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Dirt Devil BD20020 Power Sweep Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22



2.Dirt Devil BD20020

Main advantage


Long-lasting battery -> You may already know that battery is quite essential when using a cordless product. This electric broom comes with a powerful 7.2 volt battery that enables you to pick up any type of debris and to clean your entire apartment in the 35 minutes running time offered by its battery in one single charge. In addition, since you won’t be needing a cord to keep the broom running, you can carry the broom from one room to another without having to switch power outlets as you go. The battery takes a couple of hours to recharge, thus you will have your broom ready for the next time when you want to sweep your rooms.


Main disadvantage


Small dust cup -> One of the less advantageous features of small electric brooms is that they do not offer a roomy garbage storage cup. For example, if you need to clean several rooms at a time, you may want to empty the dust cup after or while doing it, to avoid garbage from accumulating and causing the product to malfunction in time.

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Main features explained



Lightweight and mobile

The Dirt Devil BD20020 weighs no more than 4 lbs, which means even a kid can carry it from one room to another with no trouble at all. Its lightweight build will be of major assistance when you need to clean for longer periods of time, because it will make cleaning piece of cake since you will hardly need to put in physical effort, as you would have to if you were using a heavy piece of equipment. Plus, its easy to use handle won’t put a strain on your hands and leave you with enough energy to deal with other cleaning issues around the house.

3.Dirt Devil BD20020

Powerful brush roll

The feature that allows this sweeper to do its job perfectly on both carpet areas and hard floors of any type is its motorized brush roll that doesn’t leave any mess behind it, no matter how small and insignificant. In addition, the long, hard bristles make a great job at removing lint stored in your carpet and at refreshing its texture and color, making it appear almost new in the eyes of your visitors.


Ergonomic design

The main task of an electric broom is to sweep your house clean in no time and without you putting a lot of effort in doing it. Though not as powerful as vacuum cleaners, they come in handy around the house, especially when you have pets, kids or you have many visitors and not much time for cleaning. This Dirt Devil model is capable of delivering excellent cleaning performance thanks to its functional design, which allows it to work in every room of the house. Its low-profile enables it to fit under pieces of furniture, making you feel at ease knowing that there won’t be a pile of dust stored at the back of your cupboard in case you want to replace it. In addition, the cleaning head can be steered in any direction when you sweep and the grip is shaped as to be easily maneuvered by any person.


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