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Corded vs. cordless electric broom

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Both cordless and corded electric broom models come with their advantages and disadvantages. The question is not which one is the best, but how do you settle for a type, since it is so difficult to separate them? I believe that when dealing with a choice between two products from the same category (they’re both electric) but that are differently powered, you should generally consider the next 3 aspects:


Where are you planning to use it?

The first point is the most complicated problem to solve. Most electric brooms can be used on both hardwood floors and fuzzy carpets. For really bulky textures, you have the roll brush that goes deep inside the fabric and picks up any debris deposited there. However, when you go from the carpeted surface to hard floor you need to switch the brush and let the broom function solely on suction power. Generally, a corded electric broom is more powerful than a cordless one and it can also be used for longer periods of time, which makes it more fitted for bulky fabrics and larger debris. But, while offering you great suction power and deep carpet cleaning, this item will bring with it one big impediment: the cord. This sneaky black cable will keep getting stuck on pieces of furniture and may even get in the way of your cleaning.

1. Corded vs Cordless electric brooms

To sum up, if your house has a large carpeted area, for the best results,  you should acquire a corded electric broom, even if you will subsequently need to deal with the burden of the cord. However, if you mostly need to clean hard floors like tile or wood, a cordless electric broom will offer enough time and suction power to finish your job. Just remember to always check if your battery isn’t running low.


How much are you planning to use it?

The time problem can become really pressing in certain circumstances. In at least one circumstance, you’ll forget recharging the battery and you’ll find yourself forced to wait 7 or 8 hours for a fully charged battery that may last 20 minutes or 1 hour, depending on each product. So, if you have a large household, take the risk of breaking a leg after stumbling on the cable. If not, buy a cordless item that will make your job so much easier and pleasant.


Who is using the product?

If it is your teenager boy/girl who is in charge with sweeping the living room, you should buy a cordless electric to make things easier for him/her. What I’m saying is that not anybody can maneuver a corded electric item and the battery powered ones are also safer (though the risks of electric accidents happening is minimal, if you have an older electric installation, it can pose a certain risk). If you do decide for a cordless item, you can just make sure to always place it back in the provided charger unit so you’ll have it ready to go whenever you need it.