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Best wet dry vacuum

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Top wet & dry vacuum cleaners in 2022


Finding a vacuum that cleans and washes at the same time can be a tough job. This is the reason why we thought that making a useful buying guide and searching for some product suggestions after reading buyers reviews, expert feedbacks and a variety of social media activity, might ease your decision. In the end, the product that won us all is the Bissell 1785A. This wet dry vacuum works on multiple surfaces, including hard floors and carpets and provides ergonomically placed soft-touch controls on its handle and a dual brush roll that can collect any kind of debris in no time. If somehow the Bissell 1785A is unavailable, take a look at the Workshop WS1600SS, our second best option.



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A short buying guide

With so many models for sale, it’s no wonder that you can’t make up your mind and choose the best wet dry vacuum that suits your personal needs. In order to facilitate your decision, we’ve gathered some useful facts and have come up with a detailed buying guide that aims to show which features matter most in regards to this category of cleaning products.  

Tank capacity

No matter the purpose, the best wet and dry vacuum should have a sizeable tank capacity which allows you to do your cleanup in a timely fashion, without having to empty the tank often.

Especially if you live in a large house with children and pets you’ll most likely need a larger device given the fact that you can store it and use it anytime you desire. As for the small flat owners, a portable vacuum might be ideal, but keep in mind that it will take longer for you to tidy the rooms with a smaller tanked vacuum.


Vacuum performance

In terms of device performance, there are two things to consider; the suction power and the airflow of the vacuum.

According to the best wet dry vacuum reviews, most vacuums have technical specs that contain information about the amperage and horsepower.

A higher level of horsepower isn’t necessarily better because it can increase the risk of breaking the vacuum fuse. Other than that, it is a good idea to always read the label and see if the product can be used as a wet dry vacuum for carpet cleaning or as a wet dry vacuum for hardwood floors.



Always look for vacuums that are suitable for cleaning different types of surfaces or dirt. A good product doesn’t necessarily require tons of accessories but the basic ones, such as a crevice tool or something to pick up large pieces of debris, things that come handy when doing the sweeping.

Nevertheless, you should choose a vacuum that is either lightweight or that has a long power cord. Sometimes, the size of the hose is important as well as the way you empty the dirt cup into the trash. Basically, these are the most important characteristics a good wet dry vacuum tool should possess.


3 Best Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners (Updated Reviews) in 2022

After creating this compilation of the features that the best wet dry vacuum should be able to offer, we invite you to take a look at the products showcased below. All of them were selected based on the guide and the reviews they’ve garnered.



1. Bissell 1785A


With other vacuum cleaners, sometimes it’s a pain to figure out how they work. You don’t have to go through the same learning experience with this particular model since it comes with smart touch controls located conveniently on the handle. You can swiftly switch between cleaning area rugs and hard floors.

Something that most users aren’t looking forward to is cleaning their wet and dry vacuums. Luckily, the brand has made it very simple for you to remove the brush roll and remove the brush window, therefore allowing you to clean them separately.

On top of everything, this product comes with two tanks. One of them is used for storing the dirty water and the other keeps the cleaning solution. The two tank technology boasted by this choice recommends it since you can make sure that you’re cleaning your floors with a mix of formula and water that’s always fresh.

Wet floors can be a hazard, especially for kids and old people, so if you have one of these individuals in your household and a clumsy teenager, too, you have to make sure that once you clean your floors, you dry them up pretty quickly, too. Obviously, this task can be impossible if you want to use a mop and a bucket.

This is an issue you won’t have to manage with the Bissell 1785A since it comes with a dual action brush roll which enables it to mop and then pick up dry debris at the same time. As with other wet and dry vacuums, this one doesn’t use a great amount of liquid so the drying will be done faster. You can simply air out your room and you’ll step on dry floors soon.



Versatility is the most significant benefit you will get if you decide to go for this option, and that’s because you can use it for several things. With its assistance, you can both vacuum your floors and wash them at the same time. Thanks to the multi-surface machine, you can clean even area rugs, and hard floors won’t pose any problem to this product, that’s for sure.

The unit is effective and convenient and doesn’t even weigh that much, especially given what it is capable of doing.



The cost of this unit can be considered a drawback, especially by people who are on a tight budget. There are buyers who have called this ‘an investment’ because spending almost three hundred dollars on a vacuum seems like something pretty crazy. However, due to its performance and capabilities, it’s safe to say that you’ll be investing your money in something that will offer you plenty of value with time. Instead of going through three wet and dry vacuums in a year, you might want to consider getting this one right off the bat.

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2. Workshop WS1600SS


Considered by many customers as one of the most reliable wet dry vacuums on the market, this model is made with a stainless steel drum and features a rough terrain cart that ensures that the device is sturdy enough to make the cleaning process a bliss.

Due to the 6.5 horsepower and 16- gallon tank capacity, this vacuum can clean and wash any kind of surface, no matter the debris quantity.

Although not a handheld vacuum model, the fact that it features a cart design and large rear wheels adds up to the product portability and allows you to move around the house effortlessly. Besides, the ergonomic handle helps you carry the vacuum anywhere you please and store it conveniently inside the household.

You don’t have to worry about performance because the device benefits from maximum suction power and can easily pick up almost 1 gallon of water per second.

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3. Vacmaster VBV1210


Given the number of favorable reviews that it has gathered, it’s no wonder that this wet and dry vacuum was eventually added to this selection.

Featuring an impressive performance of a 5 horsepower motor and a long cleaning hose that provides two extension wands, this product can hold an impressive quantity of 12 gallons of liquid and dry materials. Besides the hose, the vacuum comes with a variety of tools, such as a cartridge filter, a car nozzle, and a crevice tool, that help you ease your cleaning chores.

The fact that it is equipped with a detachable blower that can provide a great deal of blowing speed, the product is suitable for cleaning the driveway or the yard, besides the regular house interior.

There’s no need to worry about portability because the device can be easily maneuvered thanks to its casters that have a safety switch, helpful for operating on hard surfaces.

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