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BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Review

Last Updated: 08.08.22


Main advantage


The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser is one of the best models on the market for cleaning after pets. Even the most groomed pets still leave traces over the floor, the furniture and the stairs in your home, and keeping your house clean under the circumstances can be a real challenge. This sweeper from BISSELL is very effective for cleaning pet hair and it is a fine choice for anyone with a house full of pets.



Main disadvantage


According to some buyers, there is some work involved when cleaning with this sweeper. The pet hair will accumulate and tangle around the rollers, so once in awhile you will have to stop and untangle it. However, since this cordless model offers 60 minutes of cleaning time, it is still a better choice than many others.

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Main features explained



Great runtime with one charge

This cordless sweeper offers the advantage that it does not have to be recharged often. Like any other electric broom you may consider buying for your home, this one is ideal for cleaning in-between vacuuming sessions, so it is great knowing that you will not have to recharge it all the time. Runtime for one charge is 60 minutes, which is much more when compared to other cordless models that only work for 15-20 minutes with one charge. The sweeper will be ready for action, each time you need it for a quick cleaning job.

2.BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Rechargeable Sweeper


It removes pet debris from any surface

Pets are wonderful companions, but their biggest downside is that they tend to leave hair and dander all over the house. If your cat has a particular love for an armchair, or your dog is the type that sheds a lot, you will end up finding pet hair even in the hardest to reach areas of the house. What you need most is a reliable tool that helps you clean properly. The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser is great for removing pet debris from bare floors, and also from low pile carpets. Its soft rubber paddle will easily sweep over the floor and it will leave nothing but cleanliness behind.


You don’t have to dirty your hands

The model comes with a container for all the dirt gathered. When cleaning your sweeper, emptying the dirt container is usually one of the most unpleasant parts because you will have to touch it with your bare hands. BISSELL solves this problem, by employing on this sweeper a bottom empty feature for the dirt container, so you do not have to dirty your hands.



The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser is not only good for cleaning after pets. Its versatility recommends it, as it is capable of converting into a handheld device for cleaning the stairs and the upholstery. The model is quiet, so you can go around the house, tidying things up, without disturbing your pets too much. Since cats in particular are not fond of loud noises, this kind of sweeper may be just to their liking.


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