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Dyson DC59 Animal Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


1. Dyson DC59 Animal


Main advantage


The Dyson DC59 is for people tired of having to choose between power and portability when buying a vacuum; it gives both packed in a sleek and modern case designed to fit in places where most vacuums can’t. It has a boost mode that gives you about 6 minutes of powerful vacuuming power comparable to some industrial vacuums available, with the brush attachment making sure that no dirt stays on any surface in your home. The head and body are dettachable, which makes it easy for you to dissassemble and bring along anywhere. For anyone looking for an electric broom that can clean anywhere, the DC59 is the real deal.



Main disadvantage


When you have a lot of surfaces to vacuum, the 20-30-minute battery life is a bit lackluster, especially since you can’t just replace the battery pack with a freshly-charged one on the go. The battery pack lasts even shorter when motorized attachments are used especially on carpeted surfaces that force the brushes to work harder to dislodge stuck particles. Fortunately, the vacuum instantly turns off the moment you release the trigger to make it easier for you to save energy. If you plan on vacuuming frequently, you shouldn’t have to use it for more than a full hour anyway, so you’ll only have to charge thrice or more when using it for tragically neglected surfaces.

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Main features explained



Boundless Power

The Dyson DC59 is a cordless vacuum that comes with a dettachable body and interchangeable heads. What separates this vacuum from other cordless vacuums, however, is that it has about thrice the amount of suctioning power you’d expect from most highend cordless vacuums. The brush attachment actively pulls out gunk from carpets and other rough surfaces with relative ease, with boost mode giving you more suctioning power for more stubborn dirt and debris. With an unrivaled suctioning power tucked neatly inside a compact, cordless body, vacuuming time is reduced from a couple of hours to a couple of minutes.


Cleans Anywhere

Whether you want to clean a delicate hardwood surface or a rough cemented ceiling, the Dyson DC59 has different settings and interchangeable heads to help you vacuum more efficiently. Apart from having detachable heads, the DC59 also has a detachable neck, which allows you to vacuum in much smaller spaces like cars. The way the vacuum swivels allows it to reach the underside of low-lying furniture quite easily, while still being stable and maneuverable when you’re vacuuming floors and other wide spaces. The small size of the vacuum also allows it to clean stairs, chair legs, and other hard-to-reach places without straining your arms because of its light weight and soft trigger switch.


Fun to Use

While a lot of vacuums have beautifully designed cases and powerful motors, they’re often quite tiring and uncomfortable to use because of their awkward and imbalanced weight. The Dyson DC59, on the other hand, is easy, comfortable, and fun to use because of how natural the whole thing feels in your hand; its weight distribution does not force your hand into an uncomfortable and straining position. Even when operating, the vacuum remains easy and comfortable to hold as it does not vibrate too much nor produce too much heat. The freedom of walking around with a powerful, lightweight vacuum without a cord attached simply makes vacuuming more fun.


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