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BISSELL Bolt Pet 1954 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


The model from Bissel is created for smart cleaners. It has a 2-in-1 design that is easy to handle and power-efficient. It is both a stick vacuum and a handheld model, perfect for cleaning all sorts of surfaces and it can take any other challenge that might arise unexpectedly. Another cool feature is that it comes with specialized tools in the box, which are suitable for cleaning hair from carpets, rugs, sensible hardwood floors, and many other types of surfaces that you might have in your house.


Main disadvantage


Just like any other item on the market, this one has its flaws too. Luckily, none of them are big enough to cause any real issue, even if you use it daily. One minor inconvenience that seems to pop out once in a while is the fact that the filter needs to be wiped clean from time to time, especially if you own dogs with thick hair. The great thing is that the manufacturer made that part of the machine easy to access, and with just a wet cloth you can fix the problem.

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Main features explained


The design keeps up with you

The greatest thing about this model has to be its design, as most buyers pointed out. The pet-friendly machine has an integrated system, called Clean-Turn Filtration, which makes sure the filters have a long life.

Moreover, the two-way folding handle is excellent if you have a lot of furniture because it will allow you to clean under it with ease, without breaking your back and without doing gymnastics to ensure you removed every speckle of dust. So if this aspect matters to you, then maybe you should consider buying this as your main device.

Fast charging, long lasting

The item is known for being compact and easy to store, which is great for many people who live in tight spaces where storage room is scarce. However, the even better news is the fact that it comes with a charging base.

This accessory will let you charge it without too much trouble, and it will increase the speed with which the battery fills up, so you won’t waste any time. Equipped with large a lithium-ion battery, the cordless stick vacuum lasts up to 25 minutes and will provide a powerful suction to allow you to quickly clean up even what seems to be a neverending mess.


Pet Features and Tools

As the name of this product suggests, it is mainly dedicated to pet owners. The package contains the advanced hair brush tool, which has a rubber layer to help pick up human or pet hair or other stubborn debris from carpeted areas.

Another tool that you can find in the box is the pet hair nozzle tool, an ingenious invention that lifts embedded hair even from sticky surfaces like welcoming mats and bathroom tiles.


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