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Bissell 33A1 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22




Main advantage


Dirt and pet hair collecting on furniture, stairs or in automobiles isn’t a problem for this handheld vacuum by Bissell. It comes with a unique rubber nozzle that attracts pet hair and pulls dirt out so you can quickly and easily clean small areas. The multiple layer filtration system ensures that dust and pet dander is not released back into the air. The 33A1 also comes with Bissell’s innovative Cyclonic Cleaning System.



Main disadvantage


Even though this handheld vacuum does comes with a 16 foot electrical cord that won’t restrict your movements, some customers still wish that it was battery powered instead.

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Main features explained




Even though this is a handheld vacuum it still comes with the power you need to be able to effectively pick up dirt and pet hair. It comes with a 4 amp motor that is also designed to last for years. Adding to its performance capabilities is the fact that it comes with Cyclonic technology which allows you to quickly and efficiently clean small spaces. The Cyclonic Cleaning System effortlessly sucks up pet hair and the multi-layer filtration system ensures that it stays in the vacuum. This is always a bonus, especially if you suffer from allergies.


Ease of Use

One of the reasons this handheld vacuum is a consumer favorite is how easy and convenient it is to use. You will also love its lightweight and durable construction. Its compact design allows it to fit easily in smaller spaces, and this also makes storage a breeze. The power button is conveniently placed for easy access. Even the dust collection bin is simple to remove and empty. While this model isn’t cordless it does come with a 16 foot long power cord so your movements aren’t restricted, even when you are vacuuming pet hair out of automobiles. You will also appreciate how easily it can remove pet hair from stairs, upholstery and even automobiles.



The 33A1 by Bissell comes with plenty of convenient extras that make this handheld vacuum a good value for your money. To ensure that you made a smart purchasing decision it comes with Bissell’s one year limited warranty that even covers damage to the 4 amp motor. To ensure that it is the only handheld vacuum you’ll ever need it comes with two specially designed nozzles. This allows you to effortlessly vacuum a variety of surfaces.

One nozzle is designed specifically to attract pet hair and loosen dirt off of upholstery and carpeted stairs. This makes it easier to get into cracks, creases and between seat cushions. When you need to quickly sweep up a small mess off of hard surfaces this Bissell handheld vacuum comes with a nozzle designed specifically for this application. You will also appreciate how easy it is to change the nozzles out as needed.


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