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Best Oreck vacuum

Last Updated: 08.08.22


Top Oreck vacuums in 2022


Having a big house is many people’s dream, but looking after it properly can easily turn into a nightmare. You must do a thorough cleaning at least once a week so you may want to cancel your weekend plans starting from now, especially if you also have pets or small children. In addition, finding a good vacuum cleaner could prove quite a struggle sometimes. Luckily for you, our following shopping guide will help you choose the best product. So, if you’re looking for a good Oreck vacuum cleaner, our top choice should definitely be the Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS because it is powerful, offers a high-speed vacuuming, comes with four dust bags, and will provide a thorough cleaning to your low pile carpets. If the Commercial XL2100RHS is not available for sale, you can always look for the Oreck Commercial U2000R1 as a viable alternative in terms of performance, design, and costs.



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A short buying guide

Luckily for you, we are here to help you out in choosing the best Oreck vacuum to provide a thorough cleaning all over your house. We have put together a short buying guide including the most important features you have to take into consideration if you’re looking for the best Oreck vacuum for pet hair available for sale.



How often do you vacuum?

Based on how often you are willing to clean your house, as well as on its surface, you can buy a wide array of products that can suit your particular needs. For instance, if you plan on cleaning on a daily basis or at least every two days, a lightweight vacuum stick could prove like the best choice because it doesn’t have a large suction power, but it is strong enough to get you rid of dust, pet hair, and allergens. Plus, they are small in dimensions, extremely portable, and won’t cause back or joint pains when using them often.

On the other hand, if you are only used to cleaning once a week or once every two weeks, you will need a more solid and powerful vacuum to thoroughly clean all corners not only from dirt and dust but also from debris and waste. You can start by reading reviews of Oreck vacuums and see which type of vacuum will best fit your needs and requirements.



If seasonal allergies cause you a lot of trouble, you should definitely take into consideration buying a vacuum with a water filter or at least some HEPA filters. You need vacuums with strong suction power to not only get you rid of dirt but also fine dust that could contain allergens. Pollen and mold spores are the main culprits for seasonal allergies but could also cause you more important health problems. Thus, you should look for HEPA filters that are often changed to keep a fresh and clean air inside your home and get rid of allergens or potential harmful molecules.



Most of the vacuums are loud and noisy, creating an intense discomfort if used on a regular basis. However, there are less noisy products available for a decent price too, you just need to look more carefully when selecting your item. Normally, a quiet vacuum cleaner has a dB level between 60 and 65 and will provide a comfortable cleaning, even if you have small children in the house.


7 Best Oreck Vacuums (Updated Reviews) in 2022


If you have a hard time finding the right products for you, below you will find a list with the best-rated Oreck vacuums. After following our own buying guide, we came up to the conclusion that the following models are the ones you should look into.



1. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Upright Vacuum Cleaner


This item is a good vertical vacuum with high suction capabilities. The 12-inch wide cleaning path is more powerful and efficient than what you would find in other products with similar price ranges. It is perfect for thoroughly cleaning low pile carpets and make them look like brand new.

The vertical vacuums are known for their compact sizes which makes them less heavy and more portable and easy to store. It is also the case with this particular Oreck vacuum because it will occupy less space when storing it.

The product comes equipped with a helping hand handle that is renowned for being extremely easy and convenient to use, even by people who have arthritis or joint pains.

The automatic floor adjustment will help you get through different surfaces (such as low carpet piles, rugs, wooden floors, and tiles) easily and without losing any suction power. The product comes with four dust collecting bags included.



You can rely on this product to help you around the house with your cleaning tasks because it does a great job at cleaning multiple types of surfaces like hardwood tiles, rugs, or carpets.

The automatic floor adjustment allows you to easily switch from one type of floor to another with a simple push of a button. This makes things easier, convenient, and time-saving. 

Based on customer reviews, this unit has an extraordinary suction power and will leave the surfaces clean without demanding too much effort. 

It is also important to know that the unit is safe to use and your floors will not get scratched or deteriorated.

What is more, you will get four dust collecting bags with this vacuum.



Some customers do not like the regular paper dust bags used with this model because they are hard to replace and cause a lot of mess.

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2. Oreck Commercial U2000R1


One of the aspects that set this model apart from other upright vacuum cleaners available on the market is the fact that it has received an Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. What this means is that for a family member who needs a device that is easy to operate, the U2000R1 may be the right choice. 

Since we’ve mentioned ease of use, it’s a good moment to talk about the on/off switch which is located in the handgrip, thus ensuring the necessary comfort and convenience during use. Moreover, the vacuum features a 12” cleaning path, so covering larger surfaces is not an issue. 

