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Bissell Sweep-Up 21012 Review

Last Updated: 28.06.22



1.Bissell Sweep-Up Cordless Sweeper model 21012


Main advantage


According to many users, the Bissell Sweep-Up 21012 does a great job on carpeted areas and on rugs, so you will be able to clean up fast any unsightly mess just before unexpected guests just gave you a call that they will be over in 5 minutes. It is also great for cleaning pet hair, which normally is difficult to deal with.



Main disadvantage


One minor discomfort caused by this sweeper, as mentioned by a few buyers, is that you have to be really careful to empty it quite often. In case you do not do so, it will overfill and the excess will end up on your floor, which will be a hassle to clean. As long as you pay attention to this aspect, the sweeper will do its job fast and easy.

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Main features explained



Although this model is nothing else but a sweeper to use for small cleaning tasks, it is really amazing to find out that it offers amazing functionality. Despite its simplistic design, it is really a hidden gem, as it comes with multiple accessories for cleaning all kinds of surfaces and dealing with different tasks. A long soft brush is for most surfaces, while 2 stiff brushes are great for carpets, as it rejuvenates the fiber besides cleaning it. 4 corner brushes are provided, so there will be no cleaning task you cannot deal with.

3.Bissell Sweep-Up Cordless Sweeper model 21012


No cord required

This is a manual sweeper, so there is no need for a cord. For people who want to save on the electricity bill and have a straightforward cleaning tool at their fingertips, there is hardly a better choice. You will not have to stumble upon the cord of the sweeper while you clean, and there is no need to recharge it either. Whenever you need to clean a bit, you just take it out of the closet and you start working, no questions asked.


Good for cleaning under furniture

One great feature of this model is that its handle can lie flat, so you can easily reach under furniture. From this point of view, the Bissell Sweep-Up 21012 is even more useful than a vacuum cleaner that cannot easily reach under furniture. If you constantly have to deal with hard to reach corners where dust bunnies reign free, you will find this sweeper from Bissell to be exactly what you need to get rid of the pesky problem.


No dust pan to empty

Another advantage of having a manual sweeper is that you have no dust pan to empty. That means less cleaning work involved after you are finished with sweeping the house. You simply take the sweeper and empty it, and it will be ready to go again. Using only a forward and return motion, you will be able to pick up dust, lint and debris, leaving nothing but clean floors behind. On all kinds of surfaces, this sweeper does a good job, so it is a convenient solution for a secondary cleaning tool.


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