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BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Review

Last Updated: 08.08.22


Main Advantage:


The BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum really does its job! As many users who own cats have proven, the electric broom picks up after your kitty. It cleans up kitty litter, plant dirt, cat food and any dry mess possible that cats can make. Even dog owners have seen for themselves what the machine can do. The stick vacuum does a terrific job on carpet fibers, fuzzies on scratching posts, string remnants and more. This electric broom is an awesome cleaning machine that pet owners should definitely have, proving to be effective on hard flooring as well. It does what it’s designed to do without costing an arm and a leg to acquire. It also saves you time on manually having to pick up after your pet/s.



Main Disadvantage:


This stick vacuum can make a whole lot of noise during operations. As one user put it, the noise can be very loud. However, that small matter can easily be overlooked considering the level of suction power the machine outputs. It sucks in all the pet hair and dry mess that any pet owner is pretty familiar with. Compare using this stick vacuum, and scooping up kitty litter and cleaning up pet hair manually on your hands and knees on the hard floor, and you’ll see it’s no contest, really. This electric broom may not be as quiet as a mouse but it only demonstrates how hard at work the unit is to achieve efficient cleaning results.

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Main Features Explained:




The BISSELL electric broom has a unique V-shaped base with wipers, an innovative feature for directing large debris into the main suction path while small, fine debris is captured at the end or arms of the V-shaped base. Thanks to the special shape of the base, the stick vacuum is able to pick up both large and small debris and dirt that your pet can leave behind. Without the need for attachments, a brush roller or the use of a manual broom, you can clean up easily in tight spaces and along edges. This helps you keep a clean home even if you own one or more pets.

Pet ownership can be a thankless and challenging job, much like parenting. You have to ensure that your beloved pet is able to live and play in a perennially clean and safe environment. That is why you need to have this stick vacuum in your collection of cleaning gear to make sure your pet grows up in a nice and clean setting.


Efficient design

Supplementing the special V shape of the cleaning base is the hair-attracting rubber material that the wipers are equipped with, which enables the machine to collect pet hair easily as it goes. Since your pets can roam anywhere around the house, you can easily clean around furniture legs that cats often tend to use as scratching posts, as well as in confined spaces and along baseboards. Designed for hard floors, this stick vacuum also works wonders on low pile area rugs. The head is equipped with a swiveling design to enable it to move around obstacles while cleaning.

Suction alone won’t be able to take in all the hair that your pet/s can shed endlessly, but thanks to the hair-attracting rubber material, this stick vacuum proves to be up to the job. It provides both suction and hair-capturing capability to ensure a really clean, pet-proof home.

1.2 BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum


Built with a lightweight design, the BISSELL PowerEdge is easy to carry around while cleaning. It won’t weigh you down with too much mass from roller brushes that will only add to the total weight of the unit. You can move from one area of the house to another easily. The unit uses no bags to collect dirt and that can just make the machine weigh more. Instead, it has a clear dust collection tank that is made of lightweight material and allows you to check how much dirt has been collected so you will know if it needs to be emptied into the dust bin. The entire machine just weighs 7.1 pounds when empty, and dry mess won’t exactly make it extra heavy to move around.

This electric broom makes cleanups a breeze and comes with a 20-foot cord that allows hassle-free mobility. No need to have several AC outlets in the room just to clean around it.


Suction power

Utilizing revolutionary cyclonic technology, the BISSELL PowerEdge optimizes the energy produced by its motor to separate the air and the dirt. This is brought about through the use of centrifugal force. The machine is equipped with a special type of filter that keeps the dirt from escaping back into the air to contaminate it. While efficiently removing pet hair from carpets and other furniture, this electric broom keeps its filter clean so it won’t have to be replaced regularly. Since all the dirt goes into the dust tank, the filter is kept clog-free longer, meaning less loss of suction power.

The machine is easy to assemble, offering out-of-the-box functionality. The dirt cup is also quite easy to empty. Simply detach it from the motor and empty the collected dirt and debris into the trash bin.


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