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Best floor sweeper reviews

Last Updated: 08.08.22


Top floor sweepers in 2022


If you are looking for the best floor sweeper and don’t have time to go through all of the reviews and buying advice compiled by our experts this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. Out of all of the information we have gathered we found that the Bissell 28806 is the best because it comes with 7.2 volts of power so you can quickly and thoroughly sweep up small messes off up hard and carpeted floors. The rechargeable battery can provide you with up to 60 minutes of cleaning time so you can finish large rooms without stopping. If the Bissell 28806 is not available you can consider the Bisell 92N0A as the second best option.



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A short buying guide

Keeping up with small messes in between regular vacuuming is easy if you have a floor sweeper, and there are several makes and models to choose from. In this short buying guide you will find the information you need to choose the best floor sweeper vacuum.

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The best floor sweeper reviews recommend taking a few minutes to look around your home. Taking a quick look at the kind of flooring you have will help you decide on a type. Some floor sweepers are only designed to be used on hard floors, which can be a problem if you have carpeting throughout your home. You will also want to consider the type of hard flooring and if the sweeper is capable of cleaning without marring the surface.



One of the main advantages to floor sweepers is their lightweight construction, and most are under 7 lbs. If you are planning on using it on different types of flooring you might want to consider a model that comes with adjustable speeds so you have the power you need to easily remove dirt from carpeting. Handles that fold down allow you to reach underneath furniture without bending over, and if it also swivels you will find it easier to maneuver around corners. Most floor sweepers also come with a dust collection cup and it should be designed to be easy to empty.


Other considerations

There are a few other factors to consider before you make your final decision. If you are worried about marking furniture legs or wall edges you might want to choose a floor sweeper with protective rubber bumpers. Rubber wheels are also a great choice if you want to make sure that the sweeper doesn’t mar the finish on your floors or scratch ceramic tiles. You also want to pay attention to the amount of running time you get from the battery, especially if you are planning on cleaning larger rooms. Some of the top rated models also come with a manufacturer’s warranty so you can have additional confidence in your decision.


11 Best Floor Sweepers (Updated Reviews) in 2022


Floor sweepers are a great tool to have if you want to keep your floors clean without dragging out a heavy vacuum. They are easy and convenient to use, and most are extremely effective. To help you make an informed decision you can find the best floor sweepers showcased below.



1. Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper


1.Bissell 28806If you are looking for a tile floor sweeper this model by Bissell might be just what you need. It is designed to be safe to use on all types of flooring, including hardwood and tiles.

The 28806 boasts 7.2 volts of power so you can easily pick up dirt and pet hair without using your traditional vacuum.

It is also designed to be easy and convenient to use. The handle folds down so you can reach underneath furniture, and its lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability.

When it is time to empty the dirt canister simply open the clear lid on top, and dump the dust and debris into a trash can. Once the lid is closed the floor sweeper is ready to be used again.

The rotating brush is battery powered so it is incredibly quiet when running, and since it is capable of holding a charge for up to 60 minutes you can easily clean larger rooms in your house.

You will also appreciate its slim design that allows you to store it a corner or small closet.



The 7.2 volts of power can give you up to 60 minutes of cleaning time on battery alone.

The product is extremely easy to maneuver, the handle folds down so that you can clean underneath furniture and the corners of your room.

With the help of the battery, you can easily clean spaces that don’t have a power socket nearby.

It works great on carpet, hard floors and rugs. Since it does not use suction, it can be used to clean rugs that would have otherwise been sucked up.

When you are not using the device, you won’t have to worry about storing it. The device is light, and the compact design will allow you to leave it in a closet until you need it again.



After months of usage, the battery can show its age which can diminish the amount of time the product can function on a single charge.

With time, the battery might take longer to charge.

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2. Bissell 92N0A Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper


A lightweight and compact product, this broom ensures effective cleaning for the entire house and is safe to use on almost any type of surface.

The wide sweeping area allows you to pick up different sizes of debris such as cereals, bread, crumbs and even fine dust or pet hair.

