EL3230A? One of the reasons you should bear it in mind is that it is versatile, so it can be used both as a stick vac and as a handheld one. The high-performance Lithium-Ion battery that it’s been outfitted with will have it doing its job for up to thirty minutes but get this. Its charging time is up to four times faster than that of other Ergorapido models that have a NiMH battery.

On top of everything, the Petcare EL3230A comes with a cleaning nozzle to which a powered Brushroll has been added so that all of the dirt and pet hair from your upholstery is picked up and removed both conveniently and efficiently.

As with other Electrolux models, this one boasts the classic 180-degree easy steer swivel, which means that you can use it under chairs, under the table, and on surfaces where there are no obstacles whatsoever. Plus, the unit comes with a dust-spotter consisting of LED lights, so you can see the path you’re cleaning.



The EL3230A has one of the most powerful Lithium Ion batteries developed by Electrolux. Its voltage will allow it to run up to thirty-five minutes.

The dust-spotter LED lights boasted by this choice will light up your cleaning pathway, thus enabling you to know which areas you’ve vacuumed and which you haven’t. On top of that, the lights will tell you if you want to go over the same area twice.

The self-cleaning brush roll that this model is equipped with makes it possible for the users to remove the hair collected with the push of a single pedal.

It’s also worth noting that the model is also accompanied by a detachable crevice tool, as well as a dusting brush.



As with any other cord-free electric broom, this one does have a series of limitations, which you have to be aware of. The most important drawback you need to know about is that this product can run for up to 35 minutes, but it takes a whopping of 4 hours to get a full charge of the battery.  

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10. Electrolux Ergorapido


4.Electrolux ErgorapidoOutfitted with a high-performance 10.8-volt lithium turbo power battery, the Electrolux Ergorapido Vacuum delivers reliably optimal cleaning results. The battery has extended run times and charges quickly.

Thanks to the motorized brushroll, the stick vacuum ensures thorough cleaning of bare floors. With no cords to watch for, the vacuum cleaner maneuvers easily throughout the cleaning area.

The cordless convenience of the cleaning tool is supplemented by the 180-degree EasySteer™ Maneuverability, a functionality that ensures smooth movement and turning.

This model is a two-in-one device. You can clean above the floor using the detachable handheld vacuum.

The unit features a bagless cyclonic system that delivers thorough cleaning of the home with consistent or unfading suction power. Clean corners, flat surfaces and stairs by using the dusting brush and crevice tool, which can be stored neatly in the handle. The machine can stand on its own so you can leave it alone right in the middle of the floor when you have to.



The product comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion power battery that makes cleaning easy and convenient around the house. The cordless design will allow you more freedom of movement and help you clean even the narrowest corners of the house.

The 180-degree EasySteer feature allows smooth turning and movement for better cleaning on all surfaces.

It comes equipped with a 2-in-1 detachable handle to help you clean above the floor.

The lightweight design won’t add pressure on your back or your hands so that it won’t cause you any health problems in time.

The battery recharges fast, allowing you to finish cleaning easier and faster.



As with most other cordless brooms, the battery doesn’t last more than 20 minutes, which makes it kind of hard to thoroughly clean all surfaces without at least a few recharges.

Some customers claimed they had problems with the battery that stopped recharging after a couple of months of use.

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What is the best electric broom from VonHaus?


VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner


5.VonHaus 600WThe VonHaus Vacuum offers 600 watts of cleaning power with 130 air watts of suction capability. The machine can be used at full length or as a handheld vacuum minus the extension tube.

The dust tank has a 1.2-liter capacity to hold more dirt for less frequent emptying. Just detach it and empty the collected dirt right into the dust bin.

The vacuum cleaner comes with an HEPA Filtration system, which captures small particles and ensures they are locked in and not released back into the air. This prevents the spread of bacteria and allergy-causing microorganisms.

With the handheld functionality, the stick vacuum provides a lightweight device you can use to handle quick messes as well as the cleaning needs for drapes and furniture. The supplied crevice tools let you clean hard-to-access areas in the home.

The 18-foot power cord provides enough length for you to go around the room without having to change outlets.



It comes with a cord of approximately 19.5 feet, long enough to help you clean around the house, no matter where your drains are.

