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Electrolux Ergorapido EL1061A Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22



1. Electrolux Ergorapido Brushroll


Main advantage


The Electrolux Ergorapido cordless vacuum is one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners you’ll ever find, with the capability to seamlessly turn into a cordless handheld vacuum or a stick vacuum. Combine this with the long battery life, 180-degree vacuum head swivel design, and the LED guide lights and you will rarely have to switch tools when cleaning your office, kitchen, desk, etc. The handheld vacuum, stick extension, crevice tool, dusting brush, and charging station fit perfectly together and therefore save a lot of space while looking sleek and beautiful.



Main disadvantage


As with most cordless vacuum cleaners, suction power isn’t the best aspect of this vacuum. Some customers, however, have complained about the weak suction power that can’t seem to pick up even clumps of dirt on a bare floor. This, however, is usually caused by units with defective batteries that don’t retain charge properly and therefore supply very little power to the motor of the vacuum. If you find that the vacuum drains too quickly or cannot seem to pick up light dust and debris, then it may just be a lemon that warrants a replacement.

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Main features explained



Versatility Beyond Compare

The Electrolux cordless vacuum cleaner boasts of being able to turn into a handheld vacuum or a stick vacuum depending on the purpose one sees fit. This allows you to vacuum floors without having to bend at an awkward angle, and to work on counters, bookshelves, and other tight spaces without lifting a heavy vacuum stick which not only is uncomfortable, but is also unsanitary. The crevice tool and dusting brush also help the vacuum reach tight and narrow spaces, as well as clean up stubborn dirt and debris.  Whether you need a vacuum for tidying up your office desk or one for sweeping up crumbs in the kitchen floor, the Electrolux Ergorapido is up for the job.

2. Electrolux Ergorapido Brushroll


Convenience Unmatched

One of the most annoying things one has to deal with when using vacuums with rolling brushes is that hair gets tangled into the brush, therefore making it hard for the vacuum to collect dirt and debris efficiently. The Electrolux Ergorapido cordless electric broom addresses this issue with a feature called “brushroll clean”, which with the step of a pedal, dislodges and untangles hair from the rolling brush and sucks them right into the dust cup. To top this off, the vacuum cleanly stores on a charging stand, together with its crevice tool and dusting brush, ready for some dust-busting action when you are.


Cleverly Designed

If you’ve seen this product in action, you’d notice how every feature seems very well-thought-of, from the LED lights that help illuminate the underside of furniture to the 180-degree swivel feature for the vacuum head that helps you clean more spots with less effort. In fact, this vacuum is probably one of the easiest ones to maneuver because of this feature. Storing this vacuum is a breeze, with the vacuum, its charging stand, and its accessories fitting like a jigsaw puzzle. From usage to storage, there’s not a part or feature out of place with this vacuum cleaner.


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