One major plus this product has to offer is the fact that it works without electricity and doesn’t require charging. Therefore, anytime you need to clean the mess you can easily pick it up from the storage and wipe out any dirt or dust.

Specially designed with two brush rolls, the device basically picks upl large particles with one side leaving the small debris for the other one. In addition to that, the broom provides small brushes placed strategically in each corner that capture dirt along the edges and tiles.

After the cleaning job is done you can get rid of the dirt with a simple push of the button that empties the dustpan.

Besides, the entire device has a sustainable design made from 100 percent recycled plastic, PVC free, with components that don’t require electricity or battery charging.



This vacuum cleaner from Bissell makes the cleaning process so effective because it is specially designed to collect the debris with both brush rolls, placed on each side. In addition to that, the small brushes from the 4 corners can pick up even fine dust or pet hair.

Made from entirely recyclable components and PVC free, this broom does a fantastic job and doesn’t require any electricity or batteries.

Plus, you can dispense the dirt with a simple movement of the twin dirt pans.

Given the fact that it weighs no more than 4 pounds, the product can be easily moved around the house and stored conveniently because it won’t occupy too much space.



Because the broom is not equipped to work nor with batteries or electricity, you might need to move it a couple of times in the same sport in order to clean the debris, especially for collecting large pieces of crumbs.

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3. OnTel Swivel Sweeper Max


This handy cleaning tool is specially designed to reach tight areas around the furniture corners thanks to its useful flat shape.

It is worth mentioning that you can clean a variety of surfaces with this rechargeable broom such as carpets, hardwood floors and even tile or ceilings. No matter the debris size, the product can pick up bread crumbs, pet hair, fine dust and dirt from the floor, sofa or the kitchen table.

The instructions on how to use this machine are quite simple. All you have to do is charge it and then clean the mess when needed.

Efficient and practical, despite the dirt type, it will pick things such as dry kibble, soggy veggies, and outside dirt. In addition to that, the slim design of the broom allows you to get the mess from under the furniture and the four brush system along with the 360 pivot ensures the item moves in any desired direction.

Once the cleaning process is done all you have to do is empty the dirt bin into garbage with a simple touch. You can even wash the bristle brushes too much dust has built up in them. As for the storage part, you can use the included magnet to fold the broom in order to save some space.



Because it doesn’t weight too much, the product is ideal for people with different health issues that can’t do a lot of cleaning around the house. Plus, it doesn’t occupy much room if you store it inside the house.

Due to the fact that the machine is cordless, it can give you a lot of freedom with respect to the moves you can make. Operating the unit is hassle-free. Plus, you can easily clean your entire home on just one charging session.

Powerful and easy to recharge, the swivel sweeper brushes can spin at 4000 rounds per minute, which ensures that every piece of debris is removed from the surface.

The flat shape of the brush allows you to clean tight areas, places under the chairs and tables, beds and sofas.



Given the fact that this machine is not an actual vacuum with a suction power you must keep in mind that it doesn’t pick up the debris. It will only sweep it into the dirt container.

Some customers think that, even though the product is efficient in cleaning most surfaces, it doesn’t do a great job on hardwood floors.

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4. Easy EDGE Hardwood Floors Sweeper


When there are so many things you need to do, like your everyday job, taking care of the kids, preparing food, or cleaning up the house, you need all the help you can get to enable you to work more efficiently and finish your tasks on time. 

Using a traditional broom is not only uncomfortable, especially for people with back issues, but it is also less efficient. Using a floor sweeper is faster, more convenient, and it gets the job done better. The Easy EDGE Hardwood Floors Sweeper is outfitted with three brushes that sweep and remove crumbs, dirt, dust, and other similar messes. 

Since it comes with a built-in dustpan, there is no debris left behind for you to pick up. The unit is able to pick up small and large debris with just a very simple push. Moreover, since the product is manually operated, it does not require electricity or batteries, nor filters or bags. 



