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Best multi-purpose steam mop

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top multi-purpose steam mops in 2022


If you’re struggling with making your house a clean and healthy environment, perhaps it is time you replaced your old cleaning tools with the best multi-purpose steam mop you can find on the market. As opposed to regular vacuums and cleaning accessories, steam mops use the power of steam to destroy all bacteria and get rid of mold, dust, debris, and dirt. So, if you’re looking for a similar product, but you don’t have the time to do it yourself, we can help you out. We conducted our own thorough research and concluded that a reliable item would be the PurSteam Handheld Pressurized. It is perfect for cleaning a wide array of surfaces, including tiles, wood floors, laminate tiles, wool and cotton carpets, and even washable wallpapers. It takes only 3-4 minutes to heat and turn water into steam, and the large water container won’t require too many refills. If this product is not available for sale right away, a great alternative would be the Steamfast SF-370WH.



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A short buying guide

Finding a good multi-purpose steam mop is not an easy task, especially since these products have become more and more popular lately. So, if you want a product that will clean and sanitize your house while also freshening the air, here are some features you should take into account.



The size of the water tank

Cheap multi-purpose steam mops usually come with small water tanks and, while they are still able to clean all types of surfaces around the house, they will require plenty of refills. Therefore, a cleaning job that would usually take 1-2 hours can end up taking the entire afternoon.

Our suggestion is to consider products that come with a large water tank of at least 1.5 liters (50 fl. oz), so you won’t spend too much time going back to the kitchen or the bathroom and refilling it after just a few minutes of steaming.


Heating time

Another feature you should look for is the time that it takes for your steamer to be ready. Naturally, products with larger water containers will take longer to prepare the steam while smaller and more compact cleaners will not take more than 1-2 minutes to be ready. Waiting for a long time until the water is turned into steam could be a significant drawback if you’re on a tight schedule and need to finish cleaning as soon as possible.


Multiple surface cleaner

It is essential to be able to use your steamer on all types of surfaces around the house so you can finish cleaning faster. Bear in mind that not all steamers offer this feature and that using high-power steam on sensitive surfaces can end up damaging them. Therefore, you should at least opt for a product that comes with an adjustable steam power system so you won’t end up destroying carpets or hardwood floors.

If you still have trouble finding the right cleaner for you, we suggest you go through some online multi-purpose steam mops reviews and read the opinions of other customers. You will find more information on various steamers so you can purchase the one that fits you best.


3 Best Multi-Purpose Steam Mops (Updated Reviews) 2022


Although there is a great variety of good steam mops on the market, we made a list of the top three products we think are worthy of your attention.



1. PurSteam Handheld Pressurized


This handheld mini steamer is great for quick cleaning jobs and will help you keep all the surfaces in your house clean. It uses the power of steam to remove dirt and sanitize so you won’t require the use of any other harsh chemicals or cleaning substances. It is lightweight and portable and comes with a 9.8-ft long cord so you can conveniently use it inside and outside the house.

It is perfect for getting rid of grime, grease, stains, bed bugs or mold so you can enjoy a fresh and clean house.

And, since it doesn’t need any additional chemical cleaning substances, it can be used by people who suffer from allergies or breathing problems.

PurSteam helps you clean ceramic tiles, granite, wood floors, wool carpets, and even washable wallpapers. It comes with 9 accessories so you can easily sanitize even the hard-to-reach areas of your house such as ceilings or corners.

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2. Steamfast SF-370WH


This product comes with a 1500-watt motor and uses pressurized steam to clean all surfaces inside and even your patio floor, for example. It is powerful enough to replace your regular vacuum cleaner and, since it doesn’t require the use of any additional chemical substances, it will sanitize and freshen the air to get rid of mold spores and dust.

Therefore, the steamer can be used by people with allergies or those who suffer from breathing problems such as asthma.

The large 45-ounce water tank will provide 40-45 minutes of continuous steam, allowing you to finish your cleaning chores faster.

When ordering this product from Steamfast, you will also receive 15 different accessories, perfect for a thorough cleaning anywhere around the house.

The steam mop attachment can be used to clean the kitchen tile floors, while the handheld accessory is great for quick touch-ups on sofas or curtains.

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3. Wagner 0282014 915 On-Demand


This product is excellent for cleaning and sanitizing various surfaces from around the house. It will freshen the air and help you get rid of dust, debris, mold spores, stains, spots, and even animal hair, all of these being elements that can cause allergies and breathing problems.

Plus, thanks to its powerful steam-cleaning action, it will kill bacteria so you can enjoy fresh and pure air.

It comes with an eight-foot hose so you can easily reach all the surfaces around the house, including corners, ceilings, stairs, and the area under the furniture.

The large water container provides little under one hour of continuous steaming so you can finish your cleaning chores faster.

Also, thanks to the variety of included accessories, there won’t be any problem cleaning your tiles, carpets, sanitizing your furniture or even getting rid of the grill grease and residues.

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