It provides a suction power of around 130 air watts and can be used in two ways – at full length or without the extension tube for more complicated handheld cleaning.

Thanks to the high-quality HEPA filtration system you will be able to lock even the smallest particles of dust and debris, including mold spores, which will provide a cleaner, fresher air, free of allergens and bacteria.

It comes with a large dust can of approximately 1.3 liters. The dust container is easy to remove and clean, helping you finish cleaning faster and without a hustle.



The on/off switch is not conveniently positioned so you may accidentally press it a couple of times before cleaning the entire house.

The overall design is quite flimsy, so it may break after a few rougher uses.

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Best rated electric broom from Dirt Devil


Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik


6.Dirt Devil SD20000REDThe Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik Stick Vacuum comes with three-in-one vacuum cleaner functions, offering versatility.

It serves as a stick vac, a handheld vacuum and a utility vacuum, all packaged in a single, sleek profile.

You can easily detach the handheld unit from the mother unit, so you can clean up small messes, the upholstery and drapes. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik ensures easy carrying from room to room and floor to floor.

The Simpli-Stik has a removable dust cup that you can easily empty into the dust bin, which means no repeated purchases of replacement dust bags.

The smooth rolling wheels provide effortless mobility while cleaning. The on/off switch is convenient, since you won’t need to unplug the machine from the outlet to switch it off. Thanks to the built-in crevice tool, you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas such as along baseboards, between the couch cushions and under appliances and furniture.



It weighs less than 4 pounds, which makes it extremely comfortable to carry around and vacuum. Thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design, the product is not only portable but also can be easily stored anywhere.

It features a 16-feet long cord, enough to help you clean around the house without worrying you won’t be able to reach narrower or tall corners.

The smooth-rolling wheels will glide on any surface easily, whether rugs or, wooden floors or tiles. This way you can carry the product anywhere around the house and can even use it to clean upstairs.

It comes equipped with an onboard crevice tool for hand vacuuming so that it will fit in tight, inaccessible places.



According to some of the online reviews, this electric broom is mainly suitable for dust, and that’s pretty much it. It is not strong enough to clear dirt and mess from the carpets and pet hair, as well as human hair, will remain in the same spot unless you pick it up by hand.

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Dirt Devil SD20505


Dirt Devil is one of those manufacturing brands that have somehow found the secret to making budget-friendly stick vacuums and electric brooms, yet the models they develop are entirely capable of raising up to par. This rule applies in the case of the SD20505, too, as it’s one of the most convenient compact vacs available in this line.

There are several reasons you should consider it, and we’ll do our best at detailing them. One of them consists of the fact that this unit weighs less than seven pounds, which means that it undoubtedly speaks to the needs of those who cannot lift heavy things.

On top of that, the model is fitted with a power cord that measures as many as 20 feet, so you won’t be bothered by anything while you’re cleaning the floors in a room. You won’t have to use extension cables or switch outlets.

The performance of this model is guaranteed by the 10-amp motor that it has been equipped with. You won’t lose the suction power gradually, as you would in the case of some cord-free stick vacuums out there. Last, but not least, you won’t have to purchase any bags because this model comes with a dust container that you can empty conveniently.



The dustbin boasted by this choice can be removed with ease to get rid of the dust and debris you’ve collected while cleaning the floors in your home.

The lightweight design of this alternative will allow you to carry it with ease and even clean the staircase, too, without feeling like you’re lifting anything heavy. It weighs less than 7 pounds.

The 11-inch cleaning path made possible by the wide cleaning head will enable you to save time that you’d otherwise waste if you were to use a different model.

Since this particular product is equipped with a 10-amp motor, you needn’t worry about its performance and reliability.



According to some consumers, this product does a great job when it comes to cleaning hardwood flooring, but it might not perform as well on carpets. The problem isn’t its suction power but rather its inability to glide on the carpet efficiently.

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What is the best corded electric broom from Hoover?


Hoover SH20030


01The Hoover SH20030 features a powered brushroll with the exclusive Cyclonic Technology. Thus, the machine provides effortless transition from hard floors to area rugs and low pile carpets, helping you complete the cleaning chores in less time and using less muscle energy.

