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BISSELL Sturdy Sweep 2402 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22



Main advantage


This is a versatile cordless sweeper that works great on all kinds of surfaces, such as bare floors, low pile area rugs, as well as carpets. When you are in need of an electric sweeper that can offer you superior cleaning power, the BISSELL Sturdy Sweep 2402 is exactly what you need. Its multi-brush design is capable of picking up all kinds of debris and dust from your floors, leaving nothing but clean surfaces behind. For its versatility, this model has gathered so far an overwhelming number of positive reviews from buyers who commend this cleaning solution on its performance.



Main disadvantage


One aspect mentioned by the reviewers who have bought and tried this particular model is that it can be quite noisy while passed to and fro. While they are pleased with how efficient the sweeper is at picking up crumbs and accidental spills, they insist on the fact that the loud noise made by the sweeper can disturb other people in the house who might be sleeping at the time these cleaning tasks are performed. This is also the only reason for which buyers mention they are kicking out one star from a perfect score, so it is not exactly a deal breaker.

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Main features explained


It works in both forward and reverse motion

One of the conveniences provided by this particular model is that it is capable of moving and cleaning in both forward and reserve motion. While it may not be a big deal for some people, those who prefer an easy to use cleaning device appreciate the convenience offered by the BISSELL Sturdy Sweep 2402. You can quickly slide the unit over the surface you want to be cleaned, without paying any attention to how exactly you are performing the sweeping. For kids and seniors, this is a great solution, and now you can enlist everyone’s help when you are doing the cleaning.


This model is built to last with its sturdy construction

You will notice from the first glance at this model that it is built to last. Bissell is a company well known for creating high-quality products, so this should not come as a big surprise. However, seeing how little you will get to pay for this carpet sweeper, it is an aspect that must be noted. The steel construction is a clear sign that you will get to use this particular cleaner for a long time, while the rubber bumper is high quality, too.


The multiple brush design helps with thorough cleaning

Another important aspect of this carpet sweeper is represented by its brush design. The central brush roll has the purpose of picking up the most important chunks of dirt and debris, while the four edge-cleaning brushes are there for ensuring that no spot will be missed. Now you can clean the entire house with the help of this cordless sweeper that does the job it was designed for fast and efficiently. Regardless of whether you want a convenient sweeper for regular cleaning or a model for accidental spills, you will find this product to be an excellent choice.


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