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Eureka AirSpeed AS3011AA Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


This Eureka AirSpeed vacuum is a wonderful addition to any household, mainly because it can help you clean all types of surfaces. From hardwood floors to tile, marble, laminate floors, and even rugs and carpets, this product promises to deliver clean and fresh surfaces all around the house.

It is specifically designed to remove more dirt and debris without damaging the surfaces, so you can enjoy perfectly clean floors and carpets. The on/off brushroll switch will help you effortlessly change the type of cleaning to best match specific surfaces.


Main disadvantage


Although most of the customers agree on the product’s cleaning capabilities, the design seems to be rather flimsy. Some of the people who purchased this Eureka vacuum claimed the wheels are not sturdy enough and will fall off after a few months, making the item harder to move from one place to another.

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Main features explained


5-setting height adjustment

You can adjust the height of this vacuum to ensure a deep cleaning on different types of surfaces, including bare floors or carpets. This way the vacuum will always choose the best cleaning method for rugs or tiles.

Useful accessories

This product comes equipped with all the necessary accessories for a customized cleaning, depending on the size of your household and the types of surfaces you have. The vacuum features an onboard crevice tool and dusting brush which can be easily added to ensure a thorough cleaning, even in the narrowest corners of the house.

The dusting brush is perfect for tough jobs and dirty surfaces, but will also work wonders when it comes to pet hair. Thus, your upholstery, furniture, and floors will regain their former shine even if you have messy cats or dogs around the house.

Washable dust cup filter

Are you tired of messy paper filters that won’t gather all the dirt and require constant changing? This Eureka vacuum is equipped with a reusable and washable dust filter that is not only more hygienic but also easier to clean. And, thanks to its large size, you won’t have to replace it too often either.

The bagless design is a perfect choice if you want to spend less time cleaning or disposing of regular paper filters and finish cleaning the entire house faster.


Lightweight and easy to handle

One of the most important features of a good vacuum is a lightweight design. This product is not only easy to handle but won’t cause you any health issues either. It comes with an allergen exhaust filter to capture most allergens and even the finest particles of dust that are responsible for common respiratory problems and allergies.

The 27-feet long cord is perfect for cleaning large rooms without having to switch from one power outlet to the other. In addition, the item has a hose and an extension wand to reach tall ceilings and narrow corners for a thorough cleaning.


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