The Swivel Steering feature allows the user to go around and clean furniture without breaking a sweat. This machine is a sleek and versatile unit that is ready to deliver outstanding upright performance. It is the only stick vacuum that incorporates Hoover’s exclusive Wind Tunnel Technology with cyclonic filtration to provide problem-free transitions from one type of surface to another.

The handle is designed to offer extreme recline so reaching under furniture can be carried out easily. The 20-foot power cord offers enough length to finish an entire area without having to frequently transfer AC outlets.

The wheels are made to be easy on floors thanks to their non-marring construction. The edge cleaning bristles are able to take up dirt against the edges and walls, for thorough cleaning. This stick vacuum is outfitted with a wide cleaner mouth so dry spills can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently. The Hoover SH20030 has a low profile base for effortless fit under furniture and edges.



This product comes equipped with the Cyclonic Technology that allows easy transition from hard floors to rugs and low pile carpets easily. It will provide the same vacuuming and suctioning power regardless of the surface, allowing you to clean the house and all of the surfaces with ease.

Thanks to the extreme recline handle you will be able to easily reach under furniture and clean more surfaces than with a regular vacuum cleaner.

The non-marring wheels will provide easy carrying and use on all surfaces, regardless of hour rough or soft they are.

The item is equipped with a 20-feet long power cord that will help you clean everywhere around the house.



While most of the users were pleased with the suction power of this device, some of them claim it is poorly made and will easily break after only a few more intense uses. However, this small vacuum works great for the price you will pay for it.

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Find the best electric broom from Fuller


Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid


02A bestselling machine delivering quick cleaning of low-pile carpeting and hard floors, the Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid Bagless Broom Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight unit that you can easily carry from room to room. It has a powerful 9-amp motor that provides enough cleaning energy to clean area rugs, bare floors and upholstery.

The 30-foot power cord allows you to handle an entire area without having to find another outlet nearby. Lightweight at just six pounds, the vacuum cleaner is a low-price machine for kitchen, rug and small apartment use.

The two-in-one design allows you to detach the floor head, insert the onboard crevice tool and go on cleaning dirt and debris in corners and small spaces.

The vacuum cleaner is also perfect for cleaning couch cushions, car interiors, stairs, ceilings, drapes and different hard-to-reach areas. Dirt and debris, even cobwebs, have nowhere to hide from this highly efficient cleaning machine.

The built-in HEPA filtration shows the manufacturer’s dedication to ensuring user safety by protecting pet owners, asthma and allergy sufferers from irritating particulates that can be released into the air. The revolutionary filter system catches up to 99.97 percent of allergy-causing particles and dust to keep the air safe to breathe.



This product is extremely lightweight and provides the perfect cleaning for bare floors and rugs together. Thanks to its lightweight design you can easily take it with you anywhere and not have to worry about back problems. This item is mainly suitable for cleaning upstairs.

It features a powerful 9 Amp motor and comes with a HEPA Media filter. The HEPA technology allows attracting even the smallest particles of dust and debris, providing, in return, a fresher, cleaner air. Your rooms will smell fresher and you will stay away from allergies caused by dust, debris, mold spores, and others.

It also comes equipped with one of the largest cords available in such devices. A 30-foot power cord will ensure you will always be able to clean even the narrowest corners of the house.



Some of the consumers have complained about the poor design of this electric broom. Most of the components are made from plastic which will eventually break.

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Fuller Brush Co. Electric Vacuum


This vacuum weighs in at about 7.5 pounds, so it is slightly heavier than some of the other choices that we have analyzed. However, the weight doesn’t seem to be an inconvenience in any way, at least judging by what many users have had to say about it.

Let’s see what makes this product relatively special. First off, the vacuum is corded, so you won’t have to worry about it not being reliable as it doesn’t have a limited runtime. It can run forever. Next, the model comes with a replaceable filter and doesn’t need any bags to do its job.

The dust cup is easy to empty, and you’re going to be able to do just that efficiently and comfortably and get right back to vacuuming the floors of your house. The bare floor maid can be used on virtually any surface made out of any material, but the pad at the bottom will wear out more or less quickly, so you’re going to replace it.

If you use it on wood floors, you won’t have to worry about this aspect, as the pad will last for a reasonable amount of time. However, if you decide to use it on concrete, the pad will wear fast.



