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Best robot vacuum for hardwood

Last Updated: 29.06.22


Top robot vacuums for hardwood in 2022


Keeping the hardwood floors clean is a difficult task, especially if you happen to have a populated house, full of pets or small children. Nevertheless, even though nobody likes cleaning and mopping the floors regularly, it is much easier to do so with a competitive and powerful vacuum. So, after going through plenty of online product reviews ourselves, we have come to the conclusion that one of the best robot vacuums for hardwood is the iRobot Roomba 960 because it is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa device and Google Assistant for voice control, it runs up to 75 minutes and after it automatically recharges, and, thanks to its powerful suction, it will clean up dirt, dust, and debris easier and faster. If the iRobot Roomba 960 is not available for immediate purchase, we could also suggest choosing the new Eufy RoboVac11+ as a great alternative in terms of efficiency and easiness of use.



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A short buying guide

Choosing the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors may not be your first choice when thinking about a new product for sale, but we ensure you it is the newest and one of the simplest ways to keep your house clean without too much effort.
So, we suggest you go through robot vacuum for hardwood reviews or check our following guide for the most useful information and features to look for when choosing such a product.

Programming via wireless and mobile apps

One of the best things about a good robot vacuum for the money is that you can program it and connect it via wireless or Bluetooth to your mobile device in order to fulfill all your cleaning requirements the best. Thus, you can program the device to start itself and clean the house at a certain time of the day, and you can even use voice control for some other functions like gently cleaning or special attention to delicate surfaces.
So, if you’re a busy person or a simple tech enthusiast with no affinity for cleaning, these mobile apps connected to your smart robot vacuum are definitely a feature to look for.


Battery life

Another great thing about these vacuums is that they feature a cordless design, being fully operated by internal batteries. So, another important feature to consider in your best robotic vacuum for hard floors is the battery life. You should pick the size and the power of your product based on the size of your house and how often would you like to perform cleaning chores.
If you have a house with many rooms, a robot vacuum with a battery life of only 30-35 minutes will not suffice to clean the entire home in one day. Moreover, you will end up spending additional time waiting for the device to recharge completely in order to perform another cleaning cycle.

Luckily, some of the newest products available on the market right now come with extended battery lives of up to 75-90 minutes, which will be more than enough to clean a small-sized apartment on a daily basis. Not to mention some of these devices will recharge automatically once their batteries are dead and pick up the cleaning job where they left.
If you want to make sure your item comes with these features, we suggest to go through some reviews of robot vacuums for hard floors and carefully read the description on the most popular cleaners.


Cleaning different types of surfaces

Last but not least, in our opinion, the best hardwood floors robot vacuum should feature different functions for cleaning different types of floors, from hardwood and tiles to carpets or even marble. It is important for your product to use the right accessories for each surface in order to perfectly clean without scratching or damaging the floors that require special care.


3 Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood (Updated Reviews) 2022


We have gathered the best-rated types of robot vacuums and present them below if you’re interested in purchasing such an item, but you haven’t yet found the right product for you.



1. iRobot Roomba 960


This intelligent cleaner can be scheduled and customized directly from your smartphone. It is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa assistant, as well as with Google Assistant, which allows you to easily use it wherever you are.

Thanks to the powerful batteries it can provide a cleaning cycle of up to 75 minutes, more than enough for cleaning a small-sized apartment or loft.

What we also like about the iRobot Roomba is that, once the battery is low, it will automatically recharge and pick up its cleaning cycle from where it was left.

The AeroForce cleaning system provides up to 5 times more air power for powerful and efficient cleaning. Thus, the product is able to pick up dirt, debris, and dust faster, stronger, and more efficiently for a thorough cleaning.

Moreover, thanks to the patented tangle-free brushes your product will be able to clean different types of surfaces including hardwood floors and carpets, as well as to pick up pet hair.

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2. Eufy RoboVac 11+


This item is enhanced with the Power Boost technology that is able to increase the suction power whenever needed, especially on carpets where it has to pick up more dust and pet hair.

As a result, you will benefit from a thorough and efficient cleaning every time you decide to give this robot vacuum a try.

The product also comes with an innovating rolling brush which is wider than the ones used on different items, to reduce trapping rugs or sheets.

Other useful accessories include two additional brushes for cleaning different types of floor.
What we liked the most is this Eufy’s premium features such as the anti-scratch tempered glass cover for increased protection, as well as the infrared sensor for avoiding obstacles such as furniture pieces of decoration objects.

Moreover, the drop-sensing technology will avoid the product falling when cleaning the stairs.
The RoboVac11+ delivers up to 100 minutes of constant cleaning, and it recharges automatically.

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3. PureClean PUCR25 V2


This affordable product will definitely make room in your house if you’re looking for a small and convenient robot vacuum to do the work for you.

The wireless vacuum will thoroughly clean tiles, hardwood floors, and rugs in an instance, leaving your house clean and tidy in just a few hours.

The anti-fall sensors will immediately detect any gaps and will prevent the product from falling down the stairs and breaking.

What we really like about this product is its convenient size. At just 2.9 inches, it is small and flat enough to perfectly fit under the couch or your bed and will provide a thorough cleaning in the smallest and most crowded rooms and corners of your house.

Thanks to the HEPA filter included, this great vacuum cleaner will remove even the smallest dust particles and pet hairs to leave a fresh and clean air inside. This means you can finally say goodbye to allergies caused by dust, pet hair, bacteria, and mold spores.

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