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Best portable handheld vacuum

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top portable handheld vacuums in 2022


If you wish to get the best portable handheld vacuum, but time is of the essence and you can’t devote several hours to reading reviews, you’re in the right place. We’ve gone through surveys, forums, and the consumer reports garnered by hundreds of products to make sure that we perform an accurate analysis of the current market. In the end, we have concluded that the Black+Decker BDH2000PL is the model that you ought to bear in mind. It is a cordless alternative that comes with a Lithium Ion battery. The motor that it has been equipped with enables it to perform precisely as it should, and the cyclonic action keeps the suction power efficient all throughout the operation. If the Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX is no longer available, be sure to give a chance to another good portable vacuum, the Dirt Devil Scorpion SD20005RED.



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A short buying guide

If you’ve gone through a myriad of cheap portable vacuum reviews or you’re willing to spend a bit more just to get a quality handheld vac, you might have noticed by now that the variety of choices available for sale is truly daunting.

To help you get rid of the hassle related to performing an accurate research process, we have created a guide that will help you understand which features you need and which ones are expandable.


Corded vs. cordless

Since not all models are manufactured the same, they serve different purposes and come with various features. Some have to remain plugged in for you to be able to use them while others have been outfitted with batteries that are rechargeable.

Most prospective buyers tend to think that cordless handheld vacuums are more portable and we couldn’t possibly argue with that. They are convenient and easy to work with, and that’s because you can take them anywhere you please.

However, in terms of efficiency, they are less of a good choice compared to their corded counterparts. After all, you always have the option of selecting a model that comes with a power cable that measures 20 feet. This will allow you to clean your car properly even if the vac is plugged into an outlet in your house. Nonetheless, you need to understand which one of these choices makes more sense for you.


Dirt capacity

Unless you’re unaware of the fact that bagged vacuum cleaners have become obsolete, we suggest you step into the future and try out a bagless alternative. In most cases, such a product comes equipped with a dust or dirt cup where the debris is collected while you tend to your cleaning routine.

The bigger it is, the longer you will be able to use the vacuum without having to empty the cup. Do keep in mind that the unit becomes heavier as you collect more and more debris.


Charging time and running time

It goes without saying that this factor does not apply to corded options, but we had to include it in the buyer’s guide because it matters quite a bit. Often times, you might become the victim of false marketing and choose the best portable hand vacuum according to you solely because it can provide you a runtime of up to forty minutes.

Forty minutes is decent if you want to use the product for the occasional spill or for the upholstery of your car, for instance. But then, you need to charge the vacuum so that it is prepared for you the next time you want to use it. If it takes sixteen hours to charge the unit and you can only use it for forty minutes, you’d better steer clear of it.

Number and type of accessories

While handheld vacs come with no extras whatsoever, others take the game to a whole new level and include a variety of accessories. A hose comes in handy if you want to clean between the cushions of your couch, for example. The same goes for a crevice tool and an upholstery tool because these two are just as useful.

The point is that you will be getting your money’s worth if you decide to go for such a product, one that comes with as many accessories as possible.


3 Best Portable Handheld Vacuums (Updated Reviews) in 2022


Since we cannot possibly select the right model for you, we have showcased some of the critically acclaimed choices we came across below. From what we have gathered, these models are convenient and easy to use and do precisely what they have been designed to do.


1. Black+Decker BDH2000PL


This 20-volt alternative needs a bit of mulling over considering the massive enthusiasm it has garnered from those who have decided to give it a shot.

It’s equipped with a high-performance motor that enables it to do its job precisely how you want it.

The cyclonic action that it has been outfitted with makes it possible for the unit to maintain its suction power even after you have used it for a while.

The BDH2000PL comes with a 3-stage filtration system, so you needn’t worry about anything.

The pivoting nozzle that you will find is a part of the design of this choice enables you to clean loads of surfaces with ease.

Since it has received more than five thousand favorable reviews, we say that this particular model might be worthy of your consideration.

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2. Dirt Devil Scorpion SD20005RED


If you want something a bit more affordable, perhaps you should give some thought into buying this Dirt Devil choice.

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and has been equipped with a seven-amp motor. The bagless design of this choice makes it possible for the unit to save you some money that you would otherwise have to spend on consumables.

The fact that the unit comes with a 16-ft power cord is a benefit in itself despite the Scorpion being corded.

The length of the power cable will allow you to clean your car or any area in your home without having to use any extension cords or change outlets.

Since the Scorpion weighs in at just four pounds, it is particularly easy to work with. More than two thousand people seem to think so, at least, and some have even gone as far as saying that it is their favorite appliance.

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3. Black+Decker CHV1410L


This hand vac is another noteworthy choice, and that’s because it is a portable alternative.

Having been equipped with a Lithium Ion battery, this model can be used without any pesky cords that might hinder your mobility.

As is the case with the other Black+Decker model we’ve described in this selection, the CHV1410L comes with cyclonic action.

The neat thing about the nozzle that this unit has been outfitted with is that it can be used for a broad array of applications. It ca even be washed and cleaned with ease.

Because it is cost-effective, usable, and all-around convenient, there have been many consumers who have reviewed it and have had nothing but good things to say about it.

Something that we have to add in relation to the CHV1410L is that it might scare off some shy pets. According to some users, this model works great if you intend to get a vac for your car.

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