Since it is reasonably lightweight, you won’t have any problems handling this vacuum cleaner.

The product is bagless, which basically means you will not have to waste your precious pennies on supplies or consumables of any kind.

As per the statements of past buyers, this vacuum is efficient, electric, lightweight, and comes with a long cord that will allow you to get your room cleaned without having to switch outlets or use extension cables.

Apparently, this product is most effective when used on hardwood floors, but the vac does do a good job on carpets, too. Just make sure you’re not trying to clean any carpets with long hairs.



While the pad that the cleaning head is fitted with will help you clean your wood floors with maximum efficiency, it isn’t the most durable accessory ever to have been invented.

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What Dyson electric broom is the best?


Dyson DC44


03Expertly upgraded via a powerful motor that spins at 104,000 RPM, the Dyson DC44 Silver/Nickel offers two power modes while providing twice the cleaning stamina at the cleaner head to push the bristles real deep into the carpet with stronger energy.

This allows the unit to handle embedded dirt quite easily. The higher battery life ensures ¼ greater operating force from 15 to 20 minutes on the standard mode and between 6 to 8 minutes on the max mode. This is all thanks to the switch from a lithium-ion battery to nickel manganese, which provides a greater discharge rate to rev up the machine’s cleaning performance.

Easily breaking the divide between power and ultimate performance, the Dyson DC44 Silver/Nickel features Root Cyclone Technology that maximizes centrifugal forces to spin collected dirt around the sides of the bin, effectively preventing clog up of the filters, which can decrease suction power. A variety of accessories can be fitted to the nozzle to handle different cleaning needs.

The advanced motorised head is outfitted with carbon fibre filaments that easily capture dirt and debris during suction. The gun-style trigger is made to enhance runtime with a simple press and release mechanism to facilitate start-stop operation.

This is a do-it-all machine that can do the work of both a full size and handheld vacuum cleaner.



The digital motor of this product is up to three times faster than conventional motors, providing a power-efficient cordless vacuum. In other words, you will finish cleaning faster and without too much effort.

It comes equipped with a motorized floor tool complete with carbon fiber brushes that will allow you to easily clean hard floors such as tiles, marble, and others.

The rotating nylon brushes are suitable for removing dirt, pet hair, dust, and debris from carpets of all sizes.

The cordless design provides up to 20 minutes of high constant suction for easy and fast cleaning.



The product is not user-friendly, as the trigger is hard to hold for any period of time, especially if you have joint problems or any other hand conditions.

This electric broom is not powerful enough to pick up kitten kibbles or dog crackers, so it is kind of useless if you have a house full of hectic pets. In addition, the item is two-three times more expensive than other electric brooms with similar features.

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Dyson V6 Motor Head


If you’re adamant about picking a cord-free electric broom, then you need to know that one of the leading brands in the industry of manufacturing vacuums and generally, floor cleaners of any kind, is Dyson. This company makes some of the most effective units in this line, so the V6 is a natural choice for someone who’s probably looking for a great cordless vacuum.

The product has a runtime of just twenty minutes, and while that might be an important drawback for some individuals, it might not mean all that much to others. After all, many of us own a full-size vacuum already, and we take it out of the closet once a week or so, when the task of cleaning the floors needs to be done with something a bit more efficient.

So, the V6 makes a reasonable alternative for those of you who want something that can help them clean their floors or the upholstery of their cars with as little effort as possible. The crevice tool boasted by this unit fits right into narrow and tight spaces, so that’s another advantage in the way of convenience.

The mini soft dusting brush included in the box can be used for delicate tasks such as vacuuming your keyboard.



The cord-free design of this product will let you use it virtually anywhere. You can utilize it to vacuum the interior of your car or your curtains just with as much efficiency.

The low weight of the model makes it possible for you to handle it with ease, and that’s something to consider if you hate lifting particularly heavy things.

The direct-drive cleaner had makes it possible for the bristles to go deeper into the carpet so as to remove as much dirt as possible. The brush bar power is said to be about 75% better than that of similar Dyson models.

There’s a mini soft dusting brush included in the deal, and you can employ it to vacuum delicate things like your keyboard.



The 20-minute runtime might just not be enough for some users, especially if they want to clean something else than just one room or one and a half.

