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Dirt Devil Extreme Power BD20040RED Review

Last Updated: 28.06.22



1. Dirt Devil Extreme Power


Main advantage


The Dirt Devil boasts convenience without sacrificing power with its powerful motor hidden behind a sleek, lightweight, and compact design. Equipped with a rechargeable battery for cordless operation, it sucks up dirt and debris extremely well on virtually any surface without having to stay plugged in, making it easy to clean the whole house without having to switch power sockets or lug around a long extension cord. It even picks up even screws and coins in one pass, therefore reducing the overall cleaning time.



Main disadvantage


The battery of this vacuum starts to drain rather quickly after about 6 months of usage, forcing you to charge the vacuum for a few hours after about ten minutes of usage. In some cases, however, this isn’t due to the battery failing, but the charger. Fortunately, whether the battery or the charger is the culprit, there are plenty of ways to work around this flaw, like reviving the Ni-Cad battery or repairing the charger. Despite this minor issue, however, the vacuum works great and cleans most surfaces extremely well compared to other vacuums in the same price range.

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Main features explained



Built for Portability

Weighing less than six pounds, the Dirt Devil cordless vacuum cleaner is extremely lightweight such that even ceilings and other high places can still be vacuumed with relative ease even for extended periods of time. Apart from the weight, its design allows it to slip into extremely narrow spaces for a more thorough cleaning. The conveniently folding handle makes it easy to store the vacuum virtually anywhere while also making moving a breeze. Lastly, the rechargeable Ni-Cad battery allows you to vacuum in places that do not have sockets nearby. The trio of compact, cordless, and lightweight design makes the Dirt Devil a perfect vacuum for virtually any place.

3. Dirt Devil Extreme Power


Built to Last

Most cheap vacuum cleaners conk out after a month of heavy usage, with their suction power reduced to less than ¼ of the original. The Dirt Devil, on the other hand, remains powerful and efficient even after a few years of heavy daily usage – if the battery and charger are well taken care of. Also, the usual problem with vacuums with dirt bags is that the bags are the most vulnerable to the wear and tear of heavy usage, therefore disintegrating after a few months. The Dirt Devil, being bagless, requires no replacement of the dirt collection cup and requires no more maintenance than regular emptying and cleaning (which is easier to do for cups than bags).


Built for Any Surface

The Dirt Devil electric broom makes it easy to switch from cleaning carpets to bare floors with a simple flick of a switch that turns the rolling brush off/on. For smooth surfaces, the Dirt Devil does a splendid job of picking up most debris in the household, from cobwebs to loose screws. The powerful yet tiny motor is powerful enough to suck up dirt in one pass, therefore reducing your vacuuming time possibly by half! For rough or carpeted surfaces, the Dirt Devil gets a bit of help from the rolling brush to dislodge debris and dirt to reduce the need to go over the same surface again and again.


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