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Dyson V6 Animal Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22



1.1 Dyson V6


Main advantage


Your house will be perfectly clean if you choose the Dyson V6 Animal. Equipped with special technologies that deal just fine with fine dust and pet dander, this model is much more powerful than its V6 predecessor, offering you very good performance for a cordless model. You will be able to remove dirt and dust from all the crevices and hard to access areas in your home, so you can obtain fresher, more breathable air in your household.



Main disadvantage


With great power comes, unfortunately, limited battery usage. While the Dyson V6 Animal is more efficient at cleaning tasks than many similar products on the market, the superior power it uses for suction efficiency will use the battery and you get just 20 minutes of running time for one charge. This means that, if you intend to clean the entire house, you will have to take breaks and recharge the sweeper.

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Main features explained



Superior Dirt and Dust Removal Power

The Dyson V6 Animal is all about performance and that is why it is safe to call it the best Dyson electric broom. The special technologies used for removing dirt and dust make it a fine choice for anyone looking to ensure deep cleaning. The Direct Drive cleaner head reaches further into carpets, in order to remove the dirt accumulated inside. Sporting 75% more brush power than the V6 vacuum model from the same company, the sweeper provides perfect cleaning with minimum effort.

The 15 cyclones, positioned in two tiers, are designed to capture fine dust, so the air in your home becomes fresher and more breathable. The two tiers work in parallel, enhancing the maximum airflow that the sweeper can achieve so that even the finest dust particles are captured. The powerful V6 digital motor is designed to offer superior suction power, making this model one of the most powerful cordless sweepers on the market.

1.2 Dyson V6


Versatile Accessories and Options

Unlike other electric sweepers, this one offers a plethora of options and accessories that will ensure the complete success of your cleaning. You can, for instance, adjust the power used when dealing with more stubborn dirt; at maximum power, you get 6 minutes of superior suction.

A mini motorized brush with nylon bristles can be attached to remove pet dander, and ground-in dirt from more difficult to access places. Another great accessory is the mini dusting brush. The soft bristles of this brush will ensure that your furniture will not get scratched or damaged in any way when you are dusting around.

You can convert into a hand held cleaning device, when the need arises, so there will be no cleaning task you will not be able to tackle.


Docking Station

Last, but not least, the Dyson V6 Animal comes with its special docking station that is very convenient to use. Besides the fact that it holds the sweeper and it charges it, it also holds the extra accessories, so you can have easy access to them whenever you need them.


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