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What are the top brands ?




Starting out as an American manufacturer of floor care products, the Hoover Company was headquartered in North Canton, Ohio. The company also established a major base in the United Kingdom, easily eating up a huge piece of the industry pie during most of the early and mid- 20th century. Its huge leadership status made the Hoover name equivalent to vacuum cleaners, with people in Ireland and the UK easily adopting the term ‘hoovering” to mean vacuum cleaning.

Part of the Whirlpool Corporation in the US, the company was acquired by Techtronic Industries in 2006. Italian firm Candy acquired Hoover UK/Europe when it dissociated from Hoover US in 1993. The Hoover Europe brand now manufactures washing machines, tumble dryers, floor care machines, and a whole portfolio of Candy Group brands. If you are a fan of Hoover products, you should check out our reviews of the best electric brooms from Hoover.



The Shark brand belongs to one of several house care brands established by Euro-Pro Operating LLC. The mother company pioneers in developing cutting edge cleaning solutions as well as small household appliances geared to make life easier for the perennially on-the-go consumer while ensuring that products are always suitable for any kind of lifestyle. Euro-Pro appliances are not just loaded with high functionality but are also engineered for industry innovation. Even the housewares industry has seen a reorientation toward the brand, with such revolutionary products as the chemical-less steam mop to advanced kitchen appliances.

The ultimate goal is always fast and efficient cleaning, with highly popular machines including a range of Sweepers that handle what ordinary heavy vacuums can’t, steam mops that require no chemical household cleaners, and the Vac-Then-Steam, which sucks in dirt and debris on hard floors prior to cleaning and sanitization.

The best Shark electric brooms don’t cost all that much when compared to their competitors, especially judging by the specs they come with and the performance they ensure.



BISSELL, a family-operated firm, has been an acknowledged leader in home care machine manufacture for more than five generations. Inspired by a unique understanding of the cleaning needs of its consumers, BISSELL has been developing revolutionary home cleaning solutions that are highly useful for everyday life. From the unique carpet sweeper that Melville R. Bissell invented to the Bachner Award-winning Shampoo Master, to the Vac/Floor scrubber, Gemini Sweeper, Dry Powder Rug Shampoo and Applicator to the first two-brush sweeper, BISSELL has facilitated always-easy cleaning.

Whether it’s pet hair or small messes, the brand offers intensive, deep cleaning, with efforts expended on supporting US pet charities as well as impressive mess cleaning ranging from chocolate, mud, red wine, baby food and anywhere in between. A recent addition is the Woolite brand of upholstery and carpet cleaning formulations, which has contributed to a steadily growing market in floor care. If you appreciate the BISSELL business model, why not find out more about the best BISSELL electric brooms.



Dirt Devil

The Dirt Devil brand began at a backyard garage in Cleveland, Ohio. It was designed as one of the world’s first vacuum cleaner manufacturers and was created by Philip A. Geier in 1905. Operations grew enough to facilitate the launching of two divisions, one being focused on vacuum cleaners and the other on washing machines, hair dryers and mixers. The company switched to military production during World War II. Acquired by the Walter E. Scott Organization in 1953, the company was renamed Royal Appliance Manufacturing. However, a lack of commitment led to the immediate dissolution of Royal.

Headed by Stan Erbor, a group of Royal employees decided to acquire the firm, making it thrive and broadening the scope of operations. The firm markets the Dirt Devil Classic Hand Vac, a spinoff of the Ultra Hand Vac. The brand also launched a line of the first cordless vacuums that have earned Energy Star approval and decrease energy use by 70 percent thanks to AccuCharge Technology. If you’d like to find out more about the technologies employed by Dirt Devil, you should read our reviews of the best Dirt Devil electric brooms.



With eight strategic brands associated with its name, AB Electrolux, more commonly known as Electrolux, counts strong brands in its portfolio: AEG; Electrolux; Eureka; Frigidaire; Grand Cuisine; Molteni; Westinghouse: Zanussi. Producing well-engineered products, the Electrolux Group sells more than 5 million products in over 150 countries annually, with 30% of sales in Europe, 50% in North and South America and 20% in other countries. With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, the brand continues to expand its market share with its kitchen division representing two-thirds of sales.

