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Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2 Review

Last Updated: 08.08.22


Main advantage


The Dyson DC44 is the perfect vacuum for everyday use for a household with regularly shedding pets or people too busy to set up a full canister-type vacuum. Not only does the Dyson DC44 quickly and effectively remove animal and human hair, but it also removes small particles of dirt that would quickly clog up regular vacuums with dust bags. The Root Cyclone technology helps separate dirt from the air without reducing the suction power of the vacuum even as the dust collection chamber fills up.  



Main disadvantage


The dust collection chamber can get filled fairly quickly, therefore forcing you to empty the collection chamber once or twice everyday. Longer hairs could also clump together and tangle on the revolving brushes, therefore causing them to slow down considerably while consuming more energy. The latch for the dust collection chamber also opens from the top, thereby making it a bit harder for you to empty out the contents without having to hold the vacuum at an awkward angle. Overall, this vacuum takes a while to get used to.

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Main features explained




While canister vacuums do provide a significantly more powerful suction than most cordless models, they require routine maintenance and specific vacuum heads for certain tasks. Also, even with the plethora of accessories available for canister vacuums, going up and down flights of stairs with a bulky vacuum can be rather exhausting, especially for daily usage. That being said, the Dyson DC44 requires no tedious switching of accessories as it could easily clean carpets, desks, and virtually any surface on a single vacuum head because of the powerful motorized revolving brushes that works on everything from glossy, delicate surfaces to rough, crude surfaces. Because the Dyson DC44 is cordless, you could clean the whole house in a single charge or two.

2. Dyson DC44 Animal


Consistent Performance

Typically, vacuums would pass dust and debris through a filter, effectively releasing clean air and leaving everything else in the filter. While this does effectively remove most of the dirt sucked up by the vacuum, this would mean that the pores of the filter would eventually get clogged. This forces the motor to work much harder and perform less efficiently. Overtime, the vacuum would no longer be able to pick up even light specks of dust because the filter is too clogged let in any more air, therefore causing the whole thing to overheat and force you to clean the filter. Fortunately, the Dyson DC44 boasts a different technology it calls the Root Cyclone, which separates air from dirt without the need of a filter, giving you consistent, unparalleled performance.


Extremely Easy to Use

The Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2 is made to cover virtually any surface it can get to, from floors to extremely narrow furniture undersides. The center of gravity is placed strategically on the handle so that you can switch from cleaning carpets to ceilings in just a second. The detachable, lightweight aluminum wand also helps you get into awkward gaps with relative ease, easily removable so you can fit the vacuum in even tighter, closed spaces like cars. The bagless design also means less frequent cleaning and maintenance as you no longer need to declog or replace dust bags.


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