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Eufy HomeVac Review

Last Updated: 29.06.22


Main advantage


A quality cordless product is hard to come by, and that’s why this product is so appreciated even in a market that has plenty of options. Although it is not connected to a power outlet all the time, it will still be able to clean your carpets fast. Moreover, comfort is the key word when it comes to describing this nifty item. This feeling is enhanced by its portability and ergonomic design, so you can always have a trusted helper around the house.


Main disadvantage


One flaw that a few buyers revealed is that if you use the product for many hours in a row, it will get noisy. This will happen mainly if you use it to pick up larger stuff like seeds. However, this is not thought of as a deal breaker, as the same buyers mentioned. It is somewhat to be expected as larger particles tend to make more noise when the vacuum is lifting them.

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Main features explained


Energy Efficiency

The point of a battery operated stick vacuum is to be energy-efficient and to allow you to use it for as long as possible without recharging it. And this model is just that and something extra so it can please any demanding buyer.

The inbuilt battery is large enough that it will let you clean at least two rooms with a single charge. It stores sufficient energy for twenty-two minutes of continuous usage. Or if you want to double that time, you can use the Eco Mode, which is ideal for surfaces that are not super dirty.

Huge Capacity

Besides the fact that it is a heavy-duty product ideal for daily use, this particular upgraded model has one large dust holder, which is so big you will forget about emptying it since you won’t have to do it very often.

It has a capacity of almost one liter or 33 ounces, so you can invest the saved time it would have taken you to empty it into vacuuming some more. And to take things even further, HomeVac also uses a high-quality double filter to trap dust from slipping away and to reduce the amount that gets released into the air when you move the vacuum back and forth.


Lightweight and portability

How is that incorporated economic battery going to help you do more with the product? The answer is quite simple. It means you won’t have to unplug the machine every time you want to switch rooms. This situation is ideal especially when it’s time for a major spring cleaning project.

You can use the vacuum to clean your vehicle if you can’t park it near a power source. This way, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself and by not having to go to an overly expensive car wash.


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