Forget about the classic broom that spreads dust in the air! This floor sweeper will help you remove debris in no time.

Since it is outfitted with a built-in dustpan, you will not have to pick up any mess and hurt your back in the process.

The three brushes are very efficient in removing dirt, crumbs, dust, and more, regardless if they are small or large. The only thing you need to do is push the unit across the floor.

If you are using a broom to save money, this device will help you with that as well because it does not run on electricity or batteries. 

Basically, the only cost involved with this sweeper is the initial purchase. Most customers who bought it mentioned that the product is quite affordable.



According to customer reviews, this unit picks up most types of debris, but it is not so efficient for cat litter or other similar items.

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5. Sagler Compact


If you need to find an effective alternative for your broom, then this Sagler Compact Sweeper may very well be the solution. The product measures 11” x 8” x 2”, which makes it highly convenient when it comes to reaching all types of spots. Furthermore, we all know that unexpected messes can happen in a household, and Sagler’s device effectively picks them up. 

It’s an excellent solution to keep the floor clean in-between vacuuming days, so you should definitely take it into account. The large number of positive reviews given for this device shows its efficiency in everyday cleaning tasks. 

Plus, it’s a cordless alternative, so you won’t need to find convenient outlets around the house. Moreover, since it doesn’t use any power, it’s also an eco-friendly alternative, and for those of you interested in preserving the environment, this is something that should not be overlooked. 



The sweeper uses a forward and return motion to pick up dirt, lint, pet hair, and many other types of debris that one can find on the floor. 

The handle lies flat, which means that you won’t have any issues cleaning around and underneath furniture, as well as in other spots otherwise harder to reach. 

From smaller particles to larger ones, the sweeper can pick up pretty much anything, helping you keep the floor clean before you need to vacuum again. 

Since you won’t need to deal with brooms, dust pans, or power cords, this is a convenient and easy option, that is easy to assemble and to empty every day. 



More than one forward and backward motion might be needed to pick up the debris, depending on what you need to clean. 

If you have long-haired pets, their hair might get stuck in the sweeper, so you may need to clean it regularly. 

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6. Fuller Brush 17042


A sweeper such as the one offered by Fuller Brush is ideal for quick cleanups of small messes that can happen in any household, especially if we are talking about crumby ones. The manufacturer has more than 100 years of experience in the cleaning industry, so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the effectiveness of the products it offers. 

Known for including high-quality materials and excellent construction, Fuller Brush units are specially designed to clean better, faster, and easier than similar alternatives. Moreover, you won’t need to drag out the vacuum cleaner every time a quick cleaning touch-up is necessary, making things a lot easier. 

The lightweight and quiet Carpet Sweeper uses an electrostatic charge to gather up the debris, without using power or a cord. Besides being a lot easier to handle, users who have kids will definitely appreciate the fact that it doesn’t make noise either, which means it can be used during nap time. 



The soft yet durable vinyl bumper included in this product protects furniture from scuff marks and scratches, while it reaches underneath. 

The natural bristle rotary brush can easily pick up dust, crumbs, hair, debris, and many other elements off the floor, while the extra vinyl blade enhances its efficiency. 

Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, as well as to the wheels it includes, the sweeper can be easily moved from one room to another, with almost no effort. 

If you’re wondering where you are going to keep it, you might be happy to know that the design is foldable and that you can hang it or keep it in a closet without any trouble. 



Several motions might be needed to pick up certain pieces, such as feathers that might end up on the bedroom carpet. 

Some users want the motion to be a bit smoother. 

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7. Shark Floor & Carpet


In case you are looking for a sweeper that has a bit of extra power ensured by batteries, then you should keep reading and see what benefits this Shark model offers. Sweepers are a great alternative to keep your home clean in-between vacuuming days, especially when accidental spills or other messes happen. 

Featuring a lightweight construction and intuitive design, this sweeper allows you to quickly gather any dirt off the floor, without needing to take out the heavier vacuum cleaner. Moreover, such an alternative works very well for elderly family members that might otherwise have a hard time keeping the floor clean and end up with back aches. 