Electrolux manufactures kitchen appliances used in storage, food preparation and dishwashing. It also makes consumer-oriented vacuum cleaners, professional appliances, air cleaners, water heaters, and a host of kitchen, laundry, air cleaner and floor care accessories. You should be able to find the best Electrolux electric broom for your needs with the help of our comprehensive reviews.



As the leading manufacturer of consumer, industrial and commercial cleaning equipment in North America, Karcher North America has established a presence in eight locations, including four manufacturing plants. The brand produces, provides and distributes services and products under several divisions: Cuda; Graco; Hotsy; Karcher; Landa; Prochem Karcher Group; Shark; Spraymart; Water Maze; Winston Karcher Group. The company produces a large number of different commercial and industrial pressure washers, commercial and industrial floor-cleaning gear for the home and garden as well as professional use. If you appreciate Karcher made products, why not take a look at the best Karcher electric broom?

Karcher also has a thrust for corporate social responsibility by supporting a variety of social, charitable and cultural organizations in many countries while pursuing active environmental protection.



Electric broom history


Although he is credited for having created the first commercially marketed portable electric vacuum cleaner, James Murray Spangler of Canton, Ohio did not really create the first vacuum cleaner. His portable vacuum cleaner changed the way carpet cleaning was done in households, and was the first to be equipped with a cloth filter bag as well as cleaning attachments. Mr. Spangler further enhanced the basic model and took out a patent for it in 1908. Founding the Electric Suction Sweeper Company, Spangler went on to mass produce his invention. Spangler’s business and patents were acquired by William H. Hoover, who found the vacuum cleaner truly impressive.


Before James Spangler

Long before Spangler ever really put the finishing touches to his portable vacuum cleaner, there had already been attempts to create a mechanical solution to floor cleaning needs in England in 1599. A carpet beater had already been used to hit rugs laid over a wall or line repeatedly to strike out as much dirt as possible.

Hit with his own stroke of genius, Ives McGaffey, a Chicago inventor, obtained a patent for a ‘sweeping machine’ that cleaned rugs on June 8, 1869. The device wasn’t an actual motorized vacuum cleaner but was a hand-pumped model constructed of canvas and wood that was the first one of its kind in the US. McGaffey called it the Whirlwind.

A horse-drawn vacuum system was instituted by John Thurman with door-to-door service in St. Louis in 1903. Consumers paid $4 a visit. John Thurman had been able to produce a gasoline-fed vacuum cleaner in 1899, which some historians consider the first motorized vacuum cleaner, issued patent number 634,042 on October 3, 1899.

On August 30, 1901, Hubert Cecil Booth, a British engineer, also patented a motorized vacuum cleaner, a petrol-fed unit that was horse-drawn and immense. The machine was parked outside the assigned building to be cleaned, employing long hoses that were laid through the windows. Booth’s vacuuming device was first used in a restaurant in the same year, and proved it could suck dirt successfully.

Variations of the same cleaning-by-suction machines were introduced by American inventors, who included Corinne Dufour and David Kenney. However, those early attempts produced the same bulky, smelly, noisy and generally unsuccessful machines.



Post James Spangler

Additional improvements to Spangler’s vacuum cleaner design were carried out through financing from William Hoover. This resulted in a Hoover-designed, bagpipe-like contraption attached to a cakebox, which performed successfully. The Hoover company marketed the first commercial upright vacuum cleaner, which had the bag-on-a-stick configuration. By 1919, Hoover cleaners were mass produced, all of which had the ‘beater bar’ that provided that beating-while-sweeping type of cleaning.


Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

A new product called the ‘filter fiber’ disposable bag was an ingenious product that proved to be a vital cleaning component of the vacuum cleaner. It was introduced by the Air-Way Sanitizor Company, which was founded in Toledo, Ohio in 1920.

The Cyclon was invented by James Dyson. It was the first dual cyclone machine that needed no bag to collect the dirt and debris in.


Evolution of the Modern Vacuum Cleaner

Presently, vacuum cleaners are priced according to the motor’s ability to suck dirt, the number of attachments included along with other features.

The consumer can choose from a variety of models.

A canister vacuum cleaner features a long cleaning wand attached through a flexible hose to the canister.

An upright vacuum cleaner is ideal for heavily carpeted target cleaning areas and is distinct for its upright configuration.

