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Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 NES210 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


Although there are many great vacuum cleaners on the market, the Eureka Blaze NES210 can easily become your favorite, thanks to its unique versatility. You can transform the item from a regular stick vacuum to a stair vacuum and a hand vacuum, to help you thoroughly clean all the rooms and corners of your home.

The highly customizable product will suit all your cleaning needs and help you finish vacuuming faster and without stress.


Main disadvantage


This item is advertised as being great for cleaning numerous types of surfaces. However, you should pay extra attention if you plan on vacuuming laminate floors. As some customers pointed out, the wheels on this product may scratch or cause damage to your floors. We suggest handling this cleaner gently.

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Main features explained


Lightweight design

Not only will this product clean your house better, but it also features a lightweight design. At just 4 pounds, you can take the Eureka Blaze vacuum with you anywhere. It is good for cleaning narrow corners and tall ceilings, and, since it’s extremely convenient to carry around, you can even take it upstairs to clean the attic, without worrying about back or shoulder pains.

Large dust cup

Are you tired of making frequent trips to the trash can and cleaning the dust cup of your vacuum? The new Eureka Blaze comes with an XL dust cup to stock more dirt, debris, and pet hair, so you can finish cleaning faster while having to clean the cup less often.

You can also detach the cup easily, without causing a mess, and clean it after each use. This way you will prevent dirt from getting blown away and, as a result, you’ll always enjoy a fresher and cleaner air.

Keep in mind that houses with pets require a lot more attention when cleaning, especially since pet hair can cause allergies and other health problems. Luckily, this dust cup comes with a hard case which is better and more efficient than traditional paper bags and filters.

It will trap all the dirt and pet hair inside so you can freely enjoy having your pet living with you in the house.


Ideal for cleaning a wide array of surfaces

Your house is made of different types of floors and surfaces that need to be handled and cleaned properly. So, instead of purchasing a new cleaning tool for each delicate surface, you can use this powerful vacuum on almost any type of surface in your house.

The product is great for cleaning low pile carpets or thick Persian rugs, hardwood floors, tiles, and even the kitchen counters. Remember that it can easily be turned into a handheld vacuum so you can use on above floors as well.

It picks up large and fine dirt and debris at the same time and with the same power, so you can clean after-dinner crumbles or pet hair.


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