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Electrolux Home Care 169B3 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


1. Electrolux Home Care 169B3


Main advantage


The Electrolux Home Care vacuum does a splendid job for everyday household cleaning because of its lightweight, compact, and efficient design. The detachable hand vacuum design makes it easy to clean ceilings, desks, bookshelves, and other high and narrow spaces, whereas the attachable stick vacuum case makes it easy to clean carpets and bare floors. It works well for most of the household dirt and debris one expects, like hair, dust, etc.



Main disadvantage


Because the Electrolux Home Care is meant to be used regularly around the house, it is assumed that there won’t be huge, accumulated piles of gunk stuck in extremely narrow spaces. That being said, the power of the motor of this vacuum simply isn’t powerful enough to pull out settled gunk from places that its revolving brush can’t get to. This’ll mean that you’d need extra brushes and other cleaning tools to help you tidy up spaces too narrow and dirty for the vacuum to handle.

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Main features explained



Lightweight in Design and Cost

The Electrolux Home Care is a lightweight vacuum, weighing only about 4.4lbs. It conveniently converts into a hand vacuum, therefore making it much easier for you to clean those tough-to-reach places without having to vacuum at awkward angles. Despite the lightweight and compact design, however, the vacuum picks up dirt from most surfaces extremely well because of the revolving brush roll and the powerful motors. Typically, vacuums that are both lightweight and powerful would demand a high price, but this vacuum costs about 1/3 the price of a lot of vacuums with the same features and specifications.

2. Electrolux Home Care 169B3


Perfect for Everyday Use

Regular vacuums with huge dust collection bags and bulky designs, while possessing unrivaled suctioning powers, aren’t exactly easy to carry around the house for everyday cleaning especially for homes with second or third floors. The heavy weight of regular vacuums also prevent them from being positioned on stairs and other narrow and irregular spaces. The Electrolux Home Care vacuum is made specifically for general household cleaning, which includes carpets, stairs, hardwood floors, etc. The compact size of the vacuum allows it to squeeze through small spaces without much trouble, and the 15-feet cord is enough to help you comfortably move around a large room without switching sockets. The vacuum is capable of sucking up most of the dirt and debris you’d expect to find at home, with the revolving brush making sure that you do not have to keep vacuuming the same area for stubborn dirt.


Low Wattage, High Performance

Typically, one would need about 12A of electric current in order to dislodge and remove pet hair, dander, and other stubborn dirt and debris. The Electrolux electric broom, on the other hand, needs only about 2A of electric current. The revolving brush does a tremendous job of helping the vacuum pick up clumped hair, dirt, and other gunk stuck in carpets, tiled floors, etc. This allows the vacuum to do its job well even on desks and other spaces where a high-power suction will more likely mess up the place than tidy it up. The relatively low wattage of the vacuum would also mean less heat produced and therefore a much longer lifespan for the product.


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