A handheld unit is a highly portable device that proves to be a complement to an upright model. It can be bought in the corded or cordless variety.

Automatic or robotic vacuum cleaners are lightweight and run while eliminating the need for too much human intervention. These types are programmable via remote control or the machine console.

An electric broom or stick vacuum cleaner is another lightweight cleaning device with the motor mounted along the wand or in the handle, which provides interface between the cleaning heads and the handle. Ideal for cleaning small areas of carpeting, as well as outdoor or low-pile carpeting, it is great for handling dust and small quantities of dirt at a frequent basis. It is not designed with the same versatility as a canister model and doesn’t have the power of an upright machine. A stick vacuum cleaner typically doesn’t come with attachments and the kind of suction performance needed for cleaning deep pile carpeting.


Carpet Sweeper versus Vacuum Cleaner

Prior to the introduction of vacuum cleaners, a carpet sweeper had already been utilized for carpet cleaning. Lightweight and running quietly, the carpet sweeper enables quick pick up of crumbs from the floor. This type of machine is still available in many regions of the world. Floor cleaning robots are the progeny of the carpet sweeper technology. These offer little suction power and work by sweeping to pick up larger debris and dirt. While the best Dyson electric broom can force you to make an investment, models manufactured by other brands are budget-friendly and easily accessible. In the end, selecting between a carpet sweeper and a vacuum cleaner has to be done in accordance with your own needs.

What’s more, you ought to think ahead and decide whether or not what you actually require is the best non-electric carpet sweeper. Believe it or not, some actually do a good job at what they’re supposed to, and the neat thing about them is that they don’t have to be charged as they aren’t outfitted with a battery.


How to choose an electric broom?


Is the suction power important?


The top electric broom of 2022, no matter if it’s a light and low-priced one, should be equipped to deliver sufficient suction capability so it proves to be convenient for picking up various types of messes, debris and dirt typically found in the home.

The best models are able to pick up crumbs on a carpet, while others can tackle larger bits of debris, dust bunnies and pet hair.

The convenience factor of a stick vacuum or electric broom is significantly reduced if it is not able to remove debris from edges and corners.

When your electric broom is able to do this, you won’t need to use too many attachments like crevice tools just to complete your cleaning chores.



Does it also have to be versatile?


When doing an electric broom comparison, check out machines with the ability to turn off the brushroll when you transition from cleaning carpets to hard floors.

This ensures that debris are not left flying around. Switching the brush roll on helps you enjoy excellent cleaning performance on area rugs and carpets.

Many models are able to convert easily to a hand vacuum cleaner. This is facilitated by just detaching the handle or powered cleaning head so the machine can be used for both above- and below-the-floor cleaning tasks.

An electric broom is a handy cleaning tool for touch ups in between cleaning days and for picking up small messes so your home is kept sparkly.



How much convenience will you be getting?

Although a cordless model can go anywhere, a corded electric broom with a long cable doesn’t limit you in terms of space it can reach.

A long cord helps you clean a broad area without having to transfer AC outlets too often, so you can complete cleaning jobs in large rooms quickly and efficiently while enjoying sustained suction power.

To ensure that you make fewer passes, some models are outfitted with a wide nozzle to handle the same area more quickly.

For example, the best electric broom for wood floors come with an extra wide cleaning head to allow you to clean with more efficiency. However, a narrow nozzle enables you to maneuver easily along tight or confined spaces, including around chair’s legs and dining furniture.



Is the model reliable?

You will want your electric broom to have high ratings in terms of runtime when it is a cordless model. A rechargeable stick vacuum typically offers a 20- to 30-minute runtime. This figure can get reduced with time or as the battery pack ages. Nickel cadmium batteries typically suffer from reduced power delivery with time.

Replaceable batteries can extend the electric broom’s useful life, since you just need to insert new or fresh ones to enjoy greater run time and handling of larger jobs.

These are features that are often found in more expensive models however, there are some cheap electric brooms which offer the same reliability options. You just need to look harder.

You will also want the dust collection canister to be reliably easy to empty. Since all electric brooms are bagless in design, the model you go for should have a canister that is not messy to empty.



