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Dyson v6 vs DC59

Last Updated: 30.09.22


These two cordless vacuum cleaners offered by Dyson are premium products that are going to help you keep your home clean at all times. The first aspect that you should take into account is that, being cordless, you won’t be hindered by having to drag something around the floor as you clean. 

Furthermore, both models come with mini motorized units that can easily pick up small amounts of debris or some pet hair. This makes them highly useful in everyday cleaning jobs you may need to do around the house. Of course, they are also very easy to handle, so even if the user doesn’t have that much physical strength, using them will not be an issue. 

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, especially cordless ones, one major concern that users have is the suction power. However, in the case of these two models, you don’t have to worry about this, as they include powerful motors that can withstand even tougher jobs around a household. 

One difference between the two products is that while the V6 ensures 20 minutes of continuous power, the DC59 has up to 26 minutes. This difference is not that significant, depending on the type of cleaning you need to do, but it might make a difference if you are almost done and the unit runs out of battery. 

On the other hand, a clever solution to this is the instant-release trigger that both models feature, and that allows the user to keep the power on only as the unit is being used. This way, the battery’s life is being preserved, while the user’s experience is definitely enhanced. 

Both the V6 and the DC59 feature a docking station that you can use to keep the vacuum and the necessary accessories within reach. At the same time, this also recharges the unit, keeping it ready to be used at any given moment. If you have pets and children around the house, you will surely appreciate having a versatile floor cleaning solution within reach. 


What about surfaces? 

The great part about these two models is that they can successfully clean a wide range of surfaces, so no matter if we’re talking about carpets or hardwood floors, you won’t have any difficulties. The DC59’s head is specially designed to pick up very fine dust, while both units feature bristles that dig deep into carpets to remove ground-in dirt.  

In the case of the DC59 model, 15 cyclones work in parallel, being arranged on two tiers, to capture dust that one cannot even see. Given that we’re talking about an upgraded model, each cyclone features a re-engineered construction that generates very high centrifugal forces and increases airflow. 

Another aspect worth mentioning about both models is that the suction power is fade-free. Therefore, if you need to use the vacuum for as long as the battery lasts, you can rest assured that all of the surfaces are going to be equally clean. 

The boost function they include can be used for less time (6 minutes in the case of the DC59), but it’s surely a great addition for those moments in which you really need to deal with debris that won’t be otherwise picked up. Of course, both models come with a wide range of accessories that you can use for all types of cleaning jobs. 

Moreover, given that we’re talking about cordless vacuums, the manufacturer thought about usability as well and designed both units with the center of gravity closer to the grip. This means that users won’t have a hard time lifting the vacuum up for ceiling-to-floor cleaning purposes. 



1. Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum 


The V6 model offered by Dyson is a powerful unit that can provide superior performance compared to many other full-size vacuum cleaners that are also corded. Of course, the manufacturer took all of the aspects into account and created a unit that is easy to handle and can be operated without being hindered by a cord. 

Furthermore, this vacuum also ensures a high geometric pickup performance and its average is higher than that of other premium models on the market. The great thing about it is its versatility, given that one can use it on all types of floors (hard or carpets), while the internal components are specially engineered to successfully clean homes with pets. 

This is a cordless model, so it includes battery-saving features such as the instant trigger release, in order to ensure that the battery is used only when you are actually cleaning a surface. 



Thanks to the clever and effective engineering it features, the V6 ensures up to 20 minutes of continuous cleaning power, which means that you can deal with larger areas as well. 

This unit features the Direct-drive cleaner head technology that drives bristles deep into the carpeted surfaces for efficient and complete dirt removal. 

You can also use the mini motorized tool if you need to quickly remove some pet hair or dirt, and despite its size, you will surely find it very effective, as many reviews have pointed out. 

Given that this is a cordless unit, you won’t have to deal with dragging something around or with finding a new power outlet to reach larger areas. 



There are no mounting screws included in the package for the user to install the wall mount. 

The unit might be a bit difficult to thoroughly clean, as there are various crevices that can gather dust after a while. 

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2. Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 



The DC59 is an excellent alternative, given that it’s an upgraded Digital Slim cordless model offered by Dyson. The motor can spin up to 110,000 times per minute, which means that compared to conventional models it’s actually 3 times faster. Furthermore, the 350W motor also ensures the necessary suction power for the unit to thoroughly clean your home. 

The cleaner head is specially designed to be lighter and to ensure better debris pick-up, while the brush bar features carbon fiber filaments that are able to remove even very fine dust from hard floors. This unit is a versatile one that can successfully clean all types of surfaces, so you won’t have any trouble keeping the carpet spotless as well. 

In fact, the nylon bristle strips included in the design do a great job in removing ground-in dirt, so you won’t have to worry about this aspect either. 



Being an upgraded model, this cleaner features a wider head compared to that of previous vacuums within the same line, so you save time as you get the job done. 

The mini motorized tool included does a great job in quickly picking up pet hair or other types of debris, which means that you can ensure your home’s maintenance without too much effort. 

This unit ensures 26 minutes of continuous cleaning time with fade-free power, so you will be able to cover larger surfaces around your home, all without dragging a cord. 

The run-time trigger ensures that the unit works only when you are using it, and this saves up the battery in the process. 



In rare occasions, the unit might run intermittently, and if that’s the case, you should contact customer support for technical assistance. 

Depending on how much debris you need to pick up, you may have to empty it more than once during a cleaning session.  

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