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Evriholder FURemover Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


Having pets is a wonderful experience, but dealing with the responsibilities is another story. This is when this product comes in to save the day. It removes hair from any surface or fabric and lets you breathe in clean air, without fearing you might choke on it. It has a new shape and great colors, and it is easy to use since it has no complicated features or buttons that are hard to push. The design is intuitive, and you can pretty much store it anywhere you want because it is very compact.


Main disadvantage


The product is not bad by any means. However, just like with any possible item meant for daily use, it has its weak points. Just keep in mind at all times that they are not deal breakers or annoying. For example, one buyer mentioned that she mostly has plush carpets around the house, and they are harder to clean with this item that her hardwood floors are. But to be fair, this is not a problem when it comes to normal carpets.

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Main features explained


An all-purpose tool

If you’re looking for flexibility and an all-in-one product, this might be it. It features a 12-inch blade, which is a generous size, and it will help you clean a larger area with just one swift movement. Moreover, it is relatively easy to maneuver so your muscle won’t get exhausted instantly.

The blade of the model is made of natural rubber, meaning it has a long lifespan and it is sturdy so it can survive any intensive cleaning mission. Its design will prevent it from getting stuck even on a plush carpet.

Great design and materials

The blade, as we’ve mentioned before, is made of a premium natural rubber, which offers it both flexibility and sturdiness. This way, you can use it daily without fearing it will wear out or break in the middle of your cleaning process.

Its surface is made of clever materials with the purpose to clean up messy spills. The main component is the rubber squeegee. The head is removable which will let you store the device even in the narrowest depositing space you have available. This industrial choice dries both flat and curved surfaces, according to your needs.



If you don’t take into account the fact that it dries various surfaces, this product is still a good deal for a casual user because it is simple to use. The ergonomics are enhanced, and the tool can even be picked up by kids who want to give a helping hand.

You can reach high places with its large handle, which extends up to six feet, and as a bonus, the fact that it is so big means you won’t have to bend when cleaning floors and remote corners. This aspect can really make a huge difference if you suffer from chronic back pain or spine issues.


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