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Best floor sweeper for pet hair

Last Updated: 29.06.22


Top pet hair floor sweepers in 2022


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our experts but you do want to find the best floor sweeper for pet hair, this short paragraph will help. We have gathered a lot of information and found that the BISSELL 15D1A is the best because it is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and can be used on hard floors and low pile carpeting. If the BISSELL 15D1A is not available in your area you can considered the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser as your second best option.



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A short buying guide

A floor sweeper or electric broom is an easy and convenient way to quickly clean up pet hair and small messes without having to drag out your heavy vacuum. Before you choose a floor sweeper there are a few aspects to consider, and this brief buying guide will help explain each one.

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Even though floor sweepers are generally priced lower than traditional vacuums their cost can vary depending on the manufacturer and included features. Deciding on a budget will limit your options, along with ensuring the floor sweeper only comes with the functions you really need. Price and quality do go together so you want to be careful that you don’t purchase a cheaply made floor sweeper in an effort to save some money.



One of the advantages of a floor sweeper is its lightweight design that makes it easier and more convenient to use than a heavy vacuum. Models that come with a swivel handle are easy to maneuver and some are designed to drop down so you can sweep up pet hair underneath furniture. If you are worried about scratching your floors there are sweepers that come with rubber wheels. Protective bumpers on the side will also ensure that the floor sweeper won’t mar furniture legs.



Floor sweepers can come with a variety of features that are all designed to make these convenient cleaning tools more convenient and easy to use. Dirt containers that open from the bottom of the sweeper are easy to empty, without having to get your hands dirty. If you have several pets you might want to consider a model that comes with a large cannister. Indicator lights will let you know when the battery is fully charged, and some will also alert you when power is running low.

Other features to consider include a “self cleaning” function, but this is generally only found on models designed for commercial use. If storage is a problem you can find floor sweepers that come with a wall mount, and this can also be purchased separately.


3 Best Floor Sweepers for Pet Hair (Updated Reviews) in 2022


Now that you have a good idea of what to look for in a floor sweeper, you can find the best floor sweeper for pet hair showcased below.



1. BISSELL 15D1A Easy Sweep Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper


1.BISSELL Easy SweepIf you are looking for the best hardwood floor sweeper for pet hair the BISSELL 15D1A might be the perfect choice for you. Not only can you use it on hard flooring, but it can also pick up dirt and pet hair on area rugs and low pile carpeting. Its lightweight design ensures that it is easier to handle than a heavy vacuum, and you still get plenty of suction power to efficiently sweep up small messes. This cordless sweeper will keep your floors free of dirt and pet hair until you are ready to drag out your vacuum.

Since it is cordless your movements aren’t restricted, and the rechargeable battery is capable of providing you with up to 45 minutes of power. This ensures you have plenty of time to clean larger rooms without having to stop and let the battery recharge. The handle swivels and drops down so you can easily sweep underneath and around furniture without having to bend over. When it is time to empty the dirt container simply tap the bottom and watch pet hair and debris fall into the trash can. Easy and convenient to use and efficient, the BISSELL 15D1A might be just what you need to keep your floors clean and free of pet hair.



The slim design allows you to use this electric broom any time you need to collect any debris and can be easily stored around the house, without taking up too much space.

Once charged to max capacity, it can work for up to 45 minutes. This way, you have plenty of time to clean every corner and furniture and forget about the power source.

Because it is built to be lightweight, it can be carried around or lifted even by people with disabilities who can’t face hard cleaning activities.

The swiveling handle allows owners to utilize the machine on a variety of surfaces, even bare floors or rugs, without the risk of causing damages.



Although the sweeper is quite efficient at picking crumbs or any type of debris, there were some reviews that pointed out the lack of sturdiness the lack of sturdiness of this specific unit. Nevertheless, this issue doesn’t interfere with the quality or with the customer’s’ decision to purchase the product.

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2. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Floor Sweeper


2.BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Rechargeable SweeperOften considered the best floor sweeper for dog hair there is very little not to like about this model, especially if you have pets. It comes with a lightweight construction that is extremely easy to maneuver, and it can be used on bare floors, along with rugs and low pile carpeting.

Since pet hair and dander is a constant problem in a home in only makes sense that you would want to choose a model that can clean most types of flooring.

The sweeper uses a paddle to remove pet hair, dirt and crumbs and it since it is constructed from soft rubber it won’t scratch or mar your flooring. You will appreciate the large dirt canister, especially if you have multiple pets, and it is also extremely easy to empty without getting your hands dirty. The Pet Hair Eraser also comes with a rechargeable battery that is capable of providing you with up to 60 minutes of power.



One great thing worth mentioning in regards to this cordless pet hair sweeper is the fact that it is specially built with a powerful soft rubber paddle that successfully removes any pet hair or debris from hardwood floors and even carpets and sofas.

Due to the extra large dirt cup size, there’s enough space to collect the debris without having to stop the cleaning process in order to empty the container.

The charging process doesn’t require a lot of time and the fact that the LED indicator goes green once the battery is full makes it easier to organize your house chores.

Plus, the device can be used for up to one hour of cleaning after the battery is charged completely.



Although the vacuum does a fantastic job of picking up debris from many types of surfaces, there have been customers who thought this alternative becomes too lousy on hardwood floors. Nevertheless, the level of sound doesn’t exceed the one made by a hairdryer, and it is common for vacuums to make noise on hard surfaces.

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3. Speedy Sweep Commercial Cordless Rechargeable Commercial Battery Floor Sweeper


3.Speedy Sweep SweeperSince this floor sweeper is rated for commercial use you know that it has the power you need to keep your home free from pet hair in between regular vacuuming. It can be used on all types of flooring, even ceramic tiles thanks to its rubber wheels.

Even though it is powerful enough to sweep up everything from pet hair to broken glass, it still only weighs 4.6 lbs. for easy maneuverability. Since it is also battery powered this commercial floor sweeper is incredibly quiet, and can run for up to 90 minutes before needing to be recharged.

There are two brushes that quickly and efficiently sweep up any debris in its path, and the “non slip” belt ensures that they are always functioning at maximum power. Cleaning the brushes is also a breeze, and one even comes with a “self cleaning” function. A wall mount and one year limited warranty is also included with this floor sweeper.



On the plus size, this cordless device is suitable for a multitude of surfaces such as hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, tiles, concrete and even rugs, carpets or rubber.

In addition to that, the sweeper is able to clean the house fast no matter the amount of dirt and it can collect anything from dust, sand, and different types of food to pet hair and broken glass.

The product is extremely lightweight and can be carried around the house and lifted even by people that aren’t allowed to make strenuous physical efforts.

Plus, because the wheels are made from a soft rubber the machine can be used on wood, laminate or linoleum floorings without any risk of causing damages.



Even though this cordless rechargeable sweeper has a Lithium Ion battery which ensures the efficiency of the cleaning process, if you live in a house with small children maybe the noise will bother you. But most users stated that the level of noise tends to fade away on carpets, rugs and laminate floors.

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