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Bissell Big Green vs. Rug Doctor

Last Updated: 08.08.22


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Keeping your house clean at all times sounds like a full-time job unless you’re using the right products. Most appliances are big and bulky, which makes them hard to operate, especially around the corners or upstairs. So, if you’re looking for an easier and more efficient way to keep your home sparkling clean, there are some options you might want to take into account. 


The Bissell Big Green Professional

The Bissell Big Green Professional represents the ultimate cleaning tool for your house, no matter how big it is. The heavy-duty suction power can clean carpets like no other, removing all traces of dirt, dust, debris, and stains. 

It is equipped with powerful motors, as well as an extra-large PowerBrush that will pull out deeply embedded dirt, delivering professional results in less time. What’s even better is that the clean and dirty water won’t mix up thanks to the two different tanks. This equals fewer trips to the sink and an overall fresher and cleaner air in the house. 

The new Bissell Professional is also delivered with two Professional Deep Cleaning Formula solutions that will protect your carpet from future stains. And, if you’re not sure whether this is the right product for you, find out that the item is lightweight and easy to handle, without causing hand fatigue or wrist pain, making it suitable for people of all ages, including seniors with mobility problems. 


The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet is another convenient option if you want to keep your house sparkling clean. It is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers up to 75% more suction power than other similar products which translate into less time needed for your carpets to be clean and dry. In fact, in less than four hours the carpets will be completely dry and ready to be used again. 

The product cleans deeper than other comparable items available on the market within the same price range and, thanks to the “super boost” feature, highly-trafficked and heavily soiled areas of your rugs will receive extra care when cleaning and sanitizing. Therefore, this vacuum cleaner is the most suitable choice for rental houses, pet stains, old stains, coffee, juice, and wine stains. 

It even comes with a removable tool caddy and upholstery tool for cleaning spots and stains from small and challenging areas such as under the furniture, around the corners or the interior of your car. Use it in all hard-to-reach places, and even for your pet’s bed for professional results and fresher air. 



Key differences between the two models

The Bissell model weighs considerably more than the Rug Doctor model – 48 vs 24 pounds. However, that extra weight of the Bissell must stand for something – it means you should expect more powerful suction and somewhat higher performance when cleaning compared to the Rug Doctor. Maneuverability might be more facile with the latter, though, considering the reduced size and weight.

Both units come with long power cords as well as tough-stain cleaning tools that will help you get rid of stubborn and unsightly spills. The Bissell comes with quite a few bundles so you can get the one that best suits your needs. However, you’ll likely pay more for the Bissell so the Rug Doctor might be the more budget-friendly model.


What to look for in a carpet cleaner 

With so many options available on the market, finding the right vacuum cleaner for carpets could prove a difficult choice. And, while we already mentioned two of the items you should consider, there are some features you should take into account no matter what carpet cleaner you look for. 



Although most carpet vacuum cleaners are designed to withstand the test of time, they are quite bulky and heavy, which makes them hard to operate, especially for people with reduced mobility and seniors.

You’ll need a lot of strength to carry the heavy machine on the stairs or have it fit in small areas. Therefore, you should opt for a product that is lightweight and which won’t cause hand fatigue, even when you operate it for hours. 


Suction power

In time, carpets accumulate dust, debris, dirt, and are prone to get stained. No matter how careful you are, you will still have to thoroughly clean all your rugs at least once a week. So, why not make the cleaning process easier and faster? Just like the Rug Doctor Deep Cleaner, you should consider a vacuum with a high suction power that will be able to restore your carpets’ original color while making them sparkling clean. 


Large tank 

If you choose a vacuum with a large tank, you will spend less time filling it with water, meaning you will finish cleaning faster and easier. And, if you like to maintain the water clean for longer, opt for an item that has a separate container for dirty water.



1. Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner 86T3


If you’re looking for a vacuum that will provide in-depth cleaning to your carpets and restore their original color, the new product from Bissell is worthy of your interest. It is equipped with a powerful motor that offers great suction power to remove in-ground dirt, debris, dust, and even old stains like wine and food spills. 

The 6-inch Tough Stain tool allows you to spray and scrub extra-tough stains and spots on upholstery, stairs or other soft surfaces, helping you enjoy a sparkling clean home without too much effort.

Unlike other vacuums, this one comes with two large tanks to keep the clean water separated from the dirty one, which will ultimately help you finish vacuum faster, without filling and emptying the tanks too often. And, thanks to the 25-foot-long power cord, you will have access to all areas of your house, including under the furniture and in the corners. 



The item is easy to handle and won’t cause hand fatigue even when operated for a longer time. 

It features special tools and accessories to help you achieve in-depth cleaning on all types of soft surfaces, from upholstery and carpets to stairs. 

The heavy-duty suction power helps you clean dirt, dust, debris, as well as old stains without damaging your carpets. And, the extra-large DirtLifter power brush provides powerful scrubbing action that will remove ground-in, embedded dirt. 

This Bissell vacuum is also equipped with two large water tanks that keep the clean water and the dirty one separated, ensuring easier cleanup. 



Even though the 25-inch-long cord is useful, you will still have trouble reaching certain areas or corners of your home, so you might want to complete cleaning using a second cordless device. 

According to some customers, this vacuum may not be suitable for those who have pets as it doesn’t pick up too much pet hair. 

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2. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner


Lightweight and easy to handle, this carpet cleaner is a great choice if you want to keep your house smelling fresh and clean for longer. The new Rug Doctor vacuum features dual-cross action brushes that rotate to scrub carpet fibers, eliminating more dust, debris, and dirt, while maintaining the softness and fluffiness of the fibers. 

The Super Boost feature is perfect for adding more power on heavily soiled or trafficked areas that need extra attention to remove old and new stains, spills, and dirt. 

Moreover, the vacuum includes a removable upholstery tool designed for cleaning tricky spaces such as area rugs, stairs, under the furniture or the corners of your home. It can even become a powerful car interior cleaning tool to keep you away from allergens and dust. 

And, if you want to make sure all your house surfaces smell fresh, the new Rug Doctor features a solution measuring cup integrated into the tank cap to help you add the perfect amount of cleaning substances each time. 



The product was rated gold for best-in-class cleaning vacuum by The Carpet and Rug Institute, guaranteeing high-quality and efficiency. 

The removable tool caddy keeps all your cleaning accessories in one place so you will never lose or misplace them. And, since the vacuum is equipped with various accessories, you can rest assured all areas in your home will stay clean and fresh for longer. 

Unlike other items within the same category, this rug and carpet cleaner features a collapsible handle that ensures easy transportation and storage, without occupying too much space. 

It comes with a large tank that will help you clean more without having to refill it too often.



It measures about 24 pounds, slightly more when filled, meaning it will be a bit difficult to move around, especially for seniors or people with mobility problems. 

Some customers said the upholstery attachment may stop spraying water after a while.

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