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Electric broom safety considerations

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Electric brooms are designed to be easy and convenient to use, and are a great way to keep your floor clean in between regular vacuuming. While using an electric broom can save you valuable time it is also important to consider safety, especially if there are young children around. Here are a few aspects to remember so you can safely use your electric broom.

1. Electric broom safety considerations



Even though most electric brooms are designed to not overheat, it is still something you should be aware of. If the motor is clogged with dust and debris it can be difficult for air to circulate through. A continuous air flow helps keep the motor cool and prevent dangerous overheating. Even the small motor on an electric broom can still cause a fire if the motor gets too hot.


Rotating brush roll

You probably love the rotating brush roll and stiff bristles that effectively sweep up dirt and debris, but this can also be a potential safety issue for small, curious children. If the electric broom is left out, children might be tempted to try and spin the brush on their own. Small fingers can be easily pinched, and in some cases even painfully sprained. It is best to keep your electric broom out of reach of small children, and never leave it sitting out unattended.


Electric cords

Children and even adults can get a painful shock when they are trying to plug an electrical cord into an outlet, especially if it is not done correctly. Playing with power cords can also entice toddlers to stick their fingers and other objects into the outlet, which can also result in painful electrical shocks. Electrical cords can also present a choking hazard and even cause someone to trip and fall if it is left in a high traffic area. To prevent any mishaps and injuries it is best to always wind the electrical cord up when you are finished sweeping.



Electric brooms with rechargeable batteries are efficient, economical, and eco-friendly, but there is also safety concerns associated with these sweepers. Over time the acid can start to leak out of the battery and this can not only cause damaging erosion, but also burn your skin. Battery acid is also high toxic, and can cause loss of vision if it gets into your eyes. To ensure the rechargeable batteries are safe it is best to periodically check for any leaks or signs of possible corrosion.

2. Electric broom safety considerations


Dust canisters

Not having to deal with the mess generated by a vacuum bag is definitely an advantage, but it can also be a potential safety hazard. While the see through design allows you to see exactly when the canister needs to be emptied, it can also look enticing to younger children. Adding to the potential danger is how easy the dust canisters are to remove. The dust can aggravate allergies, and larger dirt particles can even present a choking hazard. To keep smaller children safe it is best to keep the electrical broom securely stored away.