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Bissell Perfect Sweep 2880A Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


The 2880A is an entirely capable electric sweeper with the help of which you’ll be able to clean your laminate and hardwood floors with as little effort as possible. Besides, this model isn’t particularly expensive as it can be found to cost less than fifty dollars. As with other units manufactured by the same brand, the Bissell 2880A is rechargeable and cordless, which is why you’ll have no trouble maneuvering this lightweight and highly usable product. It’s also worth noting that, unlike other electric brooms in the same category, the battery life of this one can hold up to sixty minutes on a single charge.



Main disadvantage


In spite of the fact that over one thousand individuals took to the internet to express their favorable opinions with regard to the way the 2880A model can assist them with their cleaning chores, we have come across several minor complaints. Unfortunately, not all prospective buyers seem to understand that this product has its limitations specifically because it is not a full-size vacuum cleaner. It’s strictly destined for the occasional mishap that might occur in a busy kitchen or home that children or pets are living in. Other customers speak highly of the capabilities of this option despite them doing regular cleanups every week.

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Main features explained



A cost-efficient model that gets the job done

The main benefit of buying an electric broom such as this one is that it won’t force you to spend a fortune. In fact, most models in this category usually cost less than fifty dollars, and the fact that they’re highly usable is an added bonus. The same affordability theory applies in the case of the Bissell 2880A as most of the online retailers we have checked sell it at a friendly price. Prospective buyers are rarely willing to invest a lot of money in a sweeper, and for a good reason, too. Most individuals use their vacuum cleaner on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, and so this one can help with any task at hand.

Lightweight and easy to use

Since it weighs in at 6.3 pounds, it’s one of the lightest electric brooms we have stumbled upon during our research. It’s convenient and easy to maneuver, and you won’t get any back pain while cleaning your hardwood floors and lightly carpeted areas, as well. This particular model features a slim design that allows you to hold it comfortably.


Good-quality battery

The vast majority of appliances such as the 2880A have a disadvantage, and it consists of the fact that their runtime is limited to less than forty minutes. This is where this Bissell model is a winner, in that you will be able to take advantage of a cleaning time lasting for sixty minutes. The 7.2-volt power seems to be more than enough for activities such as cleaning in corners, along baseboards, and on surfaces such as rugs and laminate floors. With its user-friendly features and battery life, the 2880A unit is a choice to give some thought to.


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