The product from the image -> BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A



Usual issues with these products

Electric brooms do come with deficiencies, but which electric cleaning appliance doesn’t?

For corded models, users hate it when they come with cords that are too short. Of course, a corded stick vacuum won’t work without power. A corded machine somehow limits your mobility. You can’t easily move around with it because you’re tethered to an outlet and have the cord to worry about. This reality sucks when you have to vacuum the stairs.

Corded electric brooms do not rely on batteries that need to be charged, offer sustained cleaning power, and need no purchases for batteries. Those are at least what save the day for those types of cleaning machines. On the other hand, even if cordless electric brooms have no cords that you should worry about, are easier to use getting around things, have a battery that once fully charged will free you of the AC outlet, and make vacuuming up and down the stairs easy, they do have their shortcomings.

Most, if not all, models do not offer the same sustained suction capability as a corded machine. Cordless models need charged batteries to work, with some models not able to do any cleaning when the charge goes below a certain percentage. They also need replacement batteries or perhaps a spare one. The run time can be quite short, often 20 minutes or less.

If you only have an electric broom, you’d better forget about vacuuming up wet spills. Unlike a wet/dry vac, a stick vacuum’s motor will get damaged when it comes in contact with liquids. This could also pose an electrocution hazard.




How to make the most of your electric broom


1) Consider the type you own — Different models call for different types of maintenance. With a corded one, for example, you need to ensure that the power cable doesn’t take a lot of abuse over time, as otherwise, you’ll have to replace it in the future. That does not apply for cordless units, but you have to take care of the charger and make sure it isn’t exposed to moisture, for example.


2) Treat it with care — Since this is an appliance you’ve invested good money in, it goes without saying that you have to protect your investment. Make sure that the electric broom is in working condition all the time and avoid storing it in improper places. Don’t let your kids or pets around it if you know that some of its parts might get damaged.


3) Get replacement batteries before it’s time — It’s never a good idea to run out of battery, whether we’re talking about your smartphone or anything else. If the model you’ve purchased did not come with an extra one, make sure to buy one separately so that you have it around when you need it the most.


4) Avoid exposing it to water for too long — This is an electrical appliance we’re talking about, and so it doesn’t have to be exposed to moisture all the time. Of course, some might do a good job at suctioning spills and other such kitchen mishaps, but that doesn’t mean you should use them solely for this as the dustbin gets filled with the liquid and you’ll have a hard time cleaning it.


5) Always read the user manual — This piece of advice makes sense with almost any product you might ever want to spend your precious cents on. The instruction manual contains a broad array of information you won’t find in other places with regard to maintenance, but also when it comes to how you can expand the life of the model that you have purchased.




Unavailable products


BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A


2.BISSELL PowerEdgeThanks to the innovative V-shaped base, the BISSELL PowerEdge can easily suck in both fine particles and large debris without using a brush roller. The tool has V-shaped wipers that drive all the large debris towards the center suction path.

Fine particles are strongly suctioned along the arms, so nothing is missed. The hair-attracting rubber material on the wipers enables easy collecting of pet hair. The unique shape of the suction base lets you clean around furniture legs, along baseboards and in confined spaces.

Designed for hard floors, the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Vacuum needs no attachments and supplementation with a regular broom to do its job well. It can be used on low pile area rugs. The twenty-foot power cord offers easy mobility so you won’t have to transfer to another AC outlet.

The dirt cup is easy to empty so cleanups are a breeze. Lightweight and convenient, the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A utilizes bagless cyclonic technology to ensure reliable performance.



Thanks to its ergonomic shape this electric broom will easily clean around furniture legs and on lower rugs to take away all dirt, debris, and pet hair.

It helps to capture debris along edges and in the tightest spaces. Thanks to its shape you won’t require any additional attachments for the broom.

It features a swivel head that allows you to easily clean all surfaces and in all places, even in the smallest corners or around furniture legs.

The dirt cup provided is easy to empty, which makes cleaning an easy and entertaining weekend task.

The broom also features a 20-inch long power cord, long enough to help you easily clean around the house.



According to some of the customers who purchased this product, the handle is made from a flimsy material, which will easily break off.

The suction power is quite reduced, meaning you will spend a lot of time and effort trying to clean all your house, especially rugs impregnated with pet hair and fine debris.