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Refrigerator Food Preserver

THE FRESH ALL-IN ONE FRIDGE SOLUTION to keep fruits, vegetables and all perishable foods fresher, so they last up to 3x longer, and more! Keeps food fresher long by minimizing food-spoiling bacteria, odors and ethlylene gasses Deodorizes your refrigerator Filters the air for proper humidity levels

Fabric Refresher Deodorizer

Keep your fabric and upholstery looking clean and fresh at all times by using this “Fabric Refresher” deodorizer. No matter how much shit your dog leaves in it’s trail,  just apply some of this world class deodorizer and you’re good to go.

Carpet Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover

Let your cat bask in it’s glory on your carpet without constantly worrying about smelling like death by using this odor and stain remover spray. Created specifically for the carpet and it permanently removes odor and stains so your little kitty can even throw a furball or two without stinking the entire house up.

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