If you have pets, then you will probably be happy to know that this device comes with a circuit breaker that protects against jams and clogs. The automatic floor adjustment is another feature that comes in handy, since it enables the unit to easily move from hard surfaces to carpets and the other way around, without having to manually change any setting. 

The 40ft. cord ensures the necessary length so that you won’t need to spend extra time looking for other power outlets, as you are cleaning larger areas. The unit weighs 8 pounds, so most users will be able to maneuver it without any trouble. 



One of the greatest advantages of this vacuum cleaner from Oreck is that it features a high-quality HEPA filtration system that is able to catch even the finest particles of dust, debris, and pollen, so that your house will benefit from a fresher air.

Most of the vacuum cleaners that use this air filtration technology are known to improve air quality and remove all potential allergens that cause breathing problems and allergies.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the powerful motor with improved suction. Thanks to it, you will remove more dust and debris from your floors and will finish cleaning the entire house faster.

The dual-speed motor adjusts its suction power depending on the type of surface cleaned so it won’t scratch or damage the floors. Therefore, no matter if we are talking about low-pile carpets or luxurious surfaces like granite or bamboo floors, all of them will be sparkly clean when vacuumed with this product from Oreck.

Despite its motor power, the vacuum only weighs about 7.7 pounds. Therefore, it can be easily used by all people, even by those who suffer from back problems or arthritis.

In addition, the compact design allows it to be easily stored in small closets. It won’t occupy too much space so it can be kept in the same place with the rest of your cleaning products and substances.

Last but not least, this item from Oreck comes with large and strong wheels to ensure easy transportation. The wheels are made of high-quality materials and won’t break easily. They make the transition between various types of floors smoother and will allow you to carry the vacuum from one room to another without a struggle.

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3. Oreck Venture PetPower Hardwood & Floor Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner


Just like the name suggests, this particular Oreck vacuum is suitable for pet owners who must do a good cleaning job in order to get rid of pet hair and potential harmful germs.

Thanks to its powerful bagged performance this vacuum will keep the dirt and debris inside, preventing it from escaping back into the air and polluting it once more.

This is also an extremely silent vacuum, featuring five different suction speeds to fully customize your cleaning experience.

This will maintain a strong suction power while remaining silent, which makes it easy to use at any hours, regardless if you have difficult neighbors or babies inside your house.

It is equipped with HEPA filters to remove all dust, debris, pet hair, and allergens from the air which will result in a fresher, cleaner air every time you vacuum.



Pet hair is particularly hard to clean, and most vacuums are not up for this task. However, it is not an issue for this product which was specifically designed for this purpose.

The vacuum comes with a powerful motor and a performant dust bag that will keep all the dirt and germs trapped inside.

In order to customize your cleaning activity, the vacuum features five suction speeds. Moreover, unlike most other products in this line, this one is remarkably silent.

Moreover, the HEPA filters not only remove and trap pet hair, dust, and other debris but allergens as well. This will result in cleaner and fresher air in your home.



The unit is quite heavy, as some buyers reported. Thus, it is a bit difficult to lift and carry around from one room to another, and you should really be careful if you suffer from back issues.

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4. Oreck Upright Cleaner LW100


Main advantage

What we liked most about this Oreck vacuum cleaner is the ability to address different types of floors as gently as possible. Whether we’re talking about regular low-pile carpets, rugs or hardwood floors, this vacuum will ensure all surfaces are sparkling clean in just a few minutes.

The product’s ability to smoothly transition from one type of surface to the other is remarkable. It it is able to remove all dust, dirt, debris or stains thoroughly, in a few simple steps.


Main disadvantage

Although there is no denial this product comes with an improved suction power, all the dirt and dust collected is transferred into regular paper bags. The disposal of these paper bags is usually quite messy and most of the particles collected will return into the atmosphere.

Therefore, we believe that vacuum cleaners that come with incorporated dust containers are not only easier to handle, but also healthier for the environment and for the quality of the air you breathe.



One of the most appreciated features of this vacuum is its ability to clean various types of surfaces in a safe and gentle manner. 

Hardwood floors, rugs, or low-pile carpets can all be cleaned with this unit, and they will remain spotless. Moreover, switching from one surface to another is smooth and easy.

Its power to thoroughly remove dirt, dust, stains, and debris is quite remarkable. Many customers are very impressed by this vacuum’s cleaning abilities.

This product comes with three additional magnesium HEPA bags which will offer you long-lasting performance. 

According to many users, this vacuum is lightweight as well as easy to maintain, which is very convenient.



A few customers mentioned that the plastic wheels make a scraping noise when the vacuum is moving forth and back.

Also, not everyone likes the zipped outer bag because it does not run so smoothly.

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5. Oreck BB880


This device is the right choice if you are looking for an easy vacuuming alternative that you can use whenever you need to quickly clean hard floors or carpets. However, this is a versatile device, so you will be able to use it for above-the-floor cleaning as well. 

