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Fuller Brush Electrostatic Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


This model is lightweight, meaning you won’t be exhausted after you finish your chores. It will be a joy to use daily because it is practical and quiet, which is something to appreciate especially if you live in an apartment building, and you have many complaining neighbors. It is ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces fast since it is so easy to lift even if you are not a strong person. You’ll be ready for any major cleaning season with it because you’ll be able to access even remote corners of your house without your arms tiring.


Main disadvantage


Some expert broom reviewers have pointed out that this product is not ideal for very heavy tasks. If you want to buy it for your house, it will do its job efficiently, but if you want it for a bar or another place that gets dirty really quick, you will probably need something more powerful that can rise to the challenge. However, this is a minor problem that didn’t come up too often.

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Main features explained


Never damage your furniture

One thing most homeowners complain about when it comes to sturdy brooms is that they manage to scratch their furniture especially if the products have sharp corners. However, this model solves that instantly.

That’s because the front and the edges of the item feature a soft vinyl bumper, which also adds to the life of the product and makes it ideal for daily use. Reviewers recommend this for those who own vintage furniture pieces, which are expensive and irreplaceable.

No power needed

To use this product, you’ll just need the strength of your arms. It requires no electricity, which is excellent if you want to clean a space that has no power socket. This way, you will save a lot of money because your bills won’t go up as they would if you opted for something power draining.

You can pretty much clean the entire house hassle-free since annoying cords won’t stop you. The good news, we think, is that even if it works without electricity, it will still be able to clean a carpet entirely and also pick up cat hair or other stubborn particles.


Professional helper

The broom is known for its efficiency. It will remove dirt from most types of surfaces, which makes it a good candidate if your house or apartment has many kinds of flooring as this product offers you enhanced flexibility. You can even use it outside, but you have to be careful because it can’t pick up leaves.

It can also be used on concrete. Moreover, it can gather dust, ash, and paper clips. And if you add to the equation the long life of the product, you will realize this is something to consider buying since it offers a lot of features in a tiny body. This item is the solution to your domestic tasks.


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