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Eureka Easy Clean 169B Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22



1.1 Eureka Easy Clean 2 in 1


Main advantage


With so many household appliances available, it is easy to end up building up clutter in your home, just because you believe you need them all. Getting a unit that can be used in multiple ways is a good idea to save up space, and this is what the Eureka Easy Clean 169B does well. For a cheap electric broom, this model offers reliable performance as both a stick vacuum and a handheld cleaning device, and its versatility is the main reason why it is so much loved by consumers.



Main disadvantage


For a model this cheap and versatile, there are very few complaints from users. One that must be noted is that emptying the dust bin can be a bit tricky. Some buyers say that it is a little difficult to use the button for emptying the bin and the entire process can turn messy if you do not pay attention. Nonetheless, this minor flaw has not yet stopped its owners from using the unit regularly.

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Main features explained



Ideal for Floors and Rugs

One of the most important features of this model is the brushroll switch that can be turned on and off, so you can efficiently use the vacuum for any type of floors. Low pile carpets and rugs are easy to clean when you turn on the brushroll. When you want to switch to bare floors, the brushroll must be turned off, and you will get the same performance regardless of the type of surface you want to clean.

A nice touch is the translucent base that will let you see how the brushroll works when you are using it on carpets. You will also be able to notice right away if the brushroll is turned off, so you can start cleaning the hard floors in your home.

1.2 Eureka Easy Clean 2 in 1


Extremely Lightweight

Weighing less than 5 pounds, this is one of the lightest models on the market. Moving around the house with the stick vacuum in your hand is really easy, so you will not have to worry that your hands will become strained even after intense usage. Together with the fact that it can be turned into a handheld vacuum, this means that you can successfully use the unit on areas that are usually harder to tackle.



Convenience is an aspect that most often beats everything else when it comes to cleaning appliances. This model comes with a 15 foot cord, so you have plenty of leeway to clean around the house, without unplugging and plugging the unit again. Cordless models are usually considered more convenient, but this one does not require recharging, so chances are you will end up using this as your primary vacuum cleaner, and forget all about your canister vacuum model.

Its free standing design contributes to its convenience. Many people dislike cleaning because of the inconvenience of putting together their vacuum cleaner in order to start working. The Eureka Easy Clean II does not pose any of these problems, as it does not require any assembly, and, because it can stand on its own, it takes up very little room.


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