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Best Hoover under 100

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top Hoovers under 100 in 2022


Cleaning your house is probably not what you have in mind after a stressful day at work. However, as unpleasant as it may be, you can’t run away from it forever, especially if you suffer from allergies or have a pet. And if your old vacuum needs to take a break but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new one either, we suggest you search for the best Hoover under 100 dollars. After conducting our own thorough research, we have concluded that a reliable and affordable vacuum is the new Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Commercial. Portable and easy to handle, it comes with a reusable commercial cloth bag and a built-in blower. It is perfect for small and narrow areas such as corners or the inside of your car. If you don’t find this item available for sale right away, perhaps another suitable option would be the Linx Bagless Cyclonic SH20030.



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A short buying guide

Finding a good Hoover under 100 dollars is not necessarily impossible, especially if you know precisely what to look for. Here are our top suggestions to help you purchase the right item for your needs.

Consider the type of surfaces you want to clean

If you’re going to make your house sparkling clean, you’ll probably have to purchase a variety of products, specifically designed for certain parts of your home. If you’re not a complete clean freak or simply need to vacuum dust or debris from your room or your car, some cheap lightweight Hoovers will do the trick.

On the contrary, thorough cleaning and sensitive surfaces require special care and different vacuums. If you want to clean tiles, carpets and also get rid of spider webs in tight corners, you should best opt for a compact and lightweight vacuum with multiple accessories.



If you’re looking for a vacuum that will help you with quick cleaning touch-ups, portability is one of the most important features to consider.

Opt for compact and lightweight products that don’t weigh more than a few pounds so you can easily handle them without hurting your back or getting hand fatigue.

There are plenty of Hoover products that fall into this category so if you don’t know exactly which one to choose we suggest you go through some online reviews of Hoovers under 100 dollars and read the opinions of other customers.


Bag or bagless vacuum?

The classic style of vacuums requires special bags where you can collect the dirt and debris after you finished cleaning. These products are usually cheaper but messier too and can’t always gather everything that is supposed to be cleaned in your house.

Most of these classic vacuums don’t come with self-sealing dirtbags, meaning the entire operation of cleaning the debris will probably spread half of the collected dirt into the atmosphere again.

Obviously, a more ecological and hypoallergenic method would be a bagless vacuum. This product comes with a detachable container that can be disposed into the trash bin without you having to touch the content.

If the original container breaks, you can choose to replace it with other cheap Hoover vacuum parts, making these vacuums more convenient and budget-friendly.


3 Best Hoovers under 100 (Updated Reviews) 2022


Although we cannot tell you exactly which product to buy, we did come up with a list of three Hoover vacuums that should be on your shopping list. Showcased below you’ll find their most important features.



1. CH30000 PortaPower Commercial


This incredibly lightweight and easy-to-handle item is perfect for quick touch-ups and small cleaning chores. It comes with a reusable commercial cloth bag to gather the dirt, but you can also attach a regular paper bag to it.

The built-in blower helps you clean all types of surfaces and keep them tidy both inside and outside the house. It is an excellent choice for cleaning alleys or getting rid of the debris after barbeque parties.

The product is extremely compact, allowing you to clean tight spaces and narrow corners, including the interior of your car. The 33-feet-long power cord will help you reach even the narrowest places of your house or car without too much of a struggle.

It only weighs 18 pounds, and you can even carry it on your shoulder without causing back or shoulder pains. It is perfect for cleaning up dirt, debris, and pet hair.


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2. Linx Bagless Cyclonic SH20030


The ergonomic design of this vacuum is perfect for daily cleaning chores. It reaches even the narrowest corners of your rooms, and it also fits under the counter edges and the furniture to provide thorough cleaning.

Thanks to its Cyclonic Technology, you’ll easily make the transition from area rugs to hard floors, meaning this product is perfect for cleaning a wide array of surfaces all around the house. Also, thanks to its extreme recline handle, you won’t have to bend or kneel to gather the remaining dust and debris under the furniture.

This bagless stick vacuum is lightweight and easy to handle. It won’t cause back or shoulder pains and hand fatigue when carrying it around the house and is perfect for cleaning your second-floor rooms. The non-marring wheels make it easier to handle and switch from one type of surface to another.



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3. PowerDash Pet Carpet FH50700


We all know how hard it is to clean after a pet so if you enjoy keeping your dog or cat inside the house but also like pet hair-free furniture, the new PowerDash vacuum from Hoover might be the right solution.

The lightweight design makes it easy to handle. It comes with a powerful motor to provide two times more cleaning power than other lightweight carpet vacuums. The product is perfect for high traffic areas, small spaces, and narrow corners alike.

The dual tank system is specifically designed to allow you to easily fill, empty, and rinse the main water compartment while separating the clean water from the dirty one. The container can be filled with various organic or regular cleaning substances.

What we also liked about this vacuum is that it comes with a handful of accessories, including a removable nozzle to help you pick up dirt and grime, as well as a pet brush roll. The latter is perfect for getting rid of pet hair and odors while also refreshing the air.


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