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Bissell 3106 Review

Last Updated: 28.06.22




Main advantage


The Bissell 3106 is ideal for quick cleanups, since it can deal with any kind of surface carpets and rugs, as well as bare floors. Whenever you need to clean up an accidental mess, you can count on this model that you can easily manipulate over the areas that need cleaning. The fact that it converts to a hand vacuum when the need arises is an added plus, and it helps you with regular cleaning tasks.



Main disadvantage


A disadvantage mentioned by one reviewer is that this model does not come with a motorized rotating brush, so you cannot expect the same results as from a superior vacuum cleaner. Nonetheless, for the price and the performance it offers, the Bissell 3106 is quite a good deal.

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Main features explained



Very convenient and easy to use

It is important to keep in mind, whenever shopping for an everyday cleaner, that you must be able to find a model that is convenient and easy to use. If these two requirements are not met, chances are that the model you have just purchased will gather dust in the closet and you will not be use it too often. Instead of spending money on a vacuum cleaner that does not work as intended, choose the Bissell 3106. This electric broom handles everyday messes with great ease, and you will find it really easy to grab it from the closet whenever the need arises. This way, your home will be clean all the time and you will not have to work hard for it.

The model converts to a hand vacuum when you need to clean smaller areas. Even for above floor surfaces, a hand vacuum does a great job, so keep this one around and everyday small accidents involving cleaning will never bother you again.



Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner

Another important aspect that should convince you the Bissell 3106 is worth taking into consideration is its multi-purpose capabilities. There are plenty of areas in your home that need proper cleaning, starting with carpets and bare floors and ending with the upholstery. This model has everything you need in a cleaning tool to handle everything without as little as a headache.

The model is ideal for cleaning carpets, pile rugs, hard floors, all with the same efficiency. Since it quickly converts to a hand vacuum, you can use it for small tasks, without any effort. The crevice tool is an added bonus and it helps you reach difficult areas, so there is no dust left inside your home.


Additional features

The little things can take you a long way, as the Bissell 3106 readily proves. Its easy release cup is very convenient, because it allows you to empty it any time you need to do so. Because this features a bagless design, you do not have to care about always having extra bags at hand. The floor nozzle can be easily removed, and the cord can be wrapped fast for your convenience. A 16 feet power cord completes the picture of a product that is handy and useful for any homeowner.


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