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Best steam mop for wood floors

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top steam mops for wood floors in 2022


If you want to buy the best steam mop for wood floors for sale and you do not have time to go through the product descriptions and key features our researchers collected, we can still help you. After reading expert reviews and multiple owners’ feedback, we settled on the Bissell Spinwave Cordless 2307 as a top choice due to its outstanding performance. First of all, it is a cordless and lightweight machine which makes it easy and comfortable to handle and carry it all through your home. Due to the rotating mop pads, this tool does the scrubbing of the floors for you. It can be used on a variety of flooring from hardwood to linoleum, vinyl, and tiles. In case you cannot find this product, or you want something else, you should take a look at the O-Cedar Microfiber unit, as an option worth your attention.



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A short buying guide

With so many options out there, it is difficult to select one model that will best fit your needs. And not only this, but each item comes with different characteristics and accessories, so it is understandable why you would take your time before placing that order. For this reason, we compiled a list of a few essential features you should check when making the purchase.

Easy maneuverability

Taking into account that this device is a tool used on a daily basis, you should make things as easy as possible. There are a few aspects to getting a good steam mop for wood floors. First of all, it needs to be lightweight.
Also, it ought to have a comfortable grip handle. If you have a big house, you need to be able to carry it from one room to another, so it is best you do not damage your back while doing so.


Corded vs cordless

If you look at things from this perspective, cordless devices are the best. They offer you the freedom of mobility no other corded tool could. Cordless means easy moving from one part of the house to another, no tangled wires, and no cable stuck under a door. However, it also means a limited time of work.
If you have a big house to clean, it would be really frustrating for the battery to run out in the middle of your task. In the end, this is a matter of personal preferences, and you should make a choice based on your needs and possibilities.


Reliable mop pads

The easier for a device is to be maintained, the more time and money you save. We recommend going for a steam mop that comes with sturdy pads which can be machine washed for multiple times. They will eventually have to be replaced; surely it matters if you have to buy these consumables after having used them for a few times.
A cheap steam mop for wood floors will probably come with just one pad, which is not so durable. To make sure things are as advertised, you can go through a series of reviews of steam mops for wood floors.


3 Best Steam Mops for Wood Floors (Updated Reviews) 2022


Some of the critically acclaimed steam mops for wood floors are showcased below. In the selection process, we considered the features mentioned previously but also the users’ comments about these products.



1. Bissell Spinwave Cordless 2307

Bissell designed this Cordless Powered Hard Floor Spin Mop, which is a lightweight cleaning tool that glides across your floors making wiping sticky debris a piece of cake. Thanks to the rotating mop pads, the scrubbing of your floors becomes an effortless task.
Your sealed hard-surface floors including vinyl flooring, linoleum, tiles or hardwood floors will be not only spotless but also safe thanks to the soft materials of the mop pads. The Bissell Spinwave Cordless steam mop features an on-demand spray button which offers you the option of distributing the right amount of cleaning solution onto your floors.
This machine comes with an integrated carry handle that makes it easier to be transported around in the house. The lithium-ion battery provides up to 20 minutes of runtime. After you are done with the cleaning, simply use the storage tray to align the mop pads on the foot of the machine to conveniently store it anywhere you see fit.



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2. O-Cedar Microfiber

Are you searching for a lightweight steam mop for your hard floors? If the answer is yes, you should know that O-Cedar comes with the Microfiber Steam Mop with Extra Refill, which is worth checking out. Speaking of lightweight, this machine only weighs 5 lbs, making it very easy to maneuver.
The cleaning tool heats up very quickly, as it only takes 20 seconds from plug-in to steam. Also, it comes with adjustable steam settings, meaning that it can be used safely and effectively on all hard floor surfaces. Without using any cleaning chemicals, the steam will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on your flooring. This particular model was tested successfully on E.Coli colonies.
The triangle head was designed to clean corners and edges that are harder to reach. The lightweight design swivels and glides across your floors with no effort from your part. A snap-on carpet glider allows you to refresh your carpets (Take a look at the best steam cleaners for carpets) as well, with the cleaning power of the steam.



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3. Bissell PowerFresh 1940

There are fewer things more aggravating than dried dirt on the floor. However, with the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop, this will be an issue of the past.
Coming with a soft microfiber pad, a scrubby microfiber pad, two spring breeze fragrance discs, and a carpet glider, you can use this machine to clean and sanitize all of your floors, including carpets, without applying chemicals. The hot steam will help you get rid of most household germs and bacteria.
The flip-down easy scrubber allows you to remove any hard or sticky debris. Depending on your cleaning needs, you can use the smart set digital steam control to select the level of steam on low, medium, or high.
For your convenience, the tool is ready to use in no more than 30 seconds, and it features swivel steering and a 23-foot power cord. You can make cleaning an experience to look forward to if you insert discs into the mop pad as in this way, you will leave a fresh scent behind.


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