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Dirt Devil SD21000 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22



1.Dirt Devil SD21000


Main advantage


Many buyers mention that the Dirt Devil SD21000 does a really great job for gathering all the dust from bare floors, which is why it is such a great option for laminate floors. If you want to keep your floors pristine clean, there is hardly a better way than using a dust mop and this model from Dirt Devil does a really great job. Easy to use, this model is highly recommended for any household with plenty of bare floors to clean.



Main disadvantage


Although the product reviewed here enjoys plenty of positive reviews from users, it has its small downsides nonetheless. One aspect mentioned by a few buyers is that cleaning the filter can be really difficult. Nonetheless, the same reviewers say that given the reasonable price and the fact that it has decent suction power outweigh the minor disadvantages the product might have.

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Main features explained



It picks up debris, too

One thing about dust mops in general is that they are just capturing dust and that’s pretty much all they do. Not the same thing can be said about the Dirt Devil SD21000 that comes with a special technology called Dirt Lock whose main purpose is to pick up dirt and debris with the same efficiency. This makes it ideal for cleaning all types of bare floors, such as wood, laminate, and tile. If you want to keep your home clean at all times, putting this sweeper in action will do the trick. The pad is made of microfiber and it can be washed in the washing machine once you are done with the cleaning.

3.Dirt Devil SD21000


Direct Path technology

Many buyers have noticed that the model reviewed here is much more dependable than other sweepers, because it has decent suction. This happens because of the Direct Path technology the model comes equipped with. It is perfectly capable of capturing dirt from one edge to the other, seeing that the band of suction covers any surface perfectly. Sweeping the floors will become a breeze with this one and you will love how clean your home will become.


Efficient corner cleaning

This is, again, something that people really want to have in their electric brooms. Dust and debris tends to gather around corners, and the worst part is that these areas are very difficult to reach. The Dirt Devil SD21000 is very capable at cleaning corners, which is another great plus worthy of mentioning. The flexible edges go over the corners so that baseboards and floors remain clean after passing over them with the sweeper.


Great maneuverability

This sweeper comes with a 22 feet cord that allows you to move around with ease. For more suction power, the manufacturer decided to make this a corded model, and it was not a bad decision. The sweeper lets you clean all over the house, without the need to plug and unplug too often. It can even turn quickly, as needed, which is an added bonus for an already great product.


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