The manufacturer also thought about ease of use when it designed this model with swivel steering. This means that you won’t have a hard time maneuvering it around your home, cleaning inaccessible areas, such as underneath furniture. 



This product is a powerful motorized brush roll that helps you keep the floor clean, while its lightweight construction ensures you don’t have a hard time doing this. 

With a 10-inch cleaning path, this handy tool works great for all types of surfaces, from carpets and tiles to hardwood floors. 

You can use it to quickly sweep away any debris that is then collected into the convenient dust cup that is very easy to empty once the job is done. 

For extra maneuverability, the swivel steering works great, so the user can easily pick up elements off the floor. 



In rare cases, the handle may come off, so if this happens you can contact the seller for further assistance. 

The unit runs on batteries, which means that you need to make sure these are charged and if there are any issues with them, you might need to purchase new ones. 

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8. Rubbermaid Commercial FG421388BLA


This Dual Action sweeper works great for cleaning hard-to-reach spots and tight areas around the house. There are multiple benefits that it ensures, so you might want to take a closer look at the details since this might be exactly what if you’ve been looking for to keep the floor spotless in-between vacuuming sessions. 

Thanks to the low-profile design, you won’t have a hard time using it underneath furniture, since it’s very effective in making its way around objects and corners. Moreover, given that it includes two different types of bristle agitators, it can quickly grab both small and large debris, therefore making your life easier in case you’re dealing with a small mess, as it often happens in a household. 

The great part about this model is that it works equally well for low-pile carpets and hard floors. Plus, the transition from one type of surface to another is smooth, so you don’t need to worry about this. 



With a sweep path of 7.5 inches, this is a compact sweeper that can easily get around furniture, making the task of keeping your home clean all the time a much easier one. 

The dirt trays are easy to empty, making the disposal process a mess-free one in which your hands don’t need to come in contact with whatever it is that you’ve collected in the container. 

Thanks to the two types of bristle agitators, the user is able to pick up both large and small debris particles. 

The 42-inch handle provides the necessary length to be comfortable for almost any user while reducing the risk of experiencing fatigue. 



Even though this sweeper is highly effective for low-pile carpets, its performance is lower on thick ones. 

The handle can be disassembled for easy storage, but this is not an option all users prefer. 

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9. Shark Cordless Dual Speed


You can get a quick and convenient cleaning help if you decide to give this Shark model a try. The lightweight Cordless Dual Speed sweeper features a 12-inch motorized brush that is powerful and can easily pick up any kind of debris or small mess that family members can make in any home. 

Another aspect that makes this sweeper effective in getting the job done is the fact that it includes edge-cleaning squeegee that grabs dust and debris along walls. As you probably know very well, this is useful, since corners and angles can many times pose problems when it comes to cleaning. 

Moreover, the fact that it ensures swivel steering means that the user can easily maneuver the device around furniture, without having to remove it in the first place. The low-profile and folding handle also help in this matter, as they ensure the sweeper can get underneath furniture right away. 



This motorized brush has two speeds, which means you can adjust its performance according to your needs in order to get superior cleaning performance. 

The 12-inch cleaning path can cover a larger surface and any type of floor, from hard ones to carpets, with a smooth transition. 

Given the fact that this is a quiet alternative as well, you may be able to use it in more situations, such as when kids are sleeping. 

The dust cup is easy to empty, and you can do this without having to touch the cleaned debris that might otherwise expose your hands to dust and potential bacteria. 



The plug and port are rather small, so according to some of those who have already tried the device, you may need to be careful when you recharge it. 

You should not allow children to play with it since they could damage it.

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10. Alpine Industries Triple Brush


For those times when you want to avoid using the cumbersome vacuum cleaner, you can give this Triple Brush Sweeper a try instead. Given its lightweight construction, this product is easy to use, while the low-profile design means that it can get to all kinds of spots to collect dust and dirt. 

