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Dirt Devil UD20015 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22




Main advantage


Weighing only 9 pounds this stick vacuum is lightweight and easy to carry almost anywhere. It comes with a revolving brush that will effectively lift and remove ground in dirt, and the 7 amp motor ensures that you have plenty of suction power. This electric broom also comes with HEPA filters so dirt and dust stays in the vacuum and not in the air.



Main disadvantage


Due to its compact size this electric broom is only recommended for use in dorm rooms or smaller homes.

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Main features explained




One of the main reasons this electric broom is a popular choice with consumers is due to its versatility. It is capable of cleaning an 11 inch path through dust and dirt on hard or carpeted flooring. This allows you to quickly vacuum every room in your home. The 8 inch hose ensures that you have plenty of reach, even for removing dust from high ceiling corners. This electric broom also comes with several on board tools so you can clean everything from upholstery to deep crevices. Its versatility alone makes this stick vacuum a good value for your money.



A stick vacuum can come with all of the tools you’ll need to effectively clean your home, but if it doesn’t have the necessary power it will still be a waste of money. This electric broom by Dirt Devil comes with a 7 amp motor that ensures you have the power you need to effectively suction up dirt, dust and debris. You also have the advantage of the revolving brush in the sweeper head. It is designed to lift ground in dirt and it is noticeably more effective than models that simply rely on suction power. We found with this electric broom you have the power you need to quickly clean up small messes.



You will love its lightweight design that makes it easy to carry from room to room. Since it only weighs 9 pounds you can even carry it easily up and down stairs. Thanks to the crevice tool it is easy to clean along the steps, and the 20 foot power cord ensures that you have plenty of reach. Being able to vacuum a flight of stairs without having to stop and find a closer outlet is always an advantage.

Its upright design ensures that you don’t have to bend over uncomfortably, and the shaft can even be laid down so you can easily clean underneath furniture. You will appreciate the larger wheels on the back that make maneuverability a breeze, even around corners. The sweeper head also comes with a thin bumper to help protect walls and furniture legs from nicks and scratches. With every aspect of this electric broom designed to be easy and convenient to use, it is easy to see why it is considered one of the top rated models.


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