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Bissell 78H Pro Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


If you really want to be able to clean as quickly as possible, then you should try this product out. Both domestic users and industrial ones appreciate its unbeatable leading formula. The recipe also contains double the cleaning agents when compared with other formulas on the market, so your carpets will look good with minimal effort. Besides being fast-acting, you also get long-lasting results and the comfort of knowing your expensive rugs are protected and not damaged by nasty chemicals.


Main disadvantage


Some of the things buyers didn’t like as much were minor, things which differ from one person to another. For example, someone mentioned that the smell, while it wasn’t awful, still seemed lackluster. But the same reviewer praised the product for the fact that it is trustworthy, and that it meets all the safety standards of the industry, so the lack of an exotic smell isn’t that big of a deal.

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Main features explained


Easy to use

To utilize this item, all you have to do is vacuum the area you want to clean with a high-quality machine and shake the bottle for a few seconds to make sure the ingredients are mixed well. After you’ve done that, all that’s left to do is add one cup of hot water to the formula tank.

Next, add the formula to the aforementioned tank until the fill line is crossed. That should be enough. And, as expected, the last step is to clean your carpet thoroughly. You will see a big difference from the first time you put it to the test.

Deep Cleaning Formula

Did you just have a party, and your favorite carpet got dirty? Then you will be relieved to hear that this product can even remove wine stains, pet hair, and also dirt and grime. It is especially handy if you have kids, who are notorious for the amount of mud and other particles they bring inside the house after playing outdoors.

Since vacuuming isn’t enough to clean all of that mess, this formula is going to help you consolidate your cleaning. It also features the revered Scotchgard protection, which works by adding a barrier on top of the fibers to protect them against future stains.


Safe for the cleaner and the environment

Picking a formula that is healthy for you and your family is vital, especially if you are a modern person who cares about things such as long-term health issues and the environment. Along with its improved list of ingredients, it is also designed to maximize its performance even when it is diluted in water.

This product has the Environment Certification, which is a selling point that is becoming increasingly more popular among buyers who want to ensure the planet is safe for future generations. The certificate is approved nation-wide, and it makes the brand even more respected since it invests in developing reliable products which are still very effective.


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