One of the first things you may want to know about the BB880 is that the bagged performance keeps debris and dust from going back into the air. Moreover, the unit is also lightweight, weighing only five pounds, which means that almost any member of the family is going to be able to use it. 

The manufacturer also took portability into account when designing this vacuum cleaner, so you will be able to carry it anywhere you need to around the house. The great thing about the device is that it can turn into a blower as well, by a simple switch of the hose. 

Therefore, you will be able to use it to efficiently clean every nook and cranny in both indoor and outdoor spaces, so from carpets to the driveway, everything will be kept under control. The sanitary hypo-allergenic disposable bags that the BB880 uses keep your home safe from bacteria by remaining sealed until they get into the trash. 



This is a great option if you are looking for on and above the floor cleaning alternatives. 

First of all, the bagged performance of this vacuum traps dust and debris inside and prevents it from going back into the air. 

Since it weighs only five pounds, the unit is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around in your entire home. Moreover, any of your family members can use it.

Different from most other vacuums on the market, this model can also turn into a blower through a simple switch of the hose. This means that you can use it for indoor as well as outdoor spaces. 

This unit comes with sanitary, hypo-allergenic disposable bags which will keep your house safe from germs and allergens.



There were a few reports in regards to the expandable hose which seems to be too short and difficult to handle in tight areas.

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6. Oreck BB900DGR


Weighing only 5 pounds, this model ensures excellent cleaning performance despite its lightweight construction. If you decide to try it out, you will see that it can be used for hard-to-reach spots, as well as for above-the-floor surfaces with the same great results. 

The unit also comes with a wide range of accessories that allow you to conveniently clean furniture, curtains, bookshelves, as well as many other similar areas. The canister vacuum cleaner includes a shoulder strap and an integrated handle for enhanced portability. 

Moreover, the two-stage bypass motor is powerful, ensuring more efficiency than other typical flow-through motors, as well as a greater vacuuming capability, compared to single-stage ones. The adjustable extension wand works well with the 4-foot hose in order to facilitate cleaning areas that are hard to reach, such as vents or ceiling fans. 

Besides high places, you won’t have any problem cleaning other surfaces as well, such as stairs, upholstery, carpets, edges, small spaces, or hard floors. In terms of covering larger areas, the 30-foot power cord enables the user to get the job done without having to look for power outlets around the house, as it many times happens when using shorter cords. 



This unit can effectively be used for on and above-the-floor areas, despite its lightweight build. It only weighs 5 pounds, so it is very easy to handle and carry around.

One of the biggest perks of purchasing this item is the various accessories that come with it. These will enable you to clean furniture, bookshelves, curtains, and other similar surfaces.

For increased convenience, this device comes with a shoulder strap as well as an integrated handle which make it extremely portable and comfortable to use.

Unlike other vacuums, this one is outfitted with a two-stage bypass motor, providing more power and efficiency in your cleaning activities.

In order to get to hard-to-reach areas, you can use the adjustable extension wand which works remarkably well with the four-foot hose.



Some users are not so pleased about the quality of the shoulder strap and feel a more sturdy material should have been used.

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7. Oreck Axis


The Axis model features the 360 Glide Technology that is a unique steering ball-joint which ensures tremendous maneuverability, as well as steering ease around difficult areas. In terms of its construction, the unit is made using top-quality materials, so you don’t need to worry about its durability. 

Moreover, the overall weight stands at about 10 pounds, which makes this a device that can be handled quite easily by most users. The 2 speeds and powerful motor ensure excellent results in terms of getting done even tough jobs, while the 13-inch wide cleaning path means that more surface can be effectively covered. 

You may also want to know that the vacuum cleaner features premium edge brushes that can quickly gather the dust and debris, even around furniture, corners, and other angles, while the air’s quality is improved as well. 

The HEPA inner bag included in this device captures at least 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, as air passes through it, releasing it back into the room almost completely free of pollen, house dust, smoke, mold spores, and allergens. Thanks to the 30ft. cord, the user can cover wider areas without having to plug the vacuum in various charging outlets.



This unit is extremely easy to maneuver due to the fact that it was designed with the 360 Glide Technology which is basically a steering ball-joint.

Since it was constructed with high-quality materials, you will be able to enjoy the vacuum’s efficiency for a very long time.

You will also like the fact that the unit is lightweight since it weighs only 10 pounds. This means that you will be able to easily carry it around the house.

Thanks to the powerful motor, two speeds, and the 13-inch wide cleaning path, you will be able to clean more in less time than with other vacuums on the market.

The product is also equipped with a HEPA inner bag that captures and traps 99.97% of dust particles, leaving fresh and clean air behind.



The price of this item is higher than that of similar products, which is not to the liking of all buyers.

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