Its construction includes high-quality materials such as steel and plastic, so you can rest assured that you will be able to use it for a long time before needing to get a new one. Moreover, the attractive red finish looks really good, making this a very nice addition to the set of tools you use for household maintenance. 

Since such a device needs to be able to pick up dirt from any kind of surface, this Alpine Industries product was designed following the same idea. Therefore, you won’t have any problems using it for pretty much any floor type, including tiles, hardwood, vinyl or carpeted ones. 



The low-profile compact design allows the user to easily maneuver this sweeper around tables, chairs, underneath furniture, and in other rather inaccessible areas. 

The package includes a comb that is used for quick and easy cleaning of the bristles, thus making things easier for the user. 

Thanks to its construction, the device ensures quiet operation, making this a choice suitable for both commercial and residential facilities. 

Since there is no power cord, dustpan or broom to deal with, you will be able to quickly collect any small mess in no time and without any hassle. 



For some users, the sweeper works better for low-pile carpets, compared to bare floors, but this also depends on what you need to pick up. 

Depending on the surface you need to clean, a bit more force may be necessary to push the device forward and backward. 

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11. Casabella Electrostatic Cleaner


In case you don’t want to take out the large vacuum cleaner anymore for small clean-ups, but a broom and a dustpan are not an option either, then a handy product such as the Casabella cleaner might be the right alternative for your needs. According to the many positive reviews it got from previous customers, this model is ideal for small jobs and quick touch-ups. 

Made of high-quality materials, you can rest assured that it will withstand the test of time, while the floors will be kept clean at all times. Another aspect worth keeping in mind is that you can use this Electrostatic Cleaner for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Moreover, the easy-grip handle is specially designed to ensure the user’s comfort, and it can also fold flat in order to reach inaccessible spaces and easy storage. Since you won’t use any electricity, this is also an eco-friendly alternative, so this is something to consider as well. 



Featuring natural boar bristles, the sweeper can easily pick up pet hair, glass, sand, crumbs, and many other such types of elements, both small and large. 

The dual dust containers are very easy to handle and empty, keeping the debris collected tightly sealed to prevent it from spilling out. 

Since the durable bristles also feature a dual direction, the product can effectively capture all types of debris. 

The cleaner also features long-wearing soft bumpers that protect furniture, as the user cleans around it. 



The unit is lightweight and handy, weighing only 3.2 pounds, but it seems to be too small for some users, so make sure that you read the details offered by the manufacturer. 

The dust container might need to be emptied more than once, depending on what you are cleaning and on the surface that needs to be covered.

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Unavailable products



Shark Ninja V2930


2.Shark 10 Rechargeable Floor and Carpet SweeperThere is a reason Shark vacuums are popular with consumers, and it is no different with their floor sweepers.

This cordless model comes with a 10 inch brush that is capable of sweeping up larger messes, and two settings for speed so you can use it on all types of flooring. It also comes with a large dust cup so you don’t have to stop and empty it as often.

Every aspect of this floor sweeper is designed for your convenience. There is a squeegee that will effectively clean along wall edges and the handle swivels for easy maneuvering.

When you need to reach under furniture that handle also folds down, and the sweeper’s “low profile” design ensures that it will fit.

With its long lasting rechargeable battery you can easily clean large rooms, and it also comes with a charger.




Bissell 21012


3.Bissell Sweep-Up Cordless SweeperIt is hard to find anything negative about this cordless sweeper from Bissell, especially its extremely affordable price.

Even though it uses the front and reverse motions to power the brush it is still capable of removing pet hair and other debris from hard and carpeted flooring quickly and efficiently.

It should be noted that this floor sweeper is not intended for use and thick pile carpets, and this will limit its performance.

You will love how easy this floor sweeper is to use, along with its lightweight construction. Since it does not come with a motor, it is one of the lightests sweepers on the market weighing slightly over one pound.

It also doesn’t use a dust collection cup, instead debris is stored inside and is easy to empty when you are finished. Like most other floor sweepers the handle also folds down so you